Sri Lanka

Located in the Indian Ocean off of the southern coast of India is the island of Sri Lanka. Home to 20.2 million people, Sri Lanka is well known for being the center for the Buddhist religion and also for its ties to Hinduism. Along with its religious ties, Sri Lanka is also known for the natural beauty of its land, which includes tropical forests beaches, and is a popular tourist destination. The culture of Sri Lanka has roots in two main peoples, the Sinhalese and the Tamil, though the British have been added to the mix in more recent times. This has not taken away from the country of Sri Lanka's rich cultural festivals and traditions, however, and today tourists can get a first hand look at the awe-inspiring Buddhist and Hindu festivals and traditions. Whether you are a native of Sri Lanka and are traveling abroad or have visited the country in the past and want to learn more about the culture of Sri Lanka and its people, WorldTVRadio Tuner provides access to a huge selection of Sri Lanka radio stations in the languages of Sinhala, Tamil and even English streamed directly to your home or office computer, With WorldTVRadio Tuner you can get great ethnic programming on Ahamu Sinhala Internet Radio and Sri Lanka Radio Classic Channel as well as news and talk on Tamil National Service. We also provide access to popular music in Sri Lanka, including top 40 hits on Sri Lanka Radio DJ/Remix Channel and much more. And best of all, the Sri Lanka radio stations, like all streaming radio stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner are available to you absolutely free!

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Ahamu Sinhala Internet RadioSinhalaEthnic23Webcast29
City FMSinhalaGeneral Station64Colombo33
J9 RadioSinhalaEthnic128Webcast11
Nilwala RadioSinhalaEthnic128Webcast16
Radio 94 Sinhala WebcastSinhalaGeneral Station128Webcast11
Shakthi FM RadioTamilGeneral Station12Colombo79
Sinhala National ServiceSinhalaGeneral Station32Colombo6
Sri Lanka Radio Classical ChannelSinhalaEthnic128Webcast54
Sri Lanka Radio Contemporary ChannelSinhalaAdult Cont.128Webcast33
Sri Lanka Radio DJ/Remix ChannelSinhalaTop 40128Webcast26
Sri Lanka Radio Non-Stop ChannelSinhalaEthnic128Webcast42
SyberViduliya Internet RadioSinhalaEthnic64Webcast21
Tamil National ServiceTamilNews/Talk64Colombo76
Yes 89.5 FMEnglishGeneral Station10Colombo21

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