Paraguay is an interesting country, since it’s one of the few countries in the world that’s entirely landlocked. Presently, there are more than six million people residing in Paraguay, and many more native Paraguayans residing outside of the country. When it comes to radio stations that are based in Paraguay, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers more of these stations to listeners than any other satellite radio company.

In fact, we have so many great live streaming radio stations from Paraguay that it’s difficult to name them all. Still, here are some of our most popular Paraguayan radio stations (just to get you started).

Amambay 100.5 FM: if you’re in the mood for love, then look no further than this station. Amambay 100.5 FM broadcasts all the best love songs from Paraguay and from around the globe on a regular basis. This station broadcasts live from Asuncion in Spanish.

Radio Anduti 1020 AM: when you want to listen to news and talk radio, tune into this station. You’ll hear all about events that are happening both inside and outside of Paraguay. Even if you don’t have any connection to Paraguay, it’s always interesting to hear about worldwide events from a different point of view.

Rock & Pop 95.5 FM: for those who love rock and pop music, Rock & Pop 95.5 FM is the ultimate station to tune into. This station broadcasts live from Asuncion in Spanish every single day of the week, so you can sing to your heart’s content whenever you feel like it.

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Paraguay

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Amambay 100.5 FMSpanishLove Songs32Asuncion135
Aspen Classic 102.7 FMSpanishClassic Hits24Asuncion133
Radio ?anduti 1020 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Asuncion159
Radio America 1480 AMSpanishReligious24Asuncion81
Radio Colmenar 92.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Guaira78
Radio FM Santa Rosa 105 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Asuncion88
Radio Kokue Poty 97.9 FMSpanishLove Songs24Maria Auxiliadora65
Radio LA U 101.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station80Asuncion0
Radio Ysapy 90.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Asuncion73
Rock & Pop 95.5 FMSpanishRock & Pop24Asuncion137

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