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It’s hard to think of a country as ethnically diverse as Peru is. Peru is home to many different people of many different ethnicities including Europeans, Asians, Africans, Amerindians, and many others. The 29 million people who reside in Peru make this country rich with culture, language, music, and arts.

WorldTVRadio Tuner wants you to tune into the sounds of Peru by selecting any one of our Peruvian radio stations to listen to. Then again, you’ll never be charged for listening to more than one station at WorldTVRadio Tuner, so why not listen to every Peruvian station that we offer? You’ll quickly discover that Peru is a diverse land filled with unique thoughts and philosophies as well as ethnic music that will have you humming all day long.

Cinetica Radio 96.1 FM is a popular Peruvian radio station, since this station broadcasts all kinds of Spanish programming. You’ll hear all about world news and events, along with lots of great music. Cinetica Radio 96.1 FM broadcasts live from Ayacucho every day.

Radio Uno 93.7 FM is the perfect station for those who want to dance the day or night away. This station plays all the best salsa and tropical music from Peru and from around the world. Tune in to hear the sounds of Tacna.

RPP Radio Programas del Peru is the station to listen to if you enjoy news and talk radio. Not only is this station focused upon current Peruvian news situations, but you’ll also hear about global news from a Peruvian perspective (live from Lima).

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Cinetica Radio 96.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Ayacucho162
CNR Coordinadora Nacional de RadioSpanishNews/Talk24Jesus Maria102
CPN Cadena Peruana de Noticias 90.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk10Lima198
Frecuencia PrimeraSpanishAlternative56Webcast171
Nuevo Tiempo RadioSpanishReligious31Lima105
Panamericana RadioSpanishGeneral Station20Lima282
Punto RadicalSpanishRock & Pop32Webcast0
Radio Americana 95.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Moquegua135
Radio Antena Sur 90.3 FMSpanishFolklore48Huancayo122
Radio Comas 1300 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Comas120
Radio Del Pacifico 640 AMSpanishChristian Cont.16Lima0
Radio Doble N 95.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Cajamarca78
Radio Doble Nueve 99.1 FMSpanishRock & Pop64Lima136
Radio Estacion Solar 103.3 FMSpanishTop 4024Abancay82
Radio Estudio LatinoSpanishGeneral Station32Webcast1
Radio Filarmonia 102.7 FMSpanishClassical32Lima104
Radio Huanuco 98.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Huanuco0
Radio Impacto 90.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station21Huaral87
Radio InterstellaSpanishTop 4024Lima36
Radio Libertad MundoSpanishGeneral Station8Trujillo67
Radio Mara?on 580 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Jaen32
Radio Maria PeruSpanishReligious16Lima56
Radio Milenea 1530 AMSpanishGeneral Station21Huaral48
Radio Nacional del PeruSpanishNews/Talk32Lima98
Radio Ovacion 620 AMSpanishNews/Talk8Lima76
Radio San Borja 91.1 FMSpanishFolklore24Lima148
Radio San Martin 97.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Tarapoto78
Radio Stereo 92 FMSpanishNews/Talk40Huacho192
Radio Tropical 99.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Tarapoto136
Radio Universal Cusco 103.3 FMSpanishNews/Talk24Cusco78
Radio Uno 93.7 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Tacna127
Radio Virgen del Carmen 99.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Huancavelica62
Radio Yarabi 930 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Arequipa57
RPP Radio Programas del PeruSpanishNews/Talk8Lima365
Stereo 92 FMSpanishNews/Talk40Huacho289
WarruntoSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Webcast0

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