Located in Central Europe the country of Slovenia is home to 2.06 million people. The country is mostly made up of the Slovene people and the Slovene language has remained the national language for many years. What the country of Slovenia lacks in cultural diversity it more than makes up for in geographical and biodiversity. With the Alpine region in the northwest, the Pannonnian region in the northeast, the Mediteranian region in the southwest and the Dinaric region in the southeast Slovenia providēŸ”s a wide range of habitats that are home to a variety of mammals, reptile and bird species, including many types of deer, Lynx cats, vipers, owls, hawks and eagles. It is this geographical and biodiversity in Slovenia that has led to the country being a tourist paradise with beautiful grasslands, mountainous terrain and gorgeous seaside resorts. Whether you are a native of Slovenia living abroad or have visited the country and want to stay connected to the culture and people, WorldTVRadion Tuner offers a great selection of Slovenian-language radio stations streamed to your computer so you can listen at home or while at work Our radio stations from Slovenia include popular music like top 40 hits on Radio Hit from Domzale, Adult Contemporary on Radio Center 103.7 FM from Maribor and the best in rock and pop on Moj Radio from Valenje. WorldtVRadio Tuner also provides cultural insights to the people of Slovenia with popular folklore on Radio Odmev and general stations like Radio Slovenija RSI and Radio Student which combines the best music, with news, sports coverage and much more.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Koroski Radio 97.2 FMSlovenianGeneral Station56Nedelja25
Libra RadioEnglishOther40Maribor16
Moj RadioSlovenianRock & Pop56Valenje16
Radio Belvi 90.3 FMSlovenianTop 4096Kranj13
Radio Center 102.4 FMSlovenianAdult Cont.112Ljubljana18
Radio Center 103.7 FMSlovenianAdult Cont.112Maribor8
Radio Dur 103.4 FMSlovenianOldies64Medvode10
Radio Ekspres 106.4 FMSlovenianAdult Cont.112Ljubljana11
Radio FantasySlovenianAdult Cont.56Celje14
Radio Geoss 89.7 FMSlovenianTop 4040Ljubljana4
Radio HitSlovenianTop 4096Domzale21
Radio Koper Prvi ProgramSlovenianClassic Hits46Ljubljana10
Radio Kranj 97.3 FMSlovenianGeneral Station128Kranj15
Radio Krka 106.6 FMSlovenianGeneral Station44Novo Mesto10
Radio Mars 95.9 FMSlovenianGeneral Station128Maribor6
Radio Morje 88.3 FMSlovenianAdult Cont.96Capodistria13
Radio OdmevSlovenianFolklore80Cerkno7
Radio Ptuj 89.8 FMSlovenianGeneral Station96Ptuj8
Radio Slovenija A1 Prvi programSlovenianAdult Cont.32Ljubljana10
Radio Slovenija RSISlovenianGeneral Station58Ljubljana9
Radio Slovenija Val 202SlovenianRock & Pop32Ljubljana11
Radio Sora 91.1 FMSlovenianGeneral Station112Skofja Loka7
Radio Stajerski 93.7 FMSlovenianAdult Cont.56Ponedeljek5
Radio StudentSlovenianGeneral Station56Ljubljana9
Radio Zeleni Val 93.1 FMSlovenianGeneral Station80Grosuplje15

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