Did you know that the country of Macau is operated under the "one country, two systems" policy that utilizes the Central People's Government of China for its territory defense and the handling of foreign affairs while leaving all of its internal affairs to the people of Macau. This unique fact is just one of the many things you can learn while listening to the great streaming radio stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner. Home to more than 5oo thousand people, the small country of Macau, or Macao is officially known as the Macau Special Administration Region and is home to many industries, including toys, electronics and textiles as well as tourism, where much of Macau's economy relies on. The culture of Macau is a mix of Chinese and Portuguese traditions. These cultures have given the people of Macau several distinct holidays and festivals, including the popular Macau Grand Prix in November. Whether you are an emigrant from the country of Macau or speak the Chinese language and have a love for the people of Macau, the land and their culture WorldTVRadio Tuner can help you get up to the minute information on the culture and events throughout the country. Our selection of great streaming radio from the country of Macau includes two general programming stations, TDM Radio Macau and Radio Vilaverde 738 AM which provide not only news and talk but also popular music and sports coverage. And best of all, every macau radio station, like all streaming Internet radio from WorldTVRadio Tuner is available absolutely free so you will never have to worry about paying expensive monthly premiums. So check out WorldTVRadio Tuner today and see the difference streaming television and radio can make.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Radio Vilaverde 738 AMChineseGeneral Station32Macau24
TDM Radio MacauChineseGeneral Station20Macau21

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