Radio Station lineup by channel type: Christian Cont.

Christian Contemporary music is based on rock and pop music that focuses on Christian worship. Itís roots are in Nashville Tennessee. Numerous popular musicians have evolved Christian Contemporary music, including Rebecca St James, Michael Smith, Chris Tomlin, Natalie Grant, Amy Grant, Steven Chapman, and Jeremy Camp. Highly popular bands associated with this genre include Third Day, Hillsong, Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, and the David Crowder Band. Christian Contemporary has its own list of top of the charts, featuring categories like ìHot Christian Songsî and ìTop Christian Albums.î Faith music originating from genres like holy hip hop, hardcore, and punk music artists like Bob Dylan and groups like Lifehouse, U2, and The Byrds are not part of the Nashville industry. Christian Contemporary originated during the revival movements in the 60s and 70s. Larry Norman, an artist who created a Capitol Record album called, ìUpon this Rock,î in 1969, sparked this new genre. Other pioneers were Long Song, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and Barry McGuire. What makes Christian Contemporary different from traditional Christian or Southern Gospel music is that it used rock and folk music. Today, Christian Contemporary records outsell New Age, Latin, Jazz, and Classical music. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Christian Contemporary channels offer numerous stations broadcast from all over the world. While most channels are in English, you can also get channels like Christian Light Radio 105.4 FM in Maltese from the city of Naxxar, CRC FM in Italian from the city of Macherio, Criston Habla in Spanish from the city of Riveras, Radio C in German from the city of Vienna, and Radio Vida FM in Portuguese from the city of Lisboa. Simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for a wide variety of Christian Contemporary stations. Try it free today.

Christian Cont. stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
3GGR 96.3 Rhema FMEnglishChristian Cont.20Geelong22
5RAM 107.9 Life FMEnglishChristian Cont.96Adelaide24
AFR American Family Radio ClassicsEnglishChristian Cont.32MS, Tupelo48
AFR American Family Radio ContemporaryEnglishChristian Cont.32MS, Tupelo30
CHRI Family Radio 99.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.192Ottawa20
Christian Light Radio 105.4 FMMalteseChristian Cont.20Naxxar6
CJFY Life 107.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.96Blackville14
CJLF Life 100.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32Barrie12
CJOA 95.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64Thunder Bay6
CJTK K 95.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.128Sudbury7
CRC FMItalianChristian Cont.48Macherio55
Cristo HablaSpanishChristian Cont.24Webcast143
Crusade RadioEnglishChristian Cont.16US, Webcast26
CX122 Radio Reconquista 1220 AMSpanishChristian Cont.48Riveras45
El Camino 106.1 FMSpanishChristian Cont.48San Salvador68
ERF Cross ChannelGermanChristian Cont.128Wetzlar25
FM 104.7 KNWJEnglishChristian Cont.16Pago Pago95
Fresh 103.2 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64Sydney10
Heart 103.2 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64Sydney10
InspireEnglishChristian Cont.64Sydney4
KADI Hit 99.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MO, Republic10
KAIM The Fish 95.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32HI, Honolulu56
KBHL Praise FM 103.9EnglishChristian Cont.32MN, Osakis25
KBNJ 91.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32TX, Austin9
KCFY 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20AZ, Yuma19
KCMS Spirit 105.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32WA, Seattle12
KDNW Life 97.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20MN, Saint Paul15
KEEH Positive Life Radio FM 104.9EnglishChristian Cont.32WA, Spokane7
KEFX Effect Radio 88 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32ID, Twin Falls11
KFFR The Fire FM 97.7EnglishChristian Cont.32WA, Pullman4
KFIS 104.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20OR, Portland7
KFNW 1200 AMEnglishChristian Cont.20ND, Fargo5
KFNW 97.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32ND, Fargo3
KFSI 92.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.16MI, Rochester13
KGBI 100.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20NE, Omaha11
KHIB FMEnglishChristian Cont.32KS, Wichita7
KHLL The Hill 100.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20LA, West Monroe9
KJIC Christian Music 90.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24TX, Santa Fe27
KJTH The House 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20OK, Ponka City5
