Considered by millions of Catholic people throughout the world to be the religious center of their faith, the Vatican City, or Vaticano is a landlocked sovereign city located within the city of Rome in the country of Italy. Officially known as the State of the Vatican City, Vaticano officially became a city-state in 1929 and is home to the current Pope as well as every Pope of the Catholic faith since 1377. Because of the religious ties of Vaticano, or the Vatican City, millions of people make a pilgrimage to the city every year and tourism has become one of the major areas of the city's economic strength. Along with the religious influence of the Vatican City, or Vaticano, the area is also home to great works of art from Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli and many other greats. Whether you are a native of Vaticano or have visited the atican City in the past and feel the draw the city offers to many WorldtVRadio Tuner is your online source to streaming radio programming from the Vatican City. Including five religious programming stations, such as Radio Vaticana Canale 1 Rete Bianca, Radio Vaticana Canale 2 Rete Rossa, Radio Vaticana Canale 3 Rete Gialla, Radio Vaticana Canale 4 Rete Verde and Radio Vaticana Canale 5 Rete Arancio, our streaming Internet radio content from Vaticano will keep you up to date on happenings throughout the city so you can plan vacations and learn more about the people of the Vatican City. And like all other radio and television stations from WorldTVRadio Tuner, our Vaticano stations are available absolutely free!

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Radio Vaticana Canale 1 Rete BiancaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City90
Radio Vaticana Canale 2 Rete RossaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City44
Radio Vaticana Canale 3 Rete GiallaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City26
Radio Vaticana Canale 4 Rete VerdeMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City24
Radio Vaticana Canale 5 Rete ArancioMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City28

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