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Located in east central United States, the state of Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the country with nearly 13 million people calling Illinois home. Most of the people from Illinois, however (nearly 74%), live in the northeast corner of the state centering around the city of Chicago. Illinois has also been the home of four US presidents - Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. A center for agriculture, industry and tourism, Interstate 80 crosses thorough the state of Illinois; meaning if you have traveled our country's roadways there is a good chance you have set foot on the soil of Illinois. At WorldTVRadio Tuner we understand how important memories can be. This is why we provide nearly one hundred streaming Internet radio stations from the state of Illinois so you can stay connected. Whether you are originally from Illinois or have traveled there for business or pleasure, our radio stations are broadcast from major Illinois cities, including Chicago, Peoria, Champaign and the capital of Illinois, Springfield. Some of the great radio stations you have access to from WorldTVRadio Tuner include top 40 music on WEIU Hit Mix 88.9 FM, the best in Hip-Hop on WGCI107.5 FM, Jazz and Blues on WGLT Blues 89.1 FM and much more. You can also stay up to date on news and culture from Illinois with great news and talk stations like WGN The Voice of Chicago 720 AM and WGLT News 89.1 FM and get a great mix of news, sports coverage and popular music from general stations throughout Illinois like WEKZ Big Radio 1260 FM and WBGL Family Friendly Radio 91.7 FM. And best of all, every Illinois radio station from WorldTVRadio Tuner is available absolutely free!

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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3ABN RadioEnglishReligious32IL, West Frankfort14
KXEN 1010 AMEnglishReligious16IL, Mitchell7
Radio Antioch 1710 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Antioch7
WBBM B 96 FMEnglishHip-Hop32IL, Chicago23
WBEZ Chicago Public Radio 91.5 FMEnglishPublic32IL, Chicago29
WBGL Family Friendly Radio 91.7 FMEnglishGeneral Station32IL, Champaign9
WBIG Radio Shopping Show 1280 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Aurora4
WBNQ 101.5 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Bloomington9
WBNQ 101.5 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Bloomington6
WBWN B 104 FMEnglishCountry32IL, Bloomington8
WBWN B 104 FMEnglishCountry32IL, Bloomington5
WCAZ 990 AMEnglishSports9IL, Carthage4
WCBU 89.9 FMEnglishClassical128IL, Peoria9
WCCQ 98.3 FMEnglishCountry48IL, Joliet5
WCIC Family Friendly Radio 91.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Peoria9
WCKG Free 105.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Chicago3
WCPT 850 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Chicago6
WCRX 88.1 FMEnglishCollege32IL, Chicago4
WCSU The Flight 610 AMEnglishCollege32IL, Chicago4
WCVS Classic Rock 96.7 FMEnglishClassic Rock32IL, Springfield28
WDBX 91.1 FMEnglishCommunity64IL, Carbondale4
WDCB 90.9 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32IL, Glen Ellyn8
WDLM Moody Broadcasting Network 89.3 FMEnglishReligious32IL, East Moline4
WDRV The Dirve 97.1 FMEnglishClassic Rock16IL, Chicago9
WEBX The Rock 93.5 FMEnglishRock & Pop32IL, Champaign11
WEIU Hit Mix 88.9 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Charleston7
WEKZ Big Radio 1260 AMEnglishGeneral Station20IL, Freeport4
WERV The River 95.9 FMEnglishRock & Pop32IL, Aurora6
WFMB 104.5 FMEnglishCountry32IL, Springfield5
WFYR River Country 97.3 FMEnglishCountry32IL, Peoria24
WGCA The Mix FM 88.5 FMEnglishAdult Cont.24IL, Quincy6
WGCI 107.5 FMEnglishHip-Hop32IL, Chicago22
WGKC Classic Rock 105.9 FMEnglishClassic Rock32IL, Champaign20
WGLO 95.5 FMEnglishClassic Rock32IL, Chicago7
WGLT Blues 89.1 FMEnglishJazz & Blues128IL, Normal52
WGLT News 89.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk128IL, Normal7
WGN The Voice of Chicago 720 AMEnglishNews/Talk16IL, Chicago20
WGRB Inspiration 1390 AMEnglishGospel32IL, Chicago15
WGRN The Grin 89.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Greenville3
WGTO 910 AMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago1
WHCI Hellenic Radio 107.5 FMGreekEthnic64IL, Chicago78
WIBI Family Friendly Radio 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Mount Vernon5
WIDB 104.3 FMEnglishHip-Hop64IL, Carbondale24