KKCM Spirit 102.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OK, Tulsa7
KKJM Spirit 92.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MN, Sauk Rapids12
KKZR Spirit 93.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32AR, Little Rock8
KLFC Life 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48MO, Branson4
KLRC 101.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32AR, Siloam Springs9
KLTY 94.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24TX, Dallas3
KLVV Praise 88.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OK, Ponka City5
KLWC K Love 89.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32WY, Casper4
KLYT M 88.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64NM, Albuquerque6
KNDL The Candle 88.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20CA, Angwin14
KNLB FM Christian RadioEnglishChristian Cont.32AZ, Lake Havasu City9
KNLE Candle 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20TX, Austin2
KNMI Vertical Radio 88.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20NM, Farmington14
KPCL Passion Radio 95.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20NM, Farmington24
KSBJ Enter His Gateso 89.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20TX, Humble2
KSBJ God Listens Radio 89.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32TX, Humble7
KSGN 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32CA, Riverside4
KSWP 90.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32TX, Lufkin1
KTIS Life 98.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MN, Saint Paul2
KTLW 89.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32CA, Lancaster6
KTSY 89.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32ID, Boise3
KVCH 104.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.128CA, San Jose8
KVMV 97 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64TX, McAllen2
KWND The Wind 88.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24MO, Springfield2
KWOF The Spirit 89.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.96IA, Waterloo5
KWPZ Praise 106.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32WA, Lynden5
KWYQ Way 90.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.16OR, Astoria2
KXOJ 100.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20OK, Tulsa3
KYFR 920 AMEnglishChristian Cont.32IA, Shenandoah1
KZZQ 99.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IA, Waukee5
Latvijas Kristigais radio 101.8 FMLatvianChristian Cont.128Riga12
Phare FMFrenchChristian Cont.128Mulhouse49
Radio 7 Trans world radioCzechChristian Cont.128Jihomoravsky41
Radio Beckwith 96.5 FMItalianChristian Cont.128Luserna15
Radio Brasil Esperanca 106.7 FMPortugueseChristian Cont.32Itajai50
Radio CGermanChristian Cont.32Vienna0
Radio Carisma 98.1 FMSpanishChristian Cont.112San Salvador43
Radio Conegliano 90.8 FMItalianChristian Cont.32Treviso14
Radio Del Pacifico 640 AMSpanishChristian Cont.16Lima0
Radio Faro del Caribe AMSpanishChristian Cont.21La Marina64
Radio Faro del Caribe FMSpanishChristian Cont.21La Marina64
Radio Genesis 98.1 FMSpanishChristian Cont.112San Salvador42
Radio La Chevere 100.9 FMSpanishChristian Cont.20San Salvador54
Radio Luz 97.7 FMSpanishChristian Cont.24San Salvador42
Radio Nueva Vida FMEnglishChristian Cont.20CA, Fresno20
Radio Progreso 90.5 FMSpanishChristian Cont.48San Salvador42
Radio RhemaEnglishChristian Cont.32Auckland8
Radio Vida FMPortugueseChristian Cont.20Lisboa30
Shock 105.3 FMSpanishChristian Cont.24Guatemala City63
Southern Star 882 AMEnglishChristian Cont.48Auckland4
The Refuge RadioEnglishChristian Cont.32MN, Duluth2
TWR United KingdomEnglishChristian Cont.32London10
WAFJ 88.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64GA, Augusta11
WAKW 93.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OH, Cincinnati0
WAWZ Star 99.1 FM Channel 1EnglishChristian Cont.32NJ, Zarepath27
WaYfm 89.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MI, Grand Rapids4
WAYM 88.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48TN, Nashville0
WAYQ 88.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48TN, Clarksville1
WAYT Way 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48GA, Thomasville4
WBFJ 89.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20NC, Winston Salem0
WBHY Power 88.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32AL, Mobile17
WBVM Spirit Radio 90.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.40FL, Tampa25
WBYH The Word 89.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32PA, Hawley1
WCIC Family Friendly Radio 91.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Peoria9
WCLQ 89Q 89.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24WI, Wausau0
WCVM 94.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.128MI, Bronson4
