Located in the Middle East, the country of Qatar is almost completely surrounded by the Persian Gulf, with the country of Saudi Arabia to the south. Officially known as the State of Qatar or Dawlat Qatar within the country, the country of Qatar is home to the third largest gas reserves on Earth and has the highest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the world. Home to more than 1.4 million people, the people of Qatar and their culture are similar to many of the other Arab countries located throughout the Persian Gulf. Much of the culture is derived from the Islamic religion, which nearly every resident of Qatar professes as their own. Due to the oil and gas industries of Qatar, many natives travel throughout the world on business and many businessmen also travel to the country and quickly fall in love with the country and its people. Whether you are an emigrant of Qatar living abroad, traveling the world on business or speak Arabic and want to learn more about the culture of Qatar WorldTVRadio Tuner offers access to popular music from the Qatar city of Doha and so much more. Some of the streaming Internet radio available from WorldtVRadio Tuner includes popular top 40 music on Qatar Radio English as well as the best in news and talk on Qatar Radio Arabic so you can stay current on the political and social situation within the country. We even provide the best in religious programming on Qatar Radio Holly Quran. So visit WorldTVRaščöio Tuner today and check out our free Qatar radio stations as well as radio and television programming in almost every language and from almost every nation in the world.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Qatar Radio ArabicArabicNews/Talk20Doha172
Qatar Radio EnglishEnglishTop 4032Doha45
Qatar Radio Holly QuranArabicReligious32Doha202

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