Living la vida loca—well, trying to keep up with it, especially in college is easy to do when using WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Concepto Radial 94.9 FM, based in Monterrey, Mexico. Finding out what is going on in the local college scene, the hip songs, and keeping up with the university sports schedule is easily done by listening to this Spanish speaking station. If it is a Top 40 station that the global listener really desires, then why not tune into WorldTVRadio Tuner’s 40 Principales Veracruz?? Keeping up with the Top 40 hits, and the entertainment news, 40 Principales Veracruz keeps its listeners entertained. Whether it is Spanish or foreign Top 40 hits, listeners will be pleased when they tune in.

Informing the public is what WorldTVRadio Tuner’s XERS La Mas Perrona 1410 AM from Mexico City does well. Economics, tourism or politics—XERS La Mas Perrona 1410 AM covers it all. Local, national and global political news are updated constantly for listeners, and done well. Mexico’s economics depends on a number of things—tourism being on of thing on the coastal edges of the country. Staying abreast of the ups and downs of both is done well by this station for global listeners. Checking up on the sports scene in Mexico is simple for WorldTVRadio Tuner’s XEPRS XX Sports Radio 105.7 FM from Tijuana. Truly a sports-oriented channel, sports scores for Mexico and any other nation are kept up on a timely basis. Looking for great tidbits about sports? XEPRS XX Sports Radio 105.7 FM is the station to turn to.

Craving some oldies style music? WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Spanish speaking, live-broadcast XHTB Extasis Digital 93.3 FM from Cuernavaca does just that, with flair. Global listeners just need to point, click and listen!

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Mexico

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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40 Principales VeracruzSpanishTop 4096Veracruz572
Bang BandaSpanishFolklore24Webcast4
Bang Bang Radio En VivoSpanishTop 4024Webcast1
Bang Bang RancheritaSpanishFolklore24Webcast1
Bang ClassicsSpanishClassic Hits24Webcast0
Bang FlySpanishElectronica24Webcast0
Bang HSpanishHip-Hop24Webcast0
Bang JazzaSpanishJazz & Blues24Webcast0
Bang PopsSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast3
Bang RadioSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast0
Bang SinphonySpanishClassical24Webcast0
Calor 93.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Tuxpan209
Colegio Holandes RadioSpanishCollege24Webcast101
Concepto Radial 94.9 FMSpanishCollege32Monterrey0
Cristo HablaSpanishChristian Cont.24Webcast143
Estereo CatolicaSpanishReligious96Aguas Calientes81
Formula GruperaSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Webcast249
Formula InternationalSpanishGeneral Station24Webcast106
Formula Jazz FMSpanishJazz & Blues24Webcast182
Formula JuvenilSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast159
Formula MexicanaSpanishFolklore24Webcast234
Formula OldiesSpanishOldies24Webcast152
Formula PopSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast173
Formula RomanticaSpanishLove Songs24Webcast261
Frecuencia USBSpanishCollege24Webcast105
Imagen Corporativa RadioSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City57
La Nueva RN 96.5 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical96Veracruz147
Laser 89.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station40Fortin de las Flores95
Mar 99.7 FMSpanishLove Songs96Veracruz137
Mexiquense RadioSpanishGeneral Station32Mexico City122
MMMM Mi Mama Me Mima Internet RadioSpanishGeneral Station56Webcast141
N2 Radio (En tu radio)SpanishAdult Cont.24Webcast60
Radio ClickSpanishGeneral Station24Webcast64
Radio DementeSpanishRock & Pop24Mexico City80
Radio Formula 104.1 FM Cadena Radio UnoSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey233
Radio Formula 1060 AMSpanishGeneral Station8Veracruz99
Radio Formula 1370 AMSpanishGeneral Station6Monterrey1
Radio Formula 1470 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey82
Radio Formula 1500 AM Cadena radio UnoSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey86
Radio Formula 970 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Mexico City87
Radio MasSpanishGeneral Station34Veracruz57
Radio PirataSpanishTop 4024Webcast121
Rock StarsSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast0
Sanborns Radio ClasicaSpanishClassical32Webcast84
