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One of the Great Plains states located in the Midwestern United States, Nebraska gets its name from the Otoe Indian tribe and means "flat water". While Nebraska has a history that dates back thousands of years to several Native American Tribes, including the Poncas, Otoes and Omahas, which the city of Omaha was named for, its history as a state is very young, dating back to 1854 when the Kansas-Nebraska act created the Nebraska Territory. Today, the state of Nebraska is home to almost 1.8 million people and is known for its agricultural production and flat, vast scenery. Whether you are a Nebraska native or have spent time in the Cornhusker State and want to stay connected to its rural culture WorldTVRadio offers more than 10 great radio stations from cities throughout Nebraska, including Omaha and Lincoln that will help you stay current on news and entertainment. Fin out what music is popular in the state of Nebraska by listening to rock and pop on KIBZ The Blaze 106.3 FM and KQBW The Brew 96.1 FM as well as classical music on KVNO Classical 90.7 FM. WorldTVRadio Tuner is also your source for Nebraska news and talk on KFAB 1110 AM and KKAR 1290 AM along with community access from Wayne, Nebraska on KZUM 89.3 FM. No matter what your interests are, the free streaming Internet radio stations from WorldTVRadio Tuner will keep you up to date on what is happening in the state of Nebraska and anywhere else in the world. Try us today and take advantage of thousands of quality radio broadcasts from every corner of the globe.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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KFAB 1110 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Omaha14
KFOR 1240 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln9
KGBI 100.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.20NE, Omaha11
KIBZ The Blaze 106.3 FMEnglishRock & Pop32NE, Lincoln7
KKAR 1290 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Omaha8
KLIN 1400 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln4
KQBW The Brew 96.1 FMEnglishRock & Pop32NE, Omaha5
KVNO Classical 90.7 FMEnglishClassical132NE, Omaha22
KVSS 88.9 FMEnglishReligious32NE, Omaha8
KWSC K-92 91.9 FMEnglishCollege21NE, Wayne5
KZUM 89.3 FMEnglishCommunity40NE, Wayne3

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