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Welcome to the "Sunshine State"! Located in the southeast corner of the United States, Florida is home to beautiful white sand beaches, a tropical climate and more than 18.3 million people. With a history that dates back to 1513 when Ponce de Leon set foot on the coast, the name Florida is Spanish for "Flowery Easter" and is the oldest European named state in the United States. Due to its sandy beaches, the Everglades and popular attractions, such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney World resort, Florida is one of the most visited states in the country by tourists. In fact, more than 20 million people visit the state of Florida each year. Along with tourism, the state of Florida is also home to 24 military bases. Whether you are originally from Florida, have been stationed in the state while in the military or have fond memories from a Florida vacation WorldTVRadio Tuner is your online source for popular radio stations from around the state. Our selection of streaming Florida radio stations are available from cities throughout the state, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Jacksonville. Choose from popular music stations such as Hip-Hop on WBTT The Beat 105.5 FM, top 40 hits on WAPE 95.1 FM, the best in rock and pop on WFYV Rock 105 FM and much more. WorldTVRadio Tuner also provides news and talk on WFSW 89.1 FM and sports coverage on WAXY the Ticket 790 AM. And best of all, every streaming Florida radio station is available free from WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Armenian Radio StverArmenianGeneral Station128FL, Tampa72
La Gran Cadena 106.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station52FL, Miami63
Radio Brasil 94.9 FMPortugueseEthnic24FL, Coral Springs47
Radio Independence 88.7 FMEnglishEthnic32FL, Fort Myers42
WACC PAX Catholic 830 AMSpanishReligious32FL, Miami10
WAIL 99.5 FMEnglishClassic Rock32FL, Key West26
WAMR Radio Amor 107.5 FMSpanishLatin Hits32FL, Miami102
WAPE 95.1 FMEnglishTop 4032FL, Jacksonville42
WAPN 91.5 FMEnglishGospel20FL, Daytona Beach20
WAQI Radio Mambi 710 AMSpanishGeneral Station20FL, Miami40
WAQV The Joy 91.5 FMEnglishReligious64FL, Crystal River17
WAVV 101.1 FMEnglishAdult Cont.50FL, Fort Myers23
WAXY The Ticket 790 AMEnglishSports32FL, Miami18
WAYF FM 88.1 FMEnglishReligious48FL, West Palm Beach20
WAYJ FM 88.7 FMEnglishReligious48FL, Fort Myers10
WAYL The Promise 91.1 FMEnglishGospel80FL, St. Augustine21
WBGG Big 105.9 FMEnglishClassic Rock32FL, Fort Lauderdale24
WBTP The Beat 95.7 FMEnglishHip-Hop32FL, Tampa51
WBTT The Beat 105.5 FMEnglishHip-Hop32FL, Fort Myers37
WBUL 1620 AMEnglishCollege128FL, Tampa11
WBVD The Beat 95.1 FMEnglishHip-Hop32FL, Melbourne40
WBVM Spirit Radio 90.5 FMEnglishChristian Cont.40FL, Tampa25
WBZT The Talk Station 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, West Palm Beach23
WCNK Conch 98.7 FMEnglishCountry32FL, Key West16
WDBO 580 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Orlando6
WEAZ Positive Hits Z 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64FL, Holly Hill18
WECM Memories 1490 AMEnglishOldies64FL, Milton16
WEDR JAMZ 99.1 FMEnglishUrban R&B32FL, Miami27
WERU Eagles 97.3 FMEnglishCollege128FL, Daytona Beach12
WFCF 88.5 FMEnglishCollege96FL, St. Augustine11
WFIT 89.5 FMEnglishCommunity21FL, Melbourne10
WFLC The Coast 97.3 FMEnglishClassic Hits32FL, Miami13
WFLP Everglades radio Network 98.7 FMEnglishCultural64FL, Fort Myers20
WFSQ 91.5 FMEnglishClassical21FL, Tallahassee19
WFSU 88.9 FMEnglishPublic21FL, Tallahassee8
WFSW 89.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk21FL, Panama City9
WFYV Rock 105 FMEnglishRock & Pop32FL, Jacksonville24
WGCU 90.1 FMEnglishPublic64FL, Fort Myers8
WGCX Praise 95.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Pensacola11
WGUL Talk Radio 860 AMEnglishNews/Talk20FL, Tampa15
WHDR Rock 93 FMEnglishRock & Pop32FL, Miami16
WHOO ESPN 1080 AMEnglishSports48FL, Orlando12
WHPT The Bone 102.5 FMEnglishClassic Rock32FL, Tampa13
WHQT Hot 105 FMEnglishUrban R&B32FL, Miami20
WHSR 980 AMEnglishGeneral Station12FL, Boca Raton4
WHTQ 96.5 FMEnglishClassic Rock32FL, Orlando7
WILN Island 106.0 FMEnglishDance, Trance & Techno64FL, Panama City22
WINK 96.9 FMEnglishGeneral Station32FL, Fort Myers8
WIRP La Nueva 88.3 FMEnglishLatin Hits64FL, Miami54
WIXC ESPN 1060 AMEnglishSports48FL, Space Coast6
