Radio Station lineup by channel type: Ethnic

Many countries in Europe like France, Germany, England; countries in Oceania like Australia and New Zealand; and countries in North America like Canada and the United States have grown exponentially due to large immigrant populations from all over the world. However, these ethnic groups still retain a fondness for the languages and traditions of their ancestral home and since the world is now a global village, internet streaming services like WorldTVRadio tuner allow listeners from anywhere in the world to tune in to their favorite Ethnic radio stations. For example, someone who speaks Arabic can tune into Arabic programs broadcasting from Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Ottawa, Manama, Cairo, Paris, Riyadh, and Muscat. Similarly, someone who speaks Greek can hear Greek programs broadcasting from Sydney, Athens, Epirus, and Chicago. Those who speak English but live in countries where that is not the dominant language can still tune into English programs broadcasting from Brisbane, Townsville, London, Toronto, Accra, Fort Myers, Brooklyn and Yorkshire. Likewise, French speakers can catch French programs broadcasting from Paris, Wendake, Brussels, and Lyon. Wherever you are in the world, WorldTVRadio Tuner allows you to tune in. Speakers interested in Czech, Sinhala, Hindi, Greek, Dzonkha, Danish, German, Persian, Chinese, Serbian, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish programming can easily find radio broadcasts in their native language. Emigrants and students of foreign cultures, can enjoy talk shows, music, and traditional radio broadcasts from Ethnic radio broadcasts directly from their home computer. WorldTVTuner links ethnic groups around the world to the flavor of their home country. Try it at no charge today on this unique internet streaming service. Simply click a station and press the ├Člaunch├« button for Ethnic radio stations.

