If you have ever visited the beautiful country of Senegal you can completely understand the draw for not only tourists but former residents as well. Officially known as the Republic of Senegal, the country is home to more than 13.7 million people. Located in West Africa, the country of Sengal is a former French colony that gained its independence in 1960. Senegal is home to a wide array of ethnic groups and its residents speak a variety of different languages, though French is the official language and is the most widely spoken within the country. The history of Senegal, however, dates back to prehistoric times. Most of the culture of Senegal revolves around the Islamic religion which is the dominant religion of the country. Senegal is also home to many different kinds of music, including mbalax, which is more commonly known than all other forms of African music today. Whether you are a former resident of Senegal or have a love for the country and its people, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers a variety of popular streaming radio stations from cities throughout Senegal including Touba and Dakar. Our selection of streaming Internet radio from Senegal includes a variety of general stations which provide up to the minute news, popular music, sports coverage and so much more. Choose from Lamp 94.7 FM, Radio Top 107 FM, Radio Tam Tam and many other great stations. And best of all, the streaming radio stations from WorldTVRadio Tuner, including all of our Senegal stations are available for your home or office computer absolutely free.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Lamp 97.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Touba84
Radio Jokko FMFrenchGeneral Station24Dakar64
Radio Tam TamFrenchGeneral Station64Dakar156
Radio Top 107 FMFrenchGeneral Station24Dakar68
Radio WalianeFrenchGeneral Station96Webcast44
RFM Radio Futurs MediasFrenchGeneral Station24Dakar323
Sunuker RadioFrenchGeneral Station24Webcast45
Xalima RadioFrenchGeneral Station64Webcast56

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