WIDB The Remedy 104.3 FMEnglishCollege128IL, Carbondale1
WIIT 88.9 FMEnglishCollege156IL, Chicago0
WILL 580 AMEnglishCollege64IL, Urbana1
WILV Love 100.3 FMEnglishOldies32IL, Chicago9
WIND 560 AMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago4
WIXO The X Rocks 99.9 FMEnglishRock & Pop32IL, Peoria6
WJBC The Voice of McLean County 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Bloomington2
WJEZ Lite Rock 98.9 FMEnglishSoft Rock32IL, Bloomington14
WJMK Jack 104.3 FMEnglishClassic Hits32IL, Chicago3
WJOL 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Joliet2
WKRS 1220 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Waukegan1
WKSC KISS 103.5 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Chicago9
WKSO Kiss 97.3 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Natchez39
WLIT The Lite 93.9 FMEnglishSoft Rock32IL, Chicago5
WLS 890 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Chicago5
WLTL Rock 88.1 FMEnglishRock & Pop40IL, La Grande5
WLUW 88.7 FMEnglishCommunity128IL, Chicago2
WMAY 970 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Springfield0
WMVP ESPN Radio 1000 AMEnglishSports30IL, Chicago2
WNNS Lite Rock 99 FMEnglishSoft Rock32IL, Riverton8
WNOI 104 FMEnglishTop 4096IL, Flora5
WNTA 1330 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Rockford3
WNUA Smooth Jazz 95.5 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32IL, Chicago18
WNUR 89.3 FMEnglishCollege128IL, Chicago1
WNVR Polskie Radio 1030 AMPolishEthnic64IL, Chicago99
WNWI 1080 AMMultilanguageEthnic32IL, Chicago5
WOJO La que Buena 105.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago36
WONC Pure Rock 89.9 FMEnglishRock & Pop44IL, Naperville14
WONU Shine 89.7 FMEnglishCollege64IL, Bourbonnais3
WPGU 107.1 FMEnglishAlternative128IL, Champaign17
WPNA 1490 AMMultilanguageGeneral Station128IL, Chicago1
WPPN Pasion 106.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago23
WPWX Power 92 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Chicago4
WQFL Positive Hit Radio 101.0 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32IL, Rockford8
WQLZ The Rock Station 92.7 FMEnglishHard Rock32IL, Riverton49
WQNA The Edge 88.3 FMEnglishCollege128IL, Springfield3
WQQB All the Hits Q 96 FMEnglishHip-Hop32IL, Chicago25
WRLL Real Oldies 1690 AMEnglishOldies32IL, Chicago18
WRLR Radio Active 98.3 FMEnglishPublic32IL, Round Lake3
WRMN Radio Shopping Show 1410 AMEnglishNews/Talk16IL, Elgin1
WRSE 88.7 FMEnglishCollege128IL, Elmhurst8
WRTB Bob 95.3 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Rockford3
WRXQ The Southlands Classic Rock 100.7 FMEnglishClassic Rock32IL, Joliet17
WRZA 99.9 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Chicago2
WSCR The Score 670 AMEnglishSports32IL, Chicago2
WSRB Soul 106.3 FMEnglishSoul48IL, Chicago36
WSSR Star 96.7 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Joliet2
WSTW FMEnglishReligious32IL, Chicago1
WSWT Lite Rock 107 FMEnglishSoft Rock32IL, Peoria7
WTAO Rock 105 FMEnglishRock & Pop32IL, Marion7
WTMX The Mix 101.9 FMEnglishTop 40128IL, Chicago0
WTRX The Oldies Channel 93.7 FMEnglishOldies32IL, Pontiac16
WUIS 91.9 FMEnglishPublic24IL, Springfield0
WUSN US 99.5 FMEnglishCountry32IL, Chicago7
WVIK Augustana 90.3 FMEnglishCollege56IL, Rock Island1
WVIL 101.3 FMEnglishSports32IL, Chatham0
WVIV Radio La Kalle 103.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago28
WVMG Magic 100.7 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Bloomington4
WVON 1450 AMEnglishUrban R&B21IL, Chicago7
WVZA KISS 92.7 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Marion2
WWHP The Whip 98.3 FMEnglishUrban R&B32IL, Farmer City13
WWYW Y 103.9 FMEnglishClassic Hits32IL, Crystal Lake5
WXAJ Kiss 99.7 FMEnglishTop 4032IL, Springfield9
WXCD True Oldies Channel 94.7 FMEnglishOldies32IL, Chicago7
WXLC 102.3 FMEnglishGeneral Station32IL, Waukegan0
WXLT Jack 103.5 FMEnglishAdult Cont.40IL, Carterville4
WXRT 93 XRT 93.0 FMEnglishGeneral Station32IL, Chicago0
WYCA Rejoice 102.3 FMEnglishGospel50IL, Chicago14
WYLL 106.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago3
WYNG ESPN Radio 94.9 FMEnglishSports32IL, Evansville3
WYVR The River 97.7 FMEnglishRock & Pop32IL, Springfield2
WZPW Power 92.3 FMEnglishHip-Hop32IL, Peoria30
WZSR Star 105.5 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32IL, Crystal Lake3
WZZN Zone 94.7 FMEnglishOldies32IL, Chicago1

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