Sanborns Radio ElectronicaSpanishElectronica32Webcast152
Sanborns Radio Espa?olSpanishAdult Cont.32Webcast63
Sanborns Radio Hip-HopSpanishHip-Hop32Webcast143
Sanborns Radio JazzSpanishJazz & Blues32Webcast65
Sanborns Radio MexicanaSpanishGeneral Station32Webcast102
Sanborns Radio OldiesSpanishOldies32Webcast72
Sanborns Radio Pop InglesSpanishRock & Pop32Webcast53
Sanborns Radio Rock en InglesSpanishRock & Pop32Webcast75
Sanborns Radio SoundtracksSpanishOther32Webcast40
Sanborns Radio WorldSpanishGeneral Station32Webcast28
Sicom RadioSpanishCultural64Mexico City29
StarspopSpanishRock & Pop24Webcast30
XEAAA Radio 880 Triple ASpanishOldies32Guadalajara49
XEABC ABC Radio 760 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Mexico City52
XEACH Radio Formula 770 AMSpanishGeneral Station6Monterrery62
XEAD La Buena Onda 101.9 FMSpanishAdult Cont.17Guadalajara106
XEAJ 1330 AM RadioSpanishNews/Talk24Saltillo43
XEAP Romantica 1290 AMSpanishLove Songs20Ciudad Obregon123
XEASM Romantica 1340 AMSpanishLove Songs22Cuernavaca142
XEATM A Toda Maquina 990 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Morelia0
XEAVR Radio Formula 720 AMSpanishGeneral Station8Veracruz62
XEBBB Radio Mujer 1040 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Guadalajara42
XEBI Radio BI 790 AMSpanishGeneral Station16Aguascalientes16
XEBS La Mas Perrona 1410 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Mexico City135
XECAV Stereo Imagen Digital 1470 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48Durango63
XECB Radio Ranchito 1460 AMSpanishGeneral Station32San Luis Rio Colorado112
XECJU La Explosiva 590 AMSpanishFolklore24Puerto Vallarta59
XECR La Zeta 96.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Morelia111
XECSI Vida 750 AMSpanishGeneral Station128Culiacan0
XECT Morena 1190 AMSpanishFull Service23Monterrey50
XEDD La Tremenda 800 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Montemorelos60
XEDK Radio Radio DK 1250 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Guadalajara32
XEDKT Radio Ranchito 1340 AMSpanishFolklore32Guadalajara138
XEDP La Ranchera 710 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Cuauhtemoc106
XEDU La Que le Gusta a Usted 860 AMSpanishFolklore32Durango61
XEED La Lider 900 AMSpanishAdult Cont.32Ameca34
XEEP Radio Educacion 1060 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Mexico City31
XEEW WFM 97.7SpanishGeneral Station24Matamoros51
XEEZ La Super Zeta 970 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Caborca79
XEG La Ranchera 99.1 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical23Monterrey131
XEGNK Mariachi Stereo 1370 AMSpanishFolklore20Nuevo Laredo94
XEGYS Superbanda 1170 AMSpanishFolklore32Caborca64
XEHD Radio Universidad 1270 AMSpanishCollege32Durango53
XEHL Sol Radiante 1010 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Guadalajara41
XEHV HV 1310 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Veracruz12
XEJP El Fonografo 1150 AMSpanishOldies10Mexico City88
XEJP Stereo Joya 93.7 FMSpanishLove Songs10Mexico City154
XEK La Estacion Grande 960 AMSpanishGeneral Station128Nuevo Laredo51
XEKOK La Poderosa 750 AMSpanishFolklore12Acapulco98
XEKT La Super Estacion 1390 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Tijuana37
XELBL Radio Centro 1350 AMSpanishAdult Cont.32San Luis Rio Colorado54
XELD Radio Costa 780 AMSpanishAdult Cont.24Autlan de Navarro40
XELQ Radio 5-70 570 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Morelia0
XELT Radio Maria MexicoSpanishReligious20Guadalajara71
XEMON Radio Formula 1370 AMSpanishGeneral Station6Monterrey38
XEMU LA Rancherita del Aire 580 AMSpanishFolklore8Piedras Negras97
XEMW Sonido Z 1260 AMSpanishAdult Cont.32San Luis Rio Colorado19
XEN La 69 690 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City20
XENAS Radio Nova 1100 AMSpanishGeneral Station16Navojoa26
XENET Radio Monitor 1560 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Mexico City32
XENK Radio 620 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Mexico City28
XENT Radio Formula 790 AMSpanishGeneral Station16La Paz44
XEOY Radio 1000 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Mexico City23
XEOYE Oye 89.7 FMSpanishTop 4020Mexico City76
XEPH Sabrosita 590 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical20Mexico City88
XEPL La Super Estacion 550 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Cuauhtemoc41
XEPO Imagen 1100 AMSpanishGeneral Station20San Luis Potosi103
XEPR Los 40 Principales 102.7 FMSpanishTop 4048Poza Rica128
