Germany, a country in central Europe, is one of the most developed industrialized countries in the world. The North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea are to the north; Poland and the Czech Republic to the east; Austria and Switzerland to the south; and France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Holland to the west. In size, Germany is 357, 021 square miles with a population of 81, 757,600. The Gross Domestic Product is about $ 2.9 trillion and the per capita is $35,539.

The major ethnic groups are German and Turkish. Officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, the government is a federal parliamentary republic, with Horst Kohler as President and Angela Merkel as Chancellor. It's capital and the largest city is Berlin and the official language is German. The German economy is the largest in Europe exporting $1.3 trillion in products. Germany was formed as the Holy Roman Empire on February 2, 962 and it was unified on January 18, 1871. It later became a federal republic on May 23, 1949. On October 3, 1990, it was again reunified. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Germany offers numerous radio stations in German. General radio formats cover General Station, Full Service, Cultural, Folklore, News/Talk, College, and Religious radio formats, and music formats cover Rock & Pop, Underground, Electronica, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Classic Hits, 80s, Urban R&B, Soundtracks, Adult Contemporary, Top 40, Rock & Pop, and Dance, Trance & Techno. These are broadcast from many cities, including Potsdam, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen, Bochum, and Cottbus. Some popular radio stations are 104.6 RTL Berlins Hit-Radio, 104.9 FM Oldiestar Radio, 89.0 RTL, 98.5 FM Radio Bochum, and Aachen 100 Eins. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Germany is free to try.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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104.6 RTL Berlins Hit-RadioGermanTop 4064Berlin466
104.9 FM Oldiestar RadioGermanOldies64Oranienburg444
89.0 RTLGermanTop 4064Halle167
98.5 FM Radio BochumGermanGeneral Station32Bochum121
Aachen 100 EinsGermanTop 4032Dusseldorf0
AFK M94.5 FMGermanGeneral Station151Numberg50
Alster Radio Rock & Pop 106.8 FMGermanRock & Pop96Hagen207
Antenne 1GermanTop 4064Stuttgart155
Antenne AC 107.8 FMGermanTop 4024Wurselen169
Antenne BayernGermanGeneral Station96Ismaning579
Antenne BrandenburgGermanGeneral Station48Brandenburg182
Antenne DusseldorfGermanGeneral Station40Dusseldorf91
Antenne Koblenz 98 FMGermanFull Service128Koblenz84
Antenne MVGermanGeneral Station40Robel61
Antenne Niederrhein 98 FMGermanGeneral Station128Kleve65
Antenne Niedersachsen 103.8 FMGermanTop 4020Hannover93
Antenne ThueringenGermanGeneral Station32Weimar90
Antenne Unna 97.4 FMGermanFull Service64Unna52
Antenne West Radio 22GermanGeneral Station128Trier44
Antenne West Radio 22 (Alternate stream)GermanGeneral Station128Trier64
Apollo RadioGermanClassical96Sachsen89
B5 AktuellGermanGeneral Station48Munchen44
B5 PlusGermanGeneral Station48Munchen20
Baden FMGermanGeneral Station64Freiburg34
Bayern 1GermanGeneral Station32Munchen173
Bayern 2GermanNews/Talk32Munchen46
Bayern 3GermanGeneral Station32Munchen134
Bayern 4 KlassikGermanClassical32Munchen117
Bayern Das ModulGermanDance, Trance & Techno64Munchen0
Bayern MobilGermanClassic Hits32Munchen315
BB RadioGermanGeneral Station64Potsdam44
BB RadioGermanClassic Hits48Potsdam41
