Did you know that the country of Kenya is named after the second tallest mountain in the country, Mount Kenya? Officially known as the Republic of Kenya, the country is home to nearly 40 million people and is one of the fastest growing populations on Earth. Due to British rule until 1963, British influence can still be felt in the country with English being an official language along with Swahili. Today, the culture of Kenya is a mix of Swahili and English, as well as Maasai and 42 different indigenous tribes located throughout the country. Although the Maasai make up a small portion of the Kenyan population, their influence has been huge and most of the tourism the country of Kenya sees is due to their culture, such as their elaborate jewelry and body adornment. Whether you are an emigrant from the country of Kenya and living abroad or have visited the country in the past and have a love for the people of Kenya and their culture WorldTVRadio Tuner helps you get closer to Kenya with our streaming Internet radio stations, including top 40 music on Capital 98.4 FM from Nairobi. This English language station offers the most popular music from Kenya and around the world and also provides small amounts of news and other entertainment. And best of all, the streaming radio stations from Kenya, like all radio available from WorldTVRadio Tuner are available absolutely free. So visit us today to get great television and radio from Kenya and other countries from around the world.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
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Capital 98.4 FMEnglishTop 4020Nairobi106

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