XEPRS XX Sports Radio 105.7 FMEnglishSports21Tijuana50
XEQI La Nueva Radio 1510 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Monterrey26
XEQR La Z 107.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station10Mexico City69
XEQR Radio Centro 1030 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City45
XEQT La Poderosa 106.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Veracruz85
XEQVR La Nena 770 AMSpanishFolklore16Veracruz38
XERC Formato 21 790 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City11
XERC Stereo 97.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station10Mexico City80
XERCN Radio Hispana 1470 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Tijuana31
XERED Radio Red 1110 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City40
XERFR Radio Formula 103.3 FM Cadena NacionalSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey43
XERL La RL de Colima 710 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Colima18
XERLK Super Stereo Miled 1170 AMSpanishOldies16Atlacomulco28
XERPA Radio Ranchito 1240 AMSpanishFolklore16Morelia82
XERRR La Invasora 1270 AMSpanishFolklore48Poza Rica66
XERTA Radio Transcontinental OCSpanishReligious24Mexico City30
XERTP La Poderosa 1540 AMSpanishAdult Cont.20San Martin Texmelucan33
XERUV Radio UV 1550 AMSpanishCollege20Xalapa12
XESA La Mexicana 1260 AMSpanishFolklore24Culiacan66
XESDD La Tremenda 1030 AMSpanishFolklore48Tijuana46
XESMR Radio Formula 710 AMSpanishGeneral Station20San Luis Potosi25
XESO La Poderosa 1150 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical20Ciudad Obregon84
XETIA Formula Melodica 97.9 FMSpanishOldies17Guadalajara36
XETIA Radio Vital 1310 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Guadalajara17
XETJ Extasis Digital 570 AMSpanishClassic Hits16Torreon46
XETRA 91X 91.1 FMEnglishAdult Cont.32Tijuana36
XETTT Magia 930 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Colima20
XETY Los 40 Principales 1390 AMSpanishTop 4010Tecoman86
XEUG Radio Universidad de Guanajuato 970 AMSpanishCollege16Guanajuato32
XEUK LA UK 570 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Caborca6
XEUN Radio UNAM 96.1 FMSpanishCollege24Mexico City45
XEVT 970 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Villahermosa11
XEW W Radio 96.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station10Mexico City88
XEWE WE La Estacion Familiar 1420 AMSpanishFolklore32Irapuato35
XEXXX Fiesta Mexicana 840 AMSpanishFolklore24Tamazula192
XEXZ Ke Buena 560 AMSpanishGeneral Station16Zacatecas0
XEZB Radio Oro La Tremenda 1120 AMSpanishFolklore24Oaxaca0
XEZF La ZF 850 AMSpanishGeneral Station32Mexicali18
XEZN Teleradio Digital 104.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Celaya48
XEZS Radio Hit 1170 AMSpanishClassic Hits40Coatzacoalco49
XEZT Radio Tribuna 1250 AMSpanishGeneral Station128Puebla32
XHAGR Radio Formula 105.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Acapulco43
XHANV Fiesta Mexicana 90.9 FMSpanishFolklore24Autlan de Navarro71
XHAV Super RMX 100.3 FMSpanishTop 4032Guadalajara47
XHAWD Magnetica 107.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station64San Luis Potosi29
XHBCE Estereo Sol 92.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Ensenada0
XHBIO Fiesta Mexicana 92.3 FMSpanishFolklore24Guadalajara63
XHBM La Mera Mera 105.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station20San Luis Potosi0
XHCBJ Caribe 106.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Cancun36
XHCBR Max 100.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Caborca23
XHCD Radio Bemba 95.5 FMSpanishCommunity20Hermosillo32
XHCDH Estereo Digital 104.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Cuauhtemoc55
XHCHH D-95 94.9 FMSpanishTop 4040Chihuahua46
XHCM La Mexicana 88.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station22Cuernavaca69
XHCOM Radio SICOM 105.9 FMSpanishPublic64Puebla0
XHCU La Tremenda 104.5 FMSpanishFolklore22Cuernavaca52
XHCUT La Comadre 101.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station64Cuernavaca89
XHDGO La super Grupera 103.7 FMSpanishFolklore64Durango135
XHDIS Flamingo Estereo 93.7 FMSpanishLove Songs32Delicias47
XHDL Reporte 98.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk32Mexico City51
XHDNG La Tremenda 96.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Durango35
XHECO Ke Buena 90.5 FMSpanishFolklore32Tecoman214
XHEMZ Oye 99.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Emiliano Zapata61
XHEXA Exa 104.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station11Mexico City115