WJAX 1220 AMEnglishJazz & Blues64FL, Jacksonville6
WJCT 89.9 FMEnglishCommunity48FL, Jacksonville3
WJFP 91.1 FMEnglishGospel32FL, Cocoa Beach17
WJGL The Eagle 96.9 FMEnglishClassic Hits32FL, Jacksonville5
WJIS The Joy 88.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.64FL, Sarasota4
WJLU The Corner Stone 89.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Port Orange6
WJSJ Smooth Jazz 105.3 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32FL, Jacksonville23
WJTF Joy 89.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.24FL, Panama City3
WJZTThe Smooth Sound 97.9 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32FL, Tallahassee24
WKAT Christian Talk 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk20FL, Miami7
WKES Moody Radio 91.1 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32FL, Tampa11
WKIS Kiss Country 99.9 FMEnglishCountry51FL, Hollywood37
WKIZ The Entertainment Station 1500 AMMultilanguageReligious64FL, Key West12
WKTZ Jones College Radio 90.9 FMEnglishCollege32FL, Jacksonville6
WLLD Wild 98.7 FMEnglishHip-Hop32FL, St. Petersburg28
WLRN 91.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk48FL, Miami5
WLRN Classical HDEnglishClassical128FL, Miami24
WLSS 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Sarasota6
WLVF Gospel 90.3 FMEnglishGospel32FL, Haines City26
WLYF Lite 101.5 FMEnglishEasy Listening32FL, Miami14
WMBM 1490 AMEnglishGospel20FL, Miami7
WMCU Spirit 89.7 FMEnglishChristian Cont.32FL, Miami6
WMEL 920 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Melbourne4
WMFE 90.7 FMEnglishPublic40FL, Orlando7
WMKL Call 91.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Port Orange11
WMKO 91.7 FMEnglishPublic64FL, Fort Myers4
WMNF 88.5 FMEnglishCommunity58FL, Tampa7
WMOP 900 AMEnglishSports32FL, Ocala5
WMXJ Majic 102.7 FMEnglishOldies32FL, Pompano Beach14
WMXQ The Point 102.9 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32FL, Jacksonville13
WOGK 93.7 FMEnglishCountry32FL, Ocala10
WOKV 690 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Jacksonville6
WPBR 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk350FL, Lantana4
WPCV 97.5 FMEnglishCountry48FL, Lakeland7
WPOI The Point 101.5 FMEnglish80s32FL, Tampa39
WPOW Power 96.5 FMEnglishTop 4032FL, Miami16
WPOZ Z 88.3 FMEnglishGospel100FL, Orlando15
WPRK 91.5 FMEnglishCollege128FL, Winter Park5
WPYO Power 95.3 FMEnglishTop 4032FL, Orlando17
WQAM 560 AMEnglishSports32FL, Miami4
WQBA 1140 AMSpanishLatin Hits32FL, Miami21
WRGP 88.1 FMEnglishCollege128FL, Miami6
WRMF 97.9 FMEnglishClassic Hits22FL, West Palm Beach9
WRPL Radio Club Culturiel 106.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station20FL, Miami13
WRTO La Kalle 98.3 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32FL, Miami49
WSCF Christian 91.9 FMEnglishChristian Cont.48FL, Vero Beach9
WSGL The Mix 104.7 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32FL, Naples14
WSJT Smooth Jazz 94.1 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32FL, Tampa Bay20
WSMR Life FM 89.1 FMEnglishReligious40FL, Sarasota15
WSUA Caracol 1260 AMSpanishGeneral Station32FL, Miami40
WSUN 97X 97 FMEnglishRock & Pop32FL, Tampa5
WTAN TanTalk 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Clear Water5
WTMI 93.1 FMEnglishClassical32FL, Miami9
WTMP 1150 AM 96.1 FMEnglishUrban R&B32FL, Tampa17
WUFT Classic 89.1 FMEnglishClassical96FL, Miami16
WUSF 2 89.7 FMEnglishCollege64FL, Tampa3
WUSF 89.7 FMEnglishCollege64FL, Tampa1
WUSF HD Channel 2 89.7 FMEnglishCollege64FL, Tampa5
WUSV Wide Open Country 98.5 FMEnglishCountry32FL, Fort Myers22
WUWF 88.1 FMEnglishPublic128FL, Pensacola6
WUWF HD Channel 2 88.1 FMEnglishPublic128FL, Pensacola8
WWBA 1040 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Tampa9
WWGR Gator Country 101.9 FMEnglishCountry32FL, Naples25
WWKA 92.3 FMEnglishCountry32FL, Orlando15
WWRM 94.9 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32FL, Tampa6
WWRZ Max 98.3 FMEnglishSoft Rock32FL, Lakeland15
WWUS US-1 104.1 FMEnglishClassic Rock32FL, Big Pine Key9
WXDJ El Zol 95.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits64FL, Miami35
WXGL The Eagle 107.3 FMSpanishSoft Rock32FL, Tampa26
WXYB Hawk Radio 1520 AMEnglishCollege20FL, Tampa14
WYKS Kiss 105.3 FMEnglishTop 4032FL, Gainesville26
WYYX 97X 97.7 FMEnglishRock & Pop32FL, Panama City6
WZJZ 107.9 FMEnglishJazz & Blues32FL, Fort Myers19

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