Whether you are looking for the finest in art, history or cuisine you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in Italy. Throughout its long and proud history, Italy has been home to many different cultures, including the Romans and Etruscans. In fact, during Roman rule and long afterward, Rome, the capital of Italy, was considered the political center of all western civilization. Today, Italy, or the Italian Republic as it is officially known, is democratic republic and also boasts the tenth highest quality of life index rating of all countries WorldTVRadio Tuner offers more than fifty radio stations broadcast in Italian from cities throughout Italy, including Milan, Rome, Genova and Pouzzoli. And our streaming Internet radio stations are available absolutely free so you can listen from home or from work and never have to worry about a monthly bill. Some of the great Italy based radio stations available from WorldTVadio Tuner include popular music, such as op 40 hits on Radio 105 FM Channel 2 Hits and Life Gate Radio 105.1 FM as well as Oldies on Gamma Radio 91.7, Hip-Hop on Radio 105 Channel 3 Hip-Hop and much more. We also have Italian radio stations to help cure the cultural itch. get the best in folklore from Italy on Publiradio 99.2 FM and up to the minute news and talk on Radio Babboleo News 92.9 FM. We even provide many general stations, such as Radio Barbagua 91.9 FM and radio Alt which bring a great mix of news, sports coverage and entertainment to your home or office computer.

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Italy

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Ciao Radio 90.1 FMItalianGeneral Station24Bologna0
Ciccio Riccio 91.6 FMItalianClassic Hits32Brindisi386
Circuito Marconi Radio 94.7 FMItalianGeneral Station56Milan136
Controradio 93.6 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Firenze107
CRC FMItalianChristian Cont.48Macherio55
CRM Happy Radio 101.8 FMItalianGeneral Station32Cefalu98
Discoradio 107.3 FMItalianTop 4032Caravaggio178
Emme Due Radio 102.6 FMItalianTop 4032Capoterra75
Fashion 89.8 FMItalianOther48Milan83
FM Italia 95.2 FMItalianHip-Hop96Siracusa218
Gamma Radio 91.7 FMItalianOldies32Assago66
Idea Radio 100 FMItalianElectronica24Santeramo63
In Blu 96.3 FMItalianRock & Pop32Rome37
Lady Radio 90.8 FMItalianGeneral Station64Firenze55
Life Gate Radio 105.1 FMItalianTop 4020Milan32
M2o 90.5 FMItalianElectronica32Rome350
Multiradio 91.1 FMItalianAdult Cont.23Tolentino47
Nuova Spazio Radio 88.1 FMItalianNews/Talk176Rome41
Primaradio 93.0 FMItalianGeneral Station33Pouzzoli48
Publiradio 99.2 FMItalianFolklore20Taranto29
Puntoradio 91.1 FMItalianGeneral Station24Cascina14
Radio 103 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Genova68
Radio 105 ClassicsItalianClassic Hits32Genova110
Radio 105 FMItalianAdult Cont.64Rome136
Radio 105 FM Channel 2 HitsItalianTop 4064Rome86
Radio 105 FM Channel 3 Hip-HopItalianHip-Hop64Rome85
Radio 105 FM Channel 4 RockItalianRock & Pop64Rome47
Radio 105 FM Channel 5 HouseItalianHouse64Rome124
Radio 105 FM Xmas ChannelItalianClassic Hits64Rome34
Radio 3 Network 100.1 FMItalianGeneral Station48Firenze28
Radio Adamello 91.0 FMItalianHip-Hop32Edolo29
Radio Adige 97.5 FMItalianAdult Cont.20Verona19
Radio Aldebaran 92.9 FMItalianAdult Cont.24Chiavari20
Radio Alfa 93.0 FMItalianAdult Cont.64Potenza27
Radio AltItalianGeneral Station128Webcast15
Radio Alta 100.7 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Bergamo11
Radio Amica 90.8 FMItalianTop 4050Partinico33
Radio Amicizia 100.8 FMItalianGeneral Station32Conversano23
Radio Antenna Uno 103.7 FMItalianDance, Trance & Techno64Catania51
Radio Attivita 97.5 FMItalian80s24Trieste47
Radio AzzurraItalianTop 4032Ravanusa46
Radio Babboleo 97.5 FMItalian90s20Genova101
Radio Babboleo News 92.9 FMItalianNews/Talk20Genova16
Radio Babboleo Suono 98.4 FMItalianSoft Rock20Genova19