XHFAJ Alfa Radio 91.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station10Mexico City89
XHFG Pulsar 107.3 FMSpanishTop 4040Tijuana49
XHFO Universal Stero 92.1 FMSpanishClassic Hits10Mexico City104
XHFZO XS 92.9 FMSpanishLove Songs32Ensenada40
XHGDA Maxima 89.1 FMSpanishTop 4096Guadalajara50
XHGEO Factor 91 91.5 FMSpanishRock & Pop24Guadalajara28
XHGL Mix 97.7 FMSpanishTop 4056Merida53
XHGLX Exa 91.7 FMSpanishTop 4011Tijuana62
XHITZ Jammin 790 AMEnglishHip-Hop32Tijuana38
XHLPS Rio Digital 102.5 FMSpanishHip-Hop32San Luis Rio Colorado93
XHMIX Zona 98 98.3 FMSpanishRock & Pop32Mexicali30
XHMM Stereo Cien 100.1 FMSpanishAdult Cont.20Mexico City62
XHMOE Los 40 Principales 90.7 FMSpanishTop 4021Mexicali98
XHMOR Mix 99.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station64Cuernavaca29
XHMORE Blazin' 98.9 FMEnglishHip-Hop64Tijuana37
XHMP Sentidos 95.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Torreon51
XHMRI Ke Buena 93.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station56Merida1
XHMRL Max 91.5 FMSpanishTop 4056Morelia0
XHMVS MVS 102.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station8Mexico City1
XHMYL Los 40 Principales 92.1 FMSpanishTop 4024Merida76
XHNG Los 40 Principales 98.1 FMSpanishTop 4022Cuernavaca73
XHNH Stereo 95 Golden Music 95.1 FMSpanishClassic Hits24Irapuato64
XHNLC 90.7 XLNC1SpanishClassical32Tijuana23
XHNOE Stereo 91 FMSpanishGeneral Station20Nuevo Laredo29
XHNU Super 94.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.12Acapulco34
XHNW Maxima 103.3 FMSpanishTop 4024Culiacan45
XHNX Super Stereo Miled 98.9 FMSpanishOldies16Toluca35
XHOO Fiesta Mexicana 102.3 FMSpanishFolklore32Leon Gto77
XHOT La Maquina 97.7 FMSpanishFolklore32Xalapa69
XHPA Stereo Mexicana 93.7 FMSpanishFolklore20Acapulco58
XHPE Estereo Gallito La Mejor 97.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Torreon62
XHPX Exa 98.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station11Ciudad Juarez50
XHQJ Extasis Digital 105.9 FMSpanishClassic Hits32Guadalajara59
XHRB Sol Stereo 89.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Chetumal39
XHRED Red 88.1 FMSpanishAdult Cont.10Mexico City35
XHRM Magic 92.5 FMSpanishTop 4033Tijuana30
XHRPL LA Poderosa 93.9 FMSpanishFolklore24Leon Gto70
XHRT Xtrema 95.3 FMSpanishAdult Cont.20Reynosa32
XHRX LA Tapatia 103.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Guadalajara89
XHSAV LA Primerisima 92.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station24San Andres Tuxtla38
XHSJS Cabo Mil 96.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Los Cabos36
XHSOC SER Coahuila 89.7 FMSpanishPublic56Saltillo32
XHSOL Ke Buena 89.9 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical21Mexicali140
XHSON Beat 100.9 FMSpanishDance, Trance & Techno20Mexico City179
XHSU El Lobo 106.1 FMSpanishTop 4040Chihuahua55
XHSW La Mas Picuda 94.9 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical22Cuernavaca108
XHTA Dinamica Auditiva 94.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Piedras Negras23
XHTB Extasis Digital 93.3 FMSpanishOldies32Cuernavaca63
XHTIM La Mejor 97.7 FMSpanishFolklore11Tijuana109
XHTIX Radiologico 100.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Cuernavaca35
XHTLAX Radio Altiplano 96.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Tlaxcala38
XHTO Hit 104.3 FMEnglishTop 4033Ciudad Juarez34
XHTOM Neurotica 102.1 FMSpanishRock & Pop96Toluca45
XHTZ Digital 96.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station43Xalapa0
XHUDC Radio Universo 94.9 FMSpanishCollege176Colima42
XHUG Red Radio Universidad de Guadalajara 104.3 FMSpanishCollege50Guadalajara57
XHUGP Radio Universidad 104.3 FMSpanishCollege32Puerto Vallarta43
XHUIA Ibero 90.9 RadioSpanishCollege20Mexico City27
XHUNES Espa?a 92.9 FMSpanishCollege128Durango36
XHUSH Radio Universidad 107.5 FMSpanishCollege48Hermosillo0
XHVIR La Cotorra 101.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station22Ciudad Victoria105
XHVJS Ke Buena 103.3 FMSpanishFolklore16Ciudad Obregon161
XHVLO 101 Cinco 101.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Leon Gto61
XHVS Maxima 96.3 FMSpanishDance, Trance & Techno64Hermosillo151
XHWA Punto 98.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Xalapa50
XHXAL Radio Mas 107.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Xalapa60
XHXZ FM Centro 100.3 FMSpanishGeneral Station20Apizaco96
XTRA W Radio 690 AMSpanishGeneral Station128Tijuana92

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