Radio Station lineup by channel type: Electronica

Electronica, as the name implies, is music created using electronic instruments. Itís music that has been designed for a wide range of things from foreground to background music. Although itís different from ìelectronic dance music,î a genre in itís own right, Electronica, too, is often used for dance. ìElectronica,î a term that arose in the United States in the early 1990s, is actually an umbrella term for many different global music styles like Ambient, Downtempo, Techno, and Drum and Bass. Often itís been classified as crossover music, meaning itís been incorporated by mainstream artists for synthesis with other popular musical styles. However, it appears that electronic aesthetic music is fast becoming a musical genre itself. Electronica entered the American mainstream as an underground musical movement, an alternative to more traditional music styles. Prior to its emergence as a mainstream style, it was part of the music of the late 1970s and the Pop music and Rock and Roll music of the 1980s; but, back then, it was simply considered ìelectronic listening musicî or ìintelligent dance music.î WorldTVRadio tuner offers numerous radio stations with Electronica music. You can hear 3PBS 106.7 FM in English from Melbourne, 3Voor12 Tegentonen in Dutch from Amsterdam, ABF - Alternative Bass Frequence in French from Paris, eFM Radio in Serbian from Sarajevo, FM 101.9 KSKRadio in Spanish from Buenos Aires, and Idea Radio 100 FM in Italian from Santeramo from Tokyo.

WorldTVTuner gives Electronica audiences selections from around the world. Try it for free today on this unique internet streaming service. Simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for Electronica radio stations.

Electronica stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
3PBS 106.7 FMEnglishElectronica32Melbourne44
3Voor12 TegentonenDutchElectronica160Amsterdam62
7EDG 99.3 FM Edge RadioEnglishElectronica128Hobart70
ABF - Alternative Bass Fr?quenceFrenchElectronica192Paris106
ABRadio ClubBeat RadioCzechElectronica96Webcast157
ABRadio Groove House RadioCzechElectronica96Webcast136
Antenna 5 TechnoMacedonianElectronica24Skopje8
Bang FlySpanishElectronica24Webcast0
Cambos FMFrenchElectronica192Paris0
Ceasar RadioDutchElectronica128Webcast58
Cotonete Danca ElectroPortugueseElectronica96Webcast100
Cotonete Zingadin ElectronicaPortugueseElectronica96Webcast57
Da Tempo Lounge RadioFrenchElectronica32Paris91
Dance Radio Chill OutGreekElectronica128Webcast63
Dance Radio ElectronicaGreekElectronica128Webcast133
Digitally Imported Radio AmbientEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast120
Digitally Imported Radio BreaksEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast85
Digitally Imported Radio Classic ElectronicaEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast122
Digitally Imported Radio DJ MixesEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast149
Digitally Imported Radio Drum n BassEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast104
Digitally Imported Radio GabberEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast50
Digitally Imported Radio Hard CoreEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast69
Digitally Imported Radio ProgressiveEnglishElectronica96US, Webcast78
DiscoID WebradioFrenchElectronica128Perpignan59
DR Radio ElectronicaDanishElectronica32Soborg167
EBM RadioGermanElectronica128Webcast41
eFM RadioSerbianElectronica32Sarajevo60
Electro City RadioFrenchElectronica128Bordeaux1
ElectrOne WebradioFrenchElectronica128Paris91
Flaming FishEnglishElectronica128Lacombe32
FM 101.9 KSKRadioSpanishElectronica32Buenos Aires101
FM 91.7 Radio ZeroSpanishElectronica28Cordoba75
Hrvatski radio - Radio PulaCroatianElectronica32Pula238
Idea Radio 100 FMItalianElectronica24Santeramo63
La X 103.9 FMSpanishElectronica32Medellin360
Ledjam RadioFrenchElectronica128Webcast32
Lounge MotionFMEnglishElectronica32Webcast45
M2o 90.5 FMItalianElectronica32Rome352
MDR Sputnik Club ChannelGermanElectronica44Leipzig53
Mogyoro Drum & BassHungarianElectronica132Webcast31
Net Musique L'ElectriqueEnglishElectronica128Toronto49
NRK P3 UrortNorwegianElectronica51Oslo26
Ombilikal WebradioFrenchElectronica128Toulouse23
Party 107 FMEnglishElectronica160MO, Nixa51
Pirate RadioGermanElectronica128Nuremberg66
PlasticAge Online RadioEnglishElectronica128Adelaide35
Radio Afera 98.6 FMPolishElectronica64Poznan307
Radio AirGreekElectronica96Webcast16
Radio FaMa 100.8 FMPolishElectronica48Kielce280
Radio Junior 101 FM Just MusicHungarianElectronica128Webcast40
Radio RavePortugueseElectronica20Webcast1
Robotica 88.1 FMSpanishElectronica48Montevideo94
RTBF Pure FMFrenchElectronica128Brussels37
Sanborns Radio ElectronicaSpanishElectronica32Webcast152
Shouted FM ClubGermanElectronica96Webcast36
Shouted FM ElectroGermanElectronica96Webcast52
Soma FM Drone ZoneEnglishElectronica128US, Webcast46
Soma FM Space StationEnglishElectronica128US, Webcast56
Stoned PenguinGermanElectronica128Webcast0
TekLabEnglishElectronica128US, Webcast18
Tempomix ElectroFrenchElectronica128Webcast62
Top RadioGermanElectronica128Brussels51
Uzic Electro HouseFrenchElectronica128Webcast56
Web Radio Maresia FM ElectronicaPortugueseElectronica56Webcast97
Zen FMDutchElectronica128Kempen67

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