Home to more than 22 million people, the country of Romania is located in Central Europe. With a rich history that spans many centuries, Romanian culture which has drawn from many sources, including classic Roman and Dacian influences as well as German, French and Slavic cultures. For many travelers, visiting the country of Romania is like visiting a different time. With its long history of Transylvania and Dracula, along with the fact that you can see horse drawn buggies in even the largest of Romania's cities, the country stays very close to its rural roots. This attachment to the rural culture, however, is one of the biggest draws for tourists. Whether you are a native of Romania and living abroad or have visited the country of Romania in the past and would like to stay connected to the people of Romania and their culture WorldtVRadio Tuner offers a variety of streaming radio stations from cities throughout the country, such as Bucharest, Lasi and Valcea. Some of the popular streaming radio content you have access to with WorldtVRadio include top 40 music hits on Radio GaGa 88 FM and Radio Total 96.9 FM as well as world Music on RRI Radio Romania International Channel 3. We also give you access to the best in news and talk on RFI Romania 93.5 FM and RRI Radio Romania International Channel 1. no matter where your interests lie or what country you call home WorldTVRadio Tuner is the leader in bringing you streaming radio and television content from Romania and other countries across the globe. Try us today!

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Romania

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Prima Radio 87.9 FMRomanianDance, Trance & Techno24Webcast206
Radio 3 NetRomanianHard Rock128Bucharest129
Radio Brasov 87.8 FMRomanianAdult Cont.56Brasov123
Radio BucarestiRomanianAdult Cont.20Bucharest178
Radio Cluj 95.6 FMRomanianGeneral Station32Bucharest101
Radio Dor De TaraRomanianLove Songs64Bucharest110
Radio GaGa 88 FMRomanianTop 4096Bucharest91
Radio Guerrilla 94.8 FMRomanianRock & Pop64Bucharest127
Radio Iasi 96.3 FMRomanianGeneral Station20Lasi90
Radio Metronom 89 FMRomanianAdult Cont.24Valcea57
Radio Minisat 98.5 FMRomanianDance, Trance & Techno128Targoviste73
Radio Puls 94.7 FMRomanianClassic Hits48Targoviste72
Radio Romantic 101.9 FMRomanianAdult Cont.128Bucharest146
Radio Total 96.9 FMRomanianTop 40128Bucharest109
Radio Webcast MediaRomanianTop 4056Webcast49
RFI Romania 93.5 FMRomanianNews/Talk32Bucharest75
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 1MultilanguageNews/Talk16Bucharest47
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 2MultilanguageNews/Talk16Bucharest39
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 3MultilanguageWorld Music16Bucharest131
WYLFM Radio Activitate 88.7 FMRomanianTop 40128Targoviste87

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