Are you looking for the best in radio from the country of Sweden? You have come to the right place with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Home to more than 50 great streaming radio stations from cities throughout Sweden, including Stockholm, Sundsvall and Goteborg, WorldTVRadio Tuner streams all of the radio stations we offer in high quality right to your computer so you can listen from home or while at work. Officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, the country is home to 9.2 million people, and due to its size, Sweden also has a very low population density of 54 people per square mile, though most Swedes live in urban areas. Contrary to where the country of Sweden is located, the climate of the country is surprisingly temperate and the country offers four distinct seasons much like the United States. The beauty of Sweden has helped to spur the country's tourist industry as well and people visit for the beautiful forests which cover 65% of the country's terrain. Whether you are an emigrant of Sweden and would like to stay close to your roots or have visited the country in the past and want to learn more about the culture and people of Sweden WorldTVRadio Tuner offers a great selection of radio stations that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of this beautiful country. With WorldTVRadio Tuner you have access to popular music from Sweden, including Hip-Hop on SR Din Gata 100.6 FM, rock and pop on Bandit Rock 106.3 FM and top 40 hits on Mix Megapol. We also provide news and talk on SR Minnen and several general stations, including Radio Smyrna 94.9 FM and SR c ett ljudmagasin which provide a great mix of music, news and talk right from the heart of Sweden cities.

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Sweden

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Bandit Rock 106.3 FMSwedishRock & Pop96Stockholm64
Gayradion 95.3 FMSwedishOther32Stockholm18
Iran On Air RadioMultilanguageEthnic24Stockholm19
Mix MegapolSwedishTop 4058Stockholm49
MRS 90 1/2 90.5 FMSwedishJazz & Blues128Stockholm29
NRJ Sverige 105.1 FMSwedishTop 4048Stockholm10
Radio Active 103.9 FMSwedishGeneral Station128Stockholm16
Radio AF 99.1 FMSwedishCollege16Lunds13
Radio City 106.5 FMSwedishAdult Cont.16Stockholm19
Radio Cordillera 89.0 FMSpanishLatin Hits128Norkoping30
Radio Falkoping 90.8 FMSwedishGeneral Station64Falkoping8
Radio Guld 106.6 FMSwedishClassic Hits128Sundsvall18
Radio Lugna FavoriterSwedishAdult Cont.48Stockholm10
Radio Smyrna 94.9 FMMultilanguageGeneral Station48Goteborg4
Radio Tolou 102.6 FMMultilanguageGeneral Station48Goteborg2
Rix 104.2 FMSwedishAdult Cont.48Umea11
Rock Klassiker 106.7 FMSwedishClassic Rock48Stockholm40
Soundic RadioSwedishAdult Cont.128Webcast5
SR c ett ljudmagasinSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm2
SR Din Gata 100.6 FMSwedishHip-Hop96Stockholm33
SR Klassiskt MelodiradioSwedishClassical96Stockholm26
SR MinnenSwedishNews/Talk96Stockholm7
SR MozartSwedishClassical96Stockholm45
SR P1SwedishGeneral Station64Stockholm2
SR P2 MusikSwedishClassical96Stockholm24
SR P3SwedishAdult Cont.96Stockholm1
SR P3 RocksterSwedishHard Rock96Stockholm43
SR P3 StarSwedishTop 4096Stockholm6
SR P3 StreetSwedishTop 4096Stockholm5
SR P3 SveaSwedishTop 4096Stockholm5
SR P4 BlekingeSwedishGeneral Station96Beklinge4
SR P4 DalarnaSwedishGeneral Station96Dalarna1
SR P4 GavleborgSwedishGeneral Station96Gavleborg1
SR P4 GoteborgSwedishGeneral Station96Goteborg9
SR P4 GotlandSwedishGeneral Station96Gotland3
SR P4 HallandSwedishGeneral Station96Halland0
SR P4 JamtlandSwedishGeneral Station96Jamtland0
SR P4 JonkopingSwedishGeneral Station96Jonkoping1
SR P4 KalmarSwedishGeneral Station96Kalmar0
SR P4 KristianstadSwedishGeneral Station96Kristianstad2
SR P4 KronobergSwedishGeneral Station96Kronoberg0
SR P4 MalmoSwedishGeneral Station96Malmo4
SR P4 NorrbottenSwedishGeneral Station96Norrbotten0
SR P4 OrebroSwedishGeneral Station96Orebro0
SR P4 OstergotlandSwedishGeneral Station96Ostergotland1
SR P4 Radio VastSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm4
SR P4 RadiosportenSwedishSports96Stockholm6
SR P4 SjuharadSwedishGeneral Station96Sjuharad1
SR P4 SkaraborgSwedishGeneral Station96Skaraborg1
SR P4 SormlandSwedishGeneral Station96Sormland2
SR P4 StockholmSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm6
SR P4 UpplandSwedishGeneral Station96Uppland2
SR P4 VarmlandSwedishGeneral Station96Varmland4
SR P4 VasterbottenSwedishGeneral Station96Vasterbotten3
SR P4 VasternorrlandSwedishGeneral Station96Vasternorrland2
SR P4 VastmanlandSwedishGeneral Station96Vastmanland2
SR P5 Radio Stockholm 103.3 FMSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm12
SR P7 SisuradioSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm2
SR Sapmi KanalSwedishEthnic96Stockholm6
SR SverigeSwedishGeneral Station96Stockholm6
SR XSwedishRock & Pop96Stockholm9
Studentradio 103.1 FMSwedishCollege48Goteborg10
Vinyl 107.1 FMSwedishOldies58Stockholm31

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