Radio BabyItalianKids48Rome0
Radio Barbagia 91.9 FMItalianGeneral Station33Nuoro18
Radio Base Agro 87.5 FMItalianTop 4033Pagani8
Radio Base Popolare 93.5 FMItalianRock & Pop32Mestre21
Radio Beckwith 96.5 FMItalianChristian Cont.128Luserna15
Radio Bussula 24 88.5 FMItalianTop 4021Salerno21
Radio Cantu 89.6 FMItalianGeneral Station24Cantu8
Radio Capital 95.5 FMItalianGeneral Station32Rome70
Radio Capri 100 FMItalianAdult Cont.30Capri39
Radio Carisma 93.8 FMItalianTop 4096Ferrara0
Radio Catania 100.4 FMItalianGeneral Station32Catania28
Radio Cattolica 95.3 FMItalianReligious33Foggia0
Radio Citta del Campo 96.3 FMItalianGeneral Station96Bologna16
Radio Citta Futura 97.7 FMItalianGeneral Station64Rome29
Radio Citta'Fujiko 103.1 FMItalianEthnic16Bologna18
Radio City 95.4 FMItalianGeneral Station48Paterno20
Radio Classica 94 FMItalianClassical20Milan85
Radio Club 91 FMItalianTop 4020Napoli16
Radio Club Network 91.7 FMItalianAdult Cont.128Dinnai16
Radio Company 100.5 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Padova26
Radio Conegliano 90.8 FMItalianChristian Cont.32Treviso14
Radio Cortina 102 FMItalianTop 4096Cortina d'Ampezzo18
Radio CRCItalianGeneral Station128Targato9
Radio Cristal 98.7 FMItalianGeneral Station24Lecco14
Radio Cuore 95.0 FMItalianGeneral Station32Ponsacco105
Radio DeeJay 90.3 FMItalianTop 4032Rome339
Radio Del Golfo 93.9 FMItalianClassic Hits32Porto Torres21
Radio Delta Uno 103.1 FMItalianGeneral Station32Taranto22
Radio Diocesana Concordia 101.4 FMItalianReligious17Agrigento18
Radio Empire 102.3 FMItalianOldies96Furci13
Radio Energy 93.9 FMItalianTop 4064Torino32
Radio Erre 103.5 FMItalianGeneral Station32Foggia6
Radio Fantastica 101.5 FMItalianTop 4031Ponsaco25
Radio Fermo Uno 88.8 FMItalianGeneral Station20Fermo11
Radio Flash 97.3 FMItalianGeneral Station21Adrano11
Radio Galileo 97.4 FMItalianGeneral Station16Terni0
Radio Gamma 93.0 FMItalianGeneral Station32Savignano25
Radio Genova Sound 103.8 FMItalianRock & Pop20Genova24
Radio Gold 89.1 FMItalianDisco32Valenza103
Radio GRP 1 RegionaleItalianDance, Trance & Techno48Torino20
Radio GRP 2 MelodyItalianRock & Pop48Torino20
Radio GRP 3 DancingItalianAdult Cont.48Torino18
Radio Ibiza 97.3 FMItalianDance, Trance & Techno32Napoli120
Radio ImagoGreekAlternative56Rome10
Radio Italia 100.4 FMItalianAdult Cont.48Ancona112
Radio Italia Cinque 98.8 FMItalianGeneral Station24Poppi0
Radio Italia Uno 94.6 FMItalianRock & Pop64Padova54
Radio Italy LiveItalianTop 40128Webcast94
Radio K Centrale 105.8 FMItalianAlternative96Bologna24
Radio King 90.0 FMItalianGeneral Station32Palmi13
Radio Kiss Kiss NapoliItalianGeneral Station32Napoli97
Radio Krishna Centrale 89.5 FMItalianReligious32Terni10
Radio Krishna Centrale EnglishMultilanguageReligious32Terni2
Radio Krishna Centrale MusicItalianReligious32Terni15
Radio L'Aquila 1 93.5 FMItalianGeneral Station32L'Aquila15
Radio L'Olgiata 96.4 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Rome18
Radio Latina 98.3 FMItalianGeneral Station32Borgo19
Radio Linea 95.3 FMItalianAdult Cont.24Osimo5
Radio Logos 97.3 FMItalianReligious48Foggia10
Radio Lombardia 100.2 FMItalianAdult Cont.20Milan19
Radio Mambo 106.8 FMMultilanguageSalsa & Tropical48Rome114
Radio Maria ItalyItalianReligious10Rome34
Radio Marte 95.6 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Napoli26
Radio Mater 90.2 FMItalianReligious20Longone12
Radio Mediterraneo 94.1 FMItalianGeneral Station40Modica21
Radio Meneghina 91.9 FMItalianClassical64Milan0
Radio Messina 1 Special 103.5 FMItalianGeneral Station16Messina14
Radio Mondo 99.9 FMItalianGeneral Station32Rieti6
Radio Monte Carlo 1 FMItalianAdult Cont.64Torino53
Radio Monte Carlo 2 FMItalianAdult Cont.64Torino32
Radio Monte Carlo 3 Greatest ArtistItalianAdult Cont.64Torino25
Radio Monte Carlo 4 Nights StoryItalianEasy Listening64Torino22