WCVZ The River 92.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OH, Zanesville3
WDCD 1540 AMEnglishChristian Cont.32NY, Albany9
WDJC 93.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32AL, Birmingham10
WEAZ Positive Hits Z 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64FL, Holly Hill18
Web Radio Jovem PazPortugueseChristian Cont.32Webcast43
Web Radio LouvorzaoPortugueseChristian Cont.32Webcast0
Web Radio RealPortugueseChristian Cont.32Webcast19
WECC The Lighthouse 89.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32GA, St. Marys6
WFFH 94.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20TN, Nashville0
WFHM The Fish 95.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OH, Cleveland0
WFIL 560 AMEnglishChristian Cont.32PA, Philadelphia0
WFSH The Fish 104.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20GA, Atlanta2
WGKR The Sound of Life 105.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NY, Grand George16
WGRC 91.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32PA, Lewisburg1
WGRN The Grin 89.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Greenville3
WGTS 91.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32DC, Washington1
WHCF 88.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.16ME, Bangor5
WHMX The Solution 105.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.16ME, Bangor5
WHPZ Pulse FM 96.9EnglishChristian Cont.56IN, South Bend5
WIBI Family Friendly Radio 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Mount Vernon5
WISG The Song 93.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.36IN, Indianapolis5
WIZB His Radio 94.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48AL, Abbeville14
WJIE 88.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.128KY, Louisville5
WJIS The Joy 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64FL, Sarasota4
WJKQ JQ 99.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MI, Zeeland1
WJSM 92.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.16PA, Martinburg0
WJTF Joy 89.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24FL, Panama City3
WJTL 90.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64PA, Lancaster0
WKES Moody Radio 91.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32FL, Tampa11
WKUY 106.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.40NY, Newport6
WLRY 88.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32OH, Rushville0
WMCU Spirit 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32FL, Miami6
WMIT The Light 106.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NC, Black Mountain0
WMUZ The Light 103.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32MI, Detroit1
WMVV New Life 90.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24GA, Griffin7
WNWC Life 102.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20WI, Madison2
WOAK 90.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64GA, La Grande2
Word of Truth Radio- Acoustic Praise CafEnglishChristian Cont.32US, Webcast33
Word of Truth Radio- Relax Hymns StationEnglishChristian Cont.32US, Webcast39
WORQ 90.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32WI, Green Bay1
WPER Christian Radio 89.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32VA, Warrenton2
WPGC Heaven 1580 AMEnglishChristian Cont.32DC, Washington3
WPGL Sound of Life Radio 93.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48NY, Albany23
WPTR Pulse 96.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NY, Albany7
WQFL Positive Hit Radio 101.0 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Rockford8
WQXI The Zone 790 AMEnglishChristian Cont.64GA, Atlanta3
WRCM New Life 91.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NC, Charlotte5
WRNA 1140 AMEnglishChristian Cont.20NC, Cannapolis0
WRPJ The Sound of Life 88.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NY, Port Jervis24
WRTP His Radio 1000 AMEnglishChristian Cont.40NC, Durham2
WRXT Spirit 90.3 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32VA, Lynchburg1
WSCF Christian 91.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48FL, Vero Beach9
WSEW 91.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32ME, Sanford4
WSSK Sound of Life Radio 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32NY, Saratoga Springs26
WTPM Radio Paraiso 92.9 FMSpanishChristian Cont.64San Juan149
WUFL Family Life Radio 1030 AMEnglishChristian Cont.32MI, Sterling Heights4
WVCY America 107.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20WI, Milwaukee4
WWEV 91.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20GA, Cumming6
WWIB 103.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32WI, Chippewa Falls2
WYLV Love 89.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32TN, Knoxville6

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