Located in South Central Africa, the country of Zambia has been occupied by hunter-gatherer tribes for thousands of years. During the eighteenth century, however, Zambia was claimed by the British and remained under the control of the British government until 1964 when it gained its independence. Today, the area is officially known as the Republic of Zambia and is home to almost 13 million people. While the official language of Zambia remains English from the British rule, there are several other native languages spoken in the country of Zambia, including Nyanja, Bemba, Lunda, Tonga, Lozi, Luvale and Kaonde. Today, the culture of Zambia is mostly drawn from the indigenous Bantu people with a mixture of European influences and is highly visible through the colorful clothing, festival and music of the Zambian people. Whether you are a native of Zambia living abroad or have visited the country in the past and wish to stay connected to the culture and people WorldTVRadio Tuner is your source for streaming Zambia radio.Broadcast from the Zambia city of Lusaka, WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you access to popular Zambia music on Radio Phoenix and Radio Q FM as well as Religious programming on Radio Yatsani. If you want to know about events and news from the country of Zambia, WorldTVRadio also offers access to general stations like ZNBC Radio 1 and ZNBC Radio 4 which offer a great mix of news, talk, music and sports coverage. Try WorldTVRadio Tuner today for the best in live, free streaming radio from Zambia and other countries from around the globe.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Radio PhoenixEnglishAdult Cont.16Lusaka56
Radio Q FMEnglishAdult Cont.16Lusaka37
Radio YatsaniEnglishReligious16Lusaka38
ZNBC Radio 1EnglishGeneral Station16Lusaka35
ZNBC Radio 4EnglishGeneral Station16Lusaka31

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