The countries of North and South Korea were united as the country of Korea until 1948, with the Republic of Korea in the south and the Democratic Republic of Korea in the morth. Contrary to the name, however, while the southern Republic of Korea is a democratic and capitalist society, the Democratic Republic of Korea in the north is a Communist society which is run by Kim Jong-il. Of the 73 million people who call Korea home, more than 50 million belong to South Korea with the remaining 23 million belonging to the Communist north. And while more foreigners have started to move to Korea in the late 20th century, the island countries are still mostly of Korean descent who speak the Korean language. This has helped to distinguish 矔he culture of Korea as truly distinct from other peoples and today Korea is home to unique festivals that incorporate vibrant colors that are attributed to the countries historical Mongolian influences. WorldTVRadio Tuner is your online source for staying connected with Korea from anywhere on earth. Offering more than fifty streaming radio stations from cities throughout Korea, including Seoul, Gwangju and Chuncheon, WorldTVRadio Tuner will help you stay on top of the Korean culture as well as the political spectrum and top news from the island countries. Offering free, streaming Internet access to news and talk on FEBC 1188 Am and HLAZ 1566 AM as well as modern music on Chongju MBC 99.7 FM, Jazz and Blues on Blues on Air and general stations such as Green 92.3 FM and GTB Fresh FM you can see why WorldTVRadio Tuner is the best radio for home and work.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Andong MBC 1017 AMKoreanNews/Talk64Seoul71
Andong MBC 91.3 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul47
Blues on AirKoreanJazz & Blues96Webcast53
Cheonju MBC 1017 AMKoreanGeneral Station64Cheonju25
Cheonju MBC 99.7 FMKoreanAdult Cont.64Cheonju37
Chongju MBC 107.1 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Chonghu2
Chongju MBC 99.7 FMKoreanTop 4064Chonghu25
Chonju MBC 99.1 FM 4UKoreanAdult Cont.216Seoul23
Chonju MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station128Seoul12
Chuncheon MBC 774 AMKoreanGeneral Station20Chuncheon14
Chuncheon MBC 94.5 FMKoreanGeneral Station48Chuncheon12
Chung-Ju MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station32Seoul13
Chung-Ju MBC FMKoreanGeneral Station32Seoul13
DG MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station32Sokcho8
DG MBC FMKoreanGeneral Station32Sokcho7
FEBC 1188 AMKoreanNews/Talk32Seoul2
GN MBC 1287 AMKoreanNews/Talk20Seoul7
GN MBC 94.3 FMKoreanNews/Talk20Seoul11
Green 92.3 FMKoreanGeneral Station128Seoul12
GTB Fresh FMKoreanGeneral Station96Seoul14
Gwangju MBC 93.9 FMKoreanClassical64Gwangju16
Gwangju MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station64Gwangju5
HLAD 93.3 FMKoreanAdult Cont.32Daejeon15
HLAZ 1566 AMKoreanNews/Talk32Jeju6
HLDD 98.1 FMKoreanGeneral Station32Changwon2
HLDY 90.1 FMKoreanAdult Cont.64Yeongdong8
HLDZ 90.3 FMKoreanAdult Cont.32Pohang6
HLKW 100.5 FMKoreanAdult Cont.56Mokpo10
HLQR 107.3 FMKoreanAdult Cont.32Ulsan5
Jeju MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul4
Jeju MBC FMKoreanAdult Cont.64Seoul6
Jeonju MBC 94.3 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Jeonju7
Jeonju MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station64Jeonju1
JTV 90.1 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Jeonju7
KBC FMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul15
KBS World Channel 1MultilanguageNews/Talk32Seoul28
KBS World Channel 2MultilanguageNews/Talk32Seoul19
Masan MBC 98.9 FMKoreanAdult Cont.64Seoul10
Masan MBC 990 AMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul5
Mokpo MBC 102.3 FMKoreanGeneral Station48Mokpo3
Mokpo MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station48Mokpo3
PBC 105.3 FMKoreanReligious32Seoul6
Samcheok MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul6
Samcheok MBC FMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul13
TBC Dream FMKoreanAdult Cont.96Seoul61
TBS 95.1 FMKoreanAdult Cont.64Seoul20
Ulsan MBC 98.7 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul17
Ulsan MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul3
Wonju MBC 1242 AMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul7
Wonju MBC 98.9 FMKoreanGeneral Station64Seoul10
Yeosu MBC AMKoreanGeneral Station96Seoul3
Yeosu MBC FMKoreanGeneral Station96Seoul11

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