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Officially given statehood on August 21, 1959, Hawaii is the youngest state in the United States. Located southwest of the continental United States in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the only state that is made up entirely of islands. In fact, along with the right main islands of O'ahu, Moloka'i, Ni'ihau, Kaua'iLana'i, Kaho'olawe, Maui, and Hawai'i, the Hawaiian Islands actually consist of hundreds of smaller islands as well which include many active volcanoes. Home to more than one million people, the tropical island climate and gorgeous beaches make Hawaii one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth, with millions of people visiting the state year round. The culture of Hawaii is also very unique. Before becoming a US State, Hawaii was home tom the Polynesian people which has helped to shape the language, music and dance of the native people. Whether you are a native of the Hawaiian Islands or have visited the Aloha State in the past and want to stay connected to the island culture WorldTVRadio Tuner provides more than 15 streaming radio stations from Hawaii so you can listen at home or work from your computer. Our Internet radio stations include popular music from Hawaii such as Reggae on KDNN Island 98.5 FM, Hip-Hop on KIKI Hot 93.9 FM and top 40 hits on KPHW Power 104.3 FM. We also offer popular Hawaiian folklore on KPOA Island Sounds 93.5 FM, religious programming on KWHR 9.930 SW and the best mix of news, talk and sports coverage on KEAO Manao Radio 91.5 FM. And best of all, the Hawaii radio stations from WorldTVRadio Tuner, like all of our streaming Internet radio stations are available absolutely free.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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KAIM The Fish 95.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32HI, Honolulu56
KCCN 100 FMEnglishTop 4032HI, Honolulu21
KDNN Island 98.5 FMEnglishReggae32HI, Honolulu99
KEAO Manao Radio 91.5 FMEnglishGeneral Station96HI, Wailuku27
KGMZ Oldies 107.9 FMEnglishOldies32HI, Honolulu36
KIKI Hot 93.9 FMEnglishHip-Hop34HI, Honolulu50
KINE Hawaiian 105 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32HI, Honolulu41
KIPO 89.3 FMEnglishPublic20HI, Honolulu16
KKEA ESPN 1420 AMEnglishSports32HI, Honolulu24
KPHW Power 104.3 FMEnglishTop 4032HI, Honolulu15
KPOA Island Sounds 93.5 FMEnglishFolklore32HI, Kahului37
KRTR Krater 96.3 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32HI, Kailua11
KTUH 90.3 FMEnglishAlternative128HI, Honolulu31
KUCD Star 101.9 FMEnglishAlternative32HI, Pearl City19
KWHR 9.930 SWEnglishReligious17HI, Naalehu9
URH 1640 AMEnglishCollege128HI, Hilo18

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