Ethnic stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
2ME AM 1638 Arabic Radio AustraliaArabicEthnic24Sydney263
2MM 1665 AM Greek RadioGreekEthnic36Sydney25
4EB 98.1 FM Ethnic RadioEnglishEthnic24Brisbane28
4K1G 107.1 FM Too Deadly RadioEnglishEthnic32Townsville12
ABRadio Radio CelticCzechEthnic32Webcast26
ABRadio Radio EtnoCzechEthnic32Webcast25
ABRadio Radio LatinoCzechEthnic32Webcast7
Ahamu Sinhala Internet RadioSinhalaEthnic23Webcast29
Akash RadioEnglishEthnic32London47
Apna RadioMultilanguageEthnic32New Delhi582
Ar RahmanHindiEthnic16New Delhi732
Arion Radio LaikosGreekEthnic33Webcast33
Asian Gold RadioMultilanguageEthnic32London40
Asian Sound Radio 1377 AMMultilanguageEthnic32Manchester41
AYP 99.5 FMFrenchEthnic20Paris26
Bahrain 96.5 FMArabicEthnic32Manama1
BBS FMDzongkhaEthnic24Thimphu14
Berbere RadioFrenchEthnic20Paris244
CFIE Aboriginal Voices RadioEnglishEthnic48Toronto0
CHIR FM Greek Radio StationGreekEthnic32Toronto16
CICY NCI 105.5 FM Aboriginal RadioEnglishEthnic32Winnipeg17
Ciel AMFrenchEthnic32Paris0
CIHW 100.3 FMFrenchEthnic20Wendake11
City 101.6 FMArabicEthnic20Abu Dhabi147
CRKA Radio Kue Attinukan 106.9 FMFrenchEthnic20Matimekush Schefferville8
CRMO Radio Moyen-OrientArabicEthnic20Ottawa64
Derti 104.9 FMGreekEthnic65Rhodes91
Desi RadioMultilanguageEthnic20London16
Desi RadioMultilanguageEthnic96Webcast542
Diwan FMFrenchEthnic36Brussels9
Dobre Vibracije 91.4 FMDanishEthnic32Copenhagen18
Emap FM Channel 1GermanEthnic44Vienna24
Emap FM Channel 2GermanEthnic20Vienna19
G FM RadioEnglishEthnic64Accra43
GN4me Party RadioArabicEthnic48Cairo409
Ictimai RadioAzeriEthnic20Baku79
IlayarajaHindiEthnic16New Delhi242
Iran On Air RadioMultilanguageEthnic24Stockholm19
IRIB Radio FarhangPersianEthnic12Tehran1
J9 RadioSinhalaEthnic128Webcast11
Judaiques 94.8 FMFrenchEthnic32Paris9
KAZN 1300 AMChineseEthnic48CA, Los Angeles26
KIGS Radio Portuguese 620 AMPortugueseEthnic32CA, Hanford26
KIRN Radio Iran 670 AMMultilanguageEthnic32CA, Los Angeles10
Kismat Radio 1035 AMEnglishEthnic20London15
KLBS 1330 AMPortugueseEthnic32CA, Los Banos10
KVNR Little Saigon Radio 1480 AMVietnameseEthnic6CA, Orange County30
KWIS Little Saigon Radio 1480 AMVietnameseEthnic6CA, Santa Ana27
LGR London Greek RadioGreekEthnic24London21
MB Radio ParisSerbianEthnic64Webcast63
Melody Arabic RadioArabic (Egypt)Ethnic192Webcast805
Melody RandomArabic (Egypt)Ethnic192Webcast447
Metropol FM Turkish RadioGermanEthnic64Berlin39
Nilwala RadioSinhalaEthnic128Webcast16
Novoe RadioRussianEthnic64CA, San Francisco58
Oman RadioArabicEthnic12Muscat99
Panjab RadioMultilanguageEthnic48London14
Radio AFrenchEthnic20Valence0
Radio Al ManarFrenchEthnic64Brussels11
Radio Alfa 98.6 FMPortugueseEthnic20Paris30
Radio Armenie 102.6 FMFrenchEthnic16Lyon7
Radio Blackman 101.3 FMGreekEthnic64Athens19
Radio Brasil 94.9 FMPortugueseEthnic24FL, Coral Springs49
Radio Citta'Fujiko 103.1 FMItalianEthnic16Bologna18
Radio Fann FMArabicEthnic128Amman171
Radio FeralSerbianEthnic64Kalesija35
Radio HerzPolishEthnic24Vienna0
Radio HumsafarMultilanguageEthnic32Ottawa14
Radio Iliria 100.7 FMAlbanianEthnic32Toronto64
Radio Independence 88.7 FMEnglishEthnic32FL, Fort Myers42
Radio Judaica 90.2 FMFrenchEthnic24Webcast10
Radio Kaapverdie FMEnglishEthnic32Praia1
Radio Kol HachalomFrenchEthnic20Grenoble0
Radio KushiEnglishEthnic32Webcast10
Radio LipovacSerbianEthnic64Webcast36
Radio ManilaMultilanguageEthnic128CA, Los Angeles18
Radio MegahitSerbianEthnic64Webcast43
Radio Occitania 98.3 FMFrenchEthnic24Toulouse7
Radio OkapiFrenchEthnic24Kinshasa89
Radio ParadisosEnglishEthnic24Sydney19
Radio Pella 103.2 FMGreekEthnic64Webcast11
Radio SalamFrenchEthnic192Lyon24
Radio SoleilArabicEthnic20Paris106
Radio Symban 93.3 FMGreekEthnic48Sydney8
Radio Tariq Al MahabehArabicEthnic20Ramallah104
Radio TeenTaalFrenchEthnic128Paris9
Radio XLMultilanguageEthnic24Birmingham9
Radio YabiladiFrenchEthnic128Rabat335
Rainbow RadioEnglishEthnic32London22
Rangkaian Harmoni 94.1 FMMalayEthnic128Bandar Seri Begawan55
Sabras RadioMultilanguageEthnic64Leicester7
Saudi Radio Channel 2 JeddahArabicEthnic16Riyadh147
Sky Radio Ioannina 99.2 FMGreekEthnic32Epirus13
SmasHits Radio - ArtistBanglaEthnic24Dhaka26
SmasHits Radio - BengaliBanglaEthnic24Dhaka62
SmasHits Radio - BhangraBanglaEthnic24Dhaka22
SmasHits Radio - CarnaticBanglaEthnic24Dhaka16
SmasHits Radio - GhazalsBanglaEthnic24Dhaka20
SmasHits Radio - GujaratiBanglaEthnic24Dhaka10
SmasHits Radio - InstrumentalBanglaEthnic24Dhaka13
SmasHits Radio - KannadaBanglaEthnic24Dhaka5
SmasHits Radio - KaraokeBanglaEthnic24Dhaka11
SmasHits Radio - MalayalamBanglaEthnic24Dhaka11
SmasHits Radio - MarathiBanglaEthnic24Dhaka7
SmasHits Radio - Marriage SongsBanglaEthnic24Dhaka5
SmasHits Radio - MeditationBanglaEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - OldiesBanglaEthnic24Dhaka9
SmasHits Radio - PatrioticBanglaEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - PopBanglaEthnic24Dhaka4
SmasHits Radio - QawwaliBanglaEthnic24Dhaka8
SmasHits Radio - RemixBanglaEthnic24Dhaka15
SmasHits Radio - Smash HitsBanglaEthnic24Dhaka4
SmasHits Radio - TamilBanglaEthnic24Dhaka6
SmasHits Radio - TeluguBanglaEthnic24Dhaka8
SR Sapmi KanalSwedishEthnic96Stockholm6
Sri Lanka Radio Classical ChannelSinhalaEthnic128Webcast54
Sri Lanka Radio Non-Stop ChannelSinhalaEthnic128Webcast42
Sunrise 1458 AMEnglishEthnic20London18
Sunrise Radio 103.2 FMEnglishEthnic20Yorkshire23
Surin RadioThaiEthnic128Bangkok52
SyberViduliya Internet RadioSinhalaEthnic64Webcast21
Tamil FMHindiEthnic16New Delhi238
Voce NustraleFrenchEthnic96Cervione21
WGBB 1240 AMMultilanguageEthnic128NY, West Babylon8
WHCI Hellenic Radio 107.5 FMGreekEthnic64IL, Chicago78
WNVR Polskie Radio 1030 AMPolishEthnic64IL, Chicago99
WNWI 1080 AMMultilanguageEthnic32IL, Chicago5
WRSH Radio SoleilEnglishEthnic32NY, Brooklin10
Yar RadioEnglishEthnic32London15

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