Uruguay, in the southeast of South America, is the second smallest country on the continent after Suriname. Brazil is to the north, the Uruguay River to the west, Argentina to the southwest, and the South Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. In size, Uruguay is 68,037 square miles with a population of about 3.5 million. Ethnically, most of the people are of European descent, mainly Spanish and Italian, and the minority groups include Mestizo, West African, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Turkish. The official language spoken here is Spanish. Montevideo is the capital and the largest city. Officially known as the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, the government is a presidential republic. The President is Tabaré Vázquez, the Vice President is Rodolfo Nin Novoa, and the President-Elect is José Mujica. Economically, Uruguay relies on agricultural exports and faces economic slumps when prices drop in the global commodity market. It has a Gross Domestic Product of $142.6 billion and a per capita of $9,654. Uruguay declared its independence from the Empire of Brazil on August 25, 1825, and its current constitution was created on July 18, 1830. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Uruguay has numerous radio stations, broadcasting from webcasts. The general formats include News/Talk. The music formats include Rock & Pop, Jazz & Blues, Punk & Metal, Country and Adult Contemporary. Popular stations include Rock.com Hard Rock, Rock.com 80s Pop, and DJ Webradio. If you would like to listen to entertaining and informative radio shows from the Uruguay, it’s easy to do and free to try. All you have to do is click a radio station link to launch it.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Alfa 96.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station48Montevideo164
Aspen Punta del Este 103.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Punta del Este169
Cadena de la Costa 102.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station20La Paloma137
Concierto 94.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station48Punta del Este126
Conquistador 97.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Treinta y Tres63
Contacto 106.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Paysandu39
Coronilla 102.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station32La Coronilla41
CV127 Radio Cuareim 1270 AMSpanishGeneral Station48Artigas45
CV155 Radio Agraciada 1550 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Mercedes49
CW1 Radio Colonia 550 AMSpanishFull Service10Colonia58
CW31 Radio Salto 1120 AMSpanishFull Service8Salto46
CX121 Difusora Soriano 1210 AMSpanishFull Service24Soriano31
CX122 Radio Reconquista 1220 AMSpanishChristian Cont.48Riveras45
CX142 Radio Felicidad 1420 AMSpanishFull Service32Paysandu44
CX144 Radio Rivera 1440 AMSpanishFull Service21Riveras34
CX146 Radio Carmelo 1460 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Carmelo25
CX157 Radio Canelones 1570 AMSpanishAdult Cont.24Canelones36
CX159 Radio Real 1590 AMSpanishFull Service32Colonia Suiza30
CX160 Radio Litoral 1600 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Fray Bentos30
CX18 Radio Sport 890 AMSpanishSports8Montevideo75
CX189 Radio Del Oeste 1490 AMSpanishFull Service25Nueva Helvecia31
CX214 Amatista 90.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Artigas45
CX262 Emisora Galicia 100.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Mercedes55
CX293 Emisora Del Exodo 106.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Salto49
CX30 Radio Nacional 1130 AMSpanishFull Service24Montevideo56
CX36 Radio Centenario 1250 AMSpanishNews/Talk6Montevideo100
CX4 Radio Rural 610 AMSpanishFull Service16Montevideo28
CX42 Emisora Ciudad Montevideo 1370 AMSpanishFull Service16Montevideo45
CX50 Independencia 1530 AMSpanishGeneral Station16Montevideo33
CX8 Radio Sarandi 690 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Montevideo65
CXA294 Del Plata 95.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station44Montevideo80
CXD270 Azul 101.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Montevideo66
Del Molino 89.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station48Canelones31
Difusora Rochense 1260 AMSpanishGeneral Station48Rocha32
El Puente 103.3 FMSpanishFull Service24Montevideo44
Federal 99.1 FMSpanishFull Service32Minas36
Ideal 90.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Santa Lucia26
Inolvidable 93.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32Las Piedras166
La Voz de Melo 1340 AMSpanishFull Service24Melo36
Latina 95.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Paysandu168
Libre 1410 AMSpanishNews/Talk8Montevideo48
M24 97.9 FMSpanishNews/Talk16Montevideo26
Metropolis 104.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station12Montevideo69
Montecarlo 930 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Montevideo83
Mundo 107.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station48Salto35
Oceano 93.9 FMSpanishRock & Pop16Montevideo86
Radio 41 1360 AMSpanishNews/Talk24San Jose de Mayo14
Radio Cero 104.3 FMSpanishClassic Hits20Montevideo61
Radio Cien 100.3 FMSpanishFull Service20Montevideo52
Radio Cinco 89.7 FMSpanishFull Service32Trinidad27
Radio Clarin 580 AMSpanishTango24Montevideo87
Radio Cristal del Uruguay 1470 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Canelones50
Radio Durazno 1430 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Durazno20
Radio Futura 91.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Montevideo302
Radio Maldonado 1560 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Punta del Este27
Radio Maria 104.5 FMSpanishReligious16Montevideo32
Radio Maua 105.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Montevideo19
Radio Naturaleza 88.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Tala38
Radio Rinc?n 107.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Fray Bentos20
Radio Rinc?n 1510 AMSpanishGeneral Station16Fray Bentos11
Radio Tur?stica 1410 AMSpanishGeneral Station8Salto11
RadioProSpanishClassic Hits32Montevideo17
RBC del Este 1210 AMSpanishFull Service32Piriapolis21
Robotica 88.1 FMSpanishElectronica48Montevideo94
Siglo XXI 101.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Salto40
Tabar? 740 AMSpanishGeneral Station8Salto16
Urbana 92.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Montevideo49
Webradio La Mira On LineSpanishAdult Cont.48Webcast18
Zoe Gospel 91.5 FMSpanishGospel20Montevideo145

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