Radio Monte Carlo 5 Love SongsItalianLove Songs64Torino68
Radio Montorfano 93.3 FMItalianRock & Pop33Rovato7
Radio Movida 95.2 FMItalianAdult Cont.50Frosinone6
Radio News 98.3 FMItalianNews/Talk10Varese0
Radio Norba 90.8 FMItalianGeneral Station32Conversano11
Radio Nostalgia FM LiguriaItalianOldies33Liguria39
Radio Nostalgia FM PiemonteItalianOldies20Piemonte46
Radio Nostalgia FM ToscanaItalianOldies33Toscana48
Radio Omega Sound 91.4 FMItalianClassic Hits36Rome0
Radio Onda Libera 97.1 FMItalianGeneral Station32Rome14
Radio Orte 98.3 FMItalianRock & Pop20Orte11
Radio Padania LiberaItalianGeneral Station96Milan18
Radio Padre Pio 90.2 FMItalianReligious32San Giovanni21
Radio PaneBurroMarmellataItalianAdult Cont.32Bologna20
Radio Party Groove 99.0 FMItalianDance, Trance & Techno64Torino33
Radio PelleneraItalianDance, Trance & Techno56Webcast11
Radio PNR 96.4 FMItalianGeneral Station32Tortona2
Radio Popolare 107.6 FMItalianGeneral Station20Milan13
Radio Punto Zero 106.7 FMItalianSports31Napoli23
Radio R.A.I.NItalianSports10Rome22
Radio RadicaleItalianPolitics & Gov.32Rome15
Radio Radiosa 92.4 FMItalianTop 4032Matera11
Radio Reporter 107.9 FMItalianRock & Pop48Lecce9
Radio Riposta 94.8 FMItalianReligious32Modena9
Radio Rock 106.6 FMItalianRock & Pop64Rome32
Radio Rosa 90.4 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Barberino9
Radio Selene 96.1 FMItalianRock & Pop64Corato9
Radio Sicilia Express 97.7 FMItalianGeneral Station32Sicilia24
Radio SienaItalianGeneral Station32Siena11
Radio Sintony 101.1 FMItalianGeneral Station32Cagliari9
Radio SIS 95.6 FMItalianAdult Cont.44Catania6
Radio Sound 97.0 FMItalianGeneral Station32Castrolibero15
Radio Studio 5 104.7 FMItalianGeneral Station32Sciacca0
Radio Studio 54 96.0 FMItalianAdult Cont.128Scandicci13
Radio Studio 95 FMItalianDance, Trance & Techno21Melito di Porto25
Radio Studio 97 FMItalianTop 4032Crotone12
Radio Studio Delta 92.8 FMItalianGeneral Station32Emilia romagna14
Radio Studio Star 88.0 FMItalianRock & Pop32Stresa10
Radio Subasio 103.5 FMItalianAdult Cont.128Rome25
Radio Sudio 2000 94.4 FMItalianRock & Pop96Terralba11
Radio SuX Sound 100.4 FMItalianTop 4048Guspini14
Radio System NetworkItalianHouse32Lecce56
Radio Tour 100.4 FMItalianTop 4032Basilicata7
Radio Vaticana 105.0 FMItalianReligious32Rome32
Radio Verona 103.0 FMItalianAdult Cont.20Verona33
Radio Viva 90.8 FMItalianHouse64Gavardo74
Radiolina 98 FMItalianTop 4064Cagliari8
RadioMed 91.3 FMItalianAdult Cont.24Palermo4
Radiosfera Regione Bologna 89.8 FMItalianGeneral Station24Bologna12
Radiostar 92.5 FMItalianTop 4050Lucca12
RAI International HotbirdMultilanguageNews/Talk176Rome22
RAI International SatelradioItalianGeneral Station176Rome29
RAI Radio 1ItalianNews/Talk32Rome167
RAI Radio 2ItalianGeneral Station32Rome176
RAI Radio 3ItalianCultural32Rome58
RAI Radio AuditoriumItalianClassical32Rome84
RAI Radio GR ParlamentoItalianPolitics & Gov.32Rome16
RAI Radio IsoradioItalianNews/Talk32Rome33
RAI Radio IV CanaleItalianAdult Cont.32Rome18
RDF 102.7 FMItalianAdult Cont.64Florencia15
RDS DimensioneItalianTop 4032Milan62
RIN Digital Radio 95.2 FMItalianTop 40128Pordenone19
RMB Radio Manbassa 95.8 FMItalianTop 4024Lecce15
RNC Radio Nuoro Centrale 101 FMItalianTop 4032Nuoro15
Rock 92.2 FMItalianRock & Pop32Milan19
RPN Radio Punto Nuovo 99.0 FMItalianAdult Cont.128Paternopoli25
RSA Radio Spazio Aperto 98.1 FMItalianGeneral Station10Rome18
RSC Radio Studio Centrale 102.2 FMItalianAdult Cont.32Catania16
RTL 102.5 FMItalianTop 4024Rome56
RTN Radio Toscana Network 95.4 FMItalianRock & Pop64Florencia32
RVS Radio Video ScicliItalianAdult Cont.64Siracusa15
S?dtirol1 103.7 FMGermanGeneral Station32Bolzano Bozen15
Sorrento RadioItalianGeneral Station22Napoli29
Tele Radio Stereo 92.7 FMItalianEasy Listening32Rome44
Veronica Hit Radio 87.7 FMItalianTop 4064Pesaro41

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