With a population of 2.24 million people and a land area of only 24,938 square miles, what the country of Latvia lacks in size it truly makes up for in culture and hospitality. With cultural ties to the Estonians and Lithuanians, you can find the influences of these people in the architecture and culture of Latvia and even the Latvian language, which offers many similarities to Lithuanian. Officially known as the Republic of Latvia, the country is a former part of the Soviet union and gained its independence in 1991, being the last Baltic state to leave the Soviet Union. Today, the country of Latvia offers a true melting pot of culture, and is home to not only the native Latvians and Livonians but also people of Russian, Lithuanian, German and Jewish decent among many others. Music and literature have long played a role in the history of Latvia as well with traditional folklore dating back more than one thousand years. Whether you are a former resident of the country of Latvia or have a love for the Latvian language and the people who speak it WorldTVRadio Tuner is you source for th best streaming Internet radio today. Our selection of online radio available for your home or office from Latvia include top 40 hits on Latvijas Radio 4 - Doma laukums and the best in rock and pop on Star FM and Radio SWH Rock. We also provide general programming on Radio Ef-Ei 91.4 FM and Latvijas Radio 1 which brings you a great mix of news, music and sports coverage from Latvia. And best of all, every Latvia radio station, like all radio stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner is available absolutely free!

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Alise Plus 101.6 FMRussianAdult Cont.64Riga73
Capital 101 FMLatvianAdult Cont.128Riga12
European Hit Radio 104.3 FMLatvianTop 4040Riga22
Kurzemes 88.4 FMLatvianAdult Cont.40Liepaja11
Latvijas Kristigais radio 101.8 FMLatvianChristian Cont.128Riga12
Latvijas Radio 1LatvianGeneral Station64Riga12
Latvijas Radio 2LatvianAdult Cont.80Riga32
Latvijas Radio 3 - KlasikaLatvianClassical128Riga18
Latvijas Radio 4 - Doma laukumsRussianTop 4064Riga26
Radio 1 107.0 FMLatvianRock & Pop128Riga0
Radio 3LatvianRock & Pop40Riga4
Radio Ef-Ei 91.4 FMLatvianGeneral Station40Rezekne6
Radio Skonto 107.2 FMLatvianRock & Pop96Riga11
Radio SWHLatvianRock & Pop128Riga13
Radio SWH +RussianAdult Cont.128Riga22
Radio SWH RockLatvianRock & Pop128Riga13
Star FMLatvianRock & Pop40Riga27

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