Switzerland, in Western Europe, is a landlocked country between the Alps, the Central Plateau, and the Jura. Germany is to the north, France to the west, Austria and Lichtenstein to the east, and Italy to the south. In size, Switzerland is 15,940 square miles with a population of about 7.7 million. The official languages spoken here are German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Bern is the capital and Zurich the largest city in Switzerland. Officially known as the Swiss Confederation, the government is a parliamentary system. The Federal Chancellor is Corina Casanova. Economically, Switzerland has a Gross Domestic Product of about $500.260 billion. The per capita is $68,4333. The main source of income are tourism, insurance, banking, real estate, musical instruments, measuring instruments, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The economy is stable, highly capitalist yet also offering many public services. Historically, Switzerland was founded onAugust 1, 1291, recognized as a nation on October 24, 1648, restored on August 7, 1815, and became a federal state on September 12, 1848.

WorldTVRadio Tuner for Switzerland offers numerous radio stations in English, French, German, and Italian. The general radio formats include College, General Station, and Folklore. The music format includes Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Classical, Adult Contemporary, and Dance, Trance & Techno. The radio shows are broadcast from numerous cities in Switzerland,矔including Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Sierre, and Aarau. The most popular radio stations are Radio 32 Goldies, Espace 2, and Radio BeO Berner Oberland 96.8 FM. If you would like to listen to entertaining and informative radio shows from Switzerland, it’s easy to do and free to try. All you have to do is click a radio station link to launch it.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Capital FM 97.7 FMGermanClassic Rock64Bern45
Couleur 3 100.1 FMFrenchAlternative32Lausanne17
Espace 2FrenchClassical32Geneve55
Frecuence Banane 92.4 FMFrenchCollege137Lausanne22
Ischers Radio Vibration 99.7 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Sierre15
Kanal K 107.9 FMGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Aarau25
La 1ereFrenchGeneral Station32Geneve14
Lausanne 103.3 FMFrenchClassic Hits128Lausanne33
Lounge RadioEnglishAdult Cont.65Zurich17
LuNe 91.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Neuchatel3
Meyrin 99.0 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Geneve9
One FM 107.0FrenchTop 40128Geneve46
Option MusiqueFrenchAdult Cont.32Geneve14
Power Radio Europe 95.6 FMGermanRock & Pop128Mellingen29
Radio 24 102.8 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Zurich16
Radio 32GermanOldies64Solothurn6
Radio 32 GoldiesGermanClassic Hits64Solothurn133
Radio 3FACHGermanRock & Pop128Luzern5
Radio 3iiiItalianAdult Cont.64Lugano7
Radio Aktuell 91.8 FMGermanAdult Cont.64Wil4
Radio Argovia 90.3 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Brugge3
Radio Basel 1 101.7 FMGermanTop 4064Basel13
Radio Basilisk 107.6 FMGermanTop 40128Basel12
Radio BE1 101.7 FMGermanTop 40128Bern6
Radio BeO Berner Oberland 96.8 FMGermanClassic Hits64Interlaken167
Radio Central 95.2 FMGermanGeneral Station128Brunnen7
Radio Demokratski BalkanGermanGeneral Station96Zurich5
Radio DRS 1GermanAdult Cont.48Zurich25
Radio DRS 2GermanClassical48Zurich21
Radio DRS 3GermanTop 4048Zurich17
Radio DRS MusigwalleGermanFolklore48Zurich91
Radio DRS VirusGermanTop 4048Zurich7
Radio Emme 106.0 FMGermanFolklore64Langnau9
Radio Eviva 95.2 FMGermanFolklore64Zurich21
Radio Fiume TicinoItalianTop 40128Pianezzo17
Radio FreiburgFrenchAdult Cont.128Freiburg18
Radio Fribourg 89.4 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Fribourg13
Radio Grischa 107 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Chur7
Radio Jazz InternationalFrenchJazz & Blues128Crissier55
Radio Lac 91.8 FMFrenchRock & Pop196Geneve11
Radio Lora 97.5 FMGermanNews/Talk56Zurich6
Radio RaBe 95.6 FMGermanCultural128Bern7
Radio Ri 91.8 FMGermanAdult Cont.40Buchs5
Radio Rottu Oberwallis 102.2 FMGermanGeneral Station64Visp10
Radio Schaffhauser Alternative 107.2 FMGermanAlternative56Schaffhausen31
Radio Sunshine UKW 88 FMGermanAdult Cont.40Zug24
Radio Swiss Classic 105.3 FMGermanClassical32Lausanne67
Radio Swiss JazzGermanJazz & Blues32Lausanne40
Radio Swiss Pop 103.8GermanRock & Pop32Lausanne31
Radio Top 102.8 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Winterthur11
Radio Top Two 98.9 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Winterthur11
Radio Tropic 93.0GermanGeneral Station128Zurich9
Radio Zurisee 107.4 FMGermanClassic Rock64Rapperswil34
RFJ Frecuence JuraFrenchAdult Cont.128Delemont11
Rhone 104.3 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Valais4
Rouge 106.5 FMGermanGeneral Station128Lausanne4
RTN 95.8 FMFrenchAdult Cont.24Marin3
RTR Radio RumantschFrenchGeneral Station22Cuira9
RTSI Rete DosItalianClassical32Lugano27
RTSI Rete TreItalianJazz & Blues32Lugano12
RTSI Rete UnoItalianAdult Cont.32Lugano18
Uzic Drum 'n' BreaksFrenchHip-Hop128Webcast44
Uzic Electro HouseFrenchElectronica128Webcast56
Uzic Techno MinimalFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast46
WRG World Radio Geneva 88.4 FMGermanGeneral Station128Geneve25

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