Radio Station lineup by channel type: Cultural

Cultural programming on radio is more intellectually oriented than other radio shows, offering you many of the same types of documentaries and discussions that you might find on public broadcasting. Radio shows cover a totality of ideas from culinary arts, like cooking national cuisines and local delicacies, to cultural arts, like paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Although many are focused on educational and language courses, they also offer talk shows that range over contemporary political, economic, and social crisis; global and ethnic issues; and scientific and technical changes in the world. In addition, they may occasionally offer a refreshing glimpse into a countryís past by reviewing historical people and places, memorabilia from the artists and intellectuals of a past civilization, and the records and relics of earlier national periods. These cultural programs come from an assortment of different countries like France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Greece, China, Belarus, Portugal, Mexico, Ireland, Iran and America. WorldTVRadio Tuner Cultural radio covers a wide spectrum of interesting cultural ideas from across the world; for example, Canal Acadamie in French from Paris discusses academic ideas, Eduvirtual in Spanish from Medellin reviews educational programs, and Language Studio AM 1008 in English from Beijing teaches English as a second language for Chinese students. WorldTVRadio Tuner expands your horizons while sitting in front of your computer. Whether you speak Slovakian, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Greek, Belorusian, Portuguese, or Italian, and whether you're interested in Art of Academia, Language or Literature, the ancient culture of Tehran, Barbacena, or Curitiba or the modern cultural paradigms in Minsk, Paris, or Taipei, you're bound to find something here you like. This unique internet streaming service is free to try. All you have to do is simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for a wide selection of cultural radio stations.

Cultural stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
Art RadioSlovakCultural64Webcast21
AVM Radio 108.0 FMSpanishCultural24Torrelles de Llobregat94
Canal AcademieFrenchCultural32Paris55
Canal B 94 FMFrenchCultural108Rennes21
Deutschlandradio KulturGermanCultural48Berlin43
Dom RadioGermanCultural56Koln29
DR Radio KulturDanishCultural32Copenhagen0
DR Radio LitteraturDanishCultural32Copenhagen0
DR Radio OlineDanishCultural32Copenhagen3
ERA 3 107.7 FMGreekCultural17Athens8
FM 96.3 Radio JaiSpanishCultural20Buenos Aires18
IRIB Cultural RadioMultilanguageCultural20Tehran64
IRIB Youth RadioMultilanguageCultural20Tehran29
KBSU Boise State Radio 730 AMEnglishCultural32ID, Boise6
KHKE 89.5 FMEnglishCultural44IA, Cedar Valley1
Language Studio AM 1008EnglishCultural32Beijing6
LPM Latidos Por MinutoSpanishCultural24Webcast36
MDR FigaroGermanCultural48Leipzig23
NER National Education Radio 100.5 FMChineseCultural32Tai-tung16
NER National Education Radio 101.7 FMChineseCultural20Taipei10
NER National Education Radio 102.9 FMChineseCultural32Tai-tung8
NER National Education Radio 1494 AMChineseCultural32Taipei7
Ojos Solidarios RadioSpanishCultural20Las Palmas23
Radio 74FrenchCultural20Archamps6
Radio Cultura 107.7 FMPortugueseCultural24Porto Alegre45
Radio CultureBelorusian (Byelorussian)Cultural32Minsk33
Radio EAFIT Acustica Emisora DigitalSpanishCultural48Medellin167
Radio Federal 107.9 FMPortugueseCultural24Pelotas19
Radio France Chemins de la ConnaissanceFrenchCultural128Webcast19
Radio France CultureFrenchCultural64Paris48
Radio France MusiqueFrenchCultural64Paris75
Radio France Sentiers de la Cr?ationFrenchCultural128Webcast6
Radio France VivaceFrenchCultural64Paris19
Radio Notre Dame 100.7 FMFrenchCultural128Paris17
Radio Parana Educativa 630 AMPortugueseCultural16Curitiba16
Radio RaBe 95.6 FMGermanCultural128Bern7
Radio RPBPortugueseCultural64Webcast11
Radio Show 93.3 FMPortugueseCultural40Barbacena17
Radio U 101.9SpanishCultural24San Jose30
Radio Universidad 96.7 FMSpanishCultural32San Jose47
RAI Radio 3ItalianCultural32Rome58
RTE Lyric FMEnglishCultural32Ireland8
Sicom RadioSpanishCultural64Mexico City29
SR 2 Kultur RadioGermanCultural64Saarbrucken8
Vaughan Radio 101.0 FMSpanishCultural24Madrid52
WDR 3GermanCultural32Koln14
WFLP Everglades radio Network 98.7 FMEnglishCultural64FL, Fort Myers20

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