Berlin WebradioGermanTop 4064Berlin1
Berliner RundfunkGerman70s48Berlin124
Bermuda Funk 89.6 FMGermanGeneral Station48Stuttgart50
Big 89.5 FMGermanTop 40128Stuttgart56
Burn FMGermanTop 4021Hof32
Cafe 80s FMGerman80s56Konigswinter104
Charivary 95.5 FMGermanGeneral Station128Munchen47
Charivary 96.7 FMGermanGeneral Station48Rosenheim37
Charivary 98.6 FMGermanClassic Hits48Nurnberg30
Chart Radio Blue LoungeGermanDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast60
Chart Radio P-ForceGermanDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast48
Chat RadioGermanTop 40128Dusseldorf0
cityREdioGermanGeneral Station128Webradio15
Classic Rock RadioGermanClassic Rock64Saarbrucken108
Das Hit Radio 100.5 FMGermanTop 40128Saarbrucken127
Dasding LaustarkGermanRock & Pop64Baden-Baden29
Dasding PlattenlegerGermanTop 4065Baden-Baden49
Dasding SprechstundeGermanHip-Hop64Baden-Baden28
Dasding Webradio LiveGermanTop 4048Baden-Baden26
DefJay Radio 94.9 FMGermanUrban R&B128Ulm122
Delta RadioGermanAdult Cont.64Kiel39
Deutsche Welle RadioGermanNews/Talk48Koln90
DeutschlandfunkGermanFull Service48Koln95
Deutschlandradio KulturGermanCultural48Berlin43
Die Neue 107.7 FM 80er RadioGerman80s32Stuttgart99
Die Neue 107.7 FM Bester Rock und PopGermanRock & Pop32Stuttgart74
Die Neue 107.7 FM Livesong RadioGermanTop 4032Stuttgart47
DJ Snoop RadioGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Heinsberg1
Dom RadioGermanCultural56Koln29
Dragon LandGermanGeneral Station96Webcast22
DRS 2006GermanGeneral Station64Bremen18
EBM RadioGermanElectronica128Webcast41
Echo 88.4 FMGermanCollege128Freiburg35
ERF Cross ChannelGermanChristian Cont.128Wetzlar25
ERF RadioGermanNews/Talk96Wetzlar16
Fantasy 96.7 FMGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Hamm61
FFH Black PowerGermanUrban R&B64Webcast59
FFH Classic RockGermanClassic Rock64Webcast63
FFH Die 80erGerman80s64Webcast93
FFH EM-RadioGermanLove Songs64Webcast44
FFH FutureGermanAdult Cont.64Webcast19
FFH Hit RadioGermanTop 4032Bad Vilbel0
FFH Hits fur KidsGermanKids64Webcast79
FFH Jack FMGermanTop 4064Webcast21
FFH LoungeGermanEasy Listening64Webcast34
FFH Love SongsGermanLove Songs64Webcast96
FFH Rock over GermanyGermanRock & Pop64Webcast47
FFH SchlagerkultGermanAdult Cont.64Webcast83
FFH Top 40GermanTop 4064Webcast54
Fritz RadioGermanTop 4064Berlin60
Frozen RadioGermanTop 40128Augsburg20
Fun RadioGermanFolklore128Koln60
Gay WebradioGermanGeneral Station56Dusseldorf11
Harmony FMGermanOldies40Frankfurt0
Hellweg RadioGermanAdult Cont.128Soest24
Hit ClassicsGermanCountry20Munich0
Hit Classics 80'sGerman80s128Webcast0
Hit Classics BluesGermanJazz & Blues128Webcast2
Hit Mix FMGermanTop 40128Webcast110
Hit Radio AntenneGermanAdult Cont.64Niedersachsen78
Hit Radio MS One 88 FMGermanTop 40112Oldenburg18
Hit Radio Ohr 90.5 FMGermanTop 4096Achern24
Hit Radio RT1 NordSchwabenGermanTop 4056Donauworth35
Hit Radio RT1 SuedSchwabenGermanTop 4056Memmingen46
Hit Radio Vest 95.6 FMGermanTop 4040Recklinghausen27
Hochschulradio AachenGermanGeneral Station128Aachen18
HoRads Hochschul Radio 99.2 FMGermanRock & Pop32Stuttgart13
HR InfoGermanNews/Talk48Frankfurt9
HR3GermanGeneral Station48Frankfurt33
HR4GermanGeneral Station48Frankfurt34
Internetradio RauteMusik ClubGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast69
Internetradio RauteMusik eXTreMeGermanPunk and Metal128Webcast91
Internetradio RauteMusik FunkYGermanHouse128Webcast92
Internetradio RauteMusik GoldiesGermanOldies128Webcast82
Internetradio RauteMusik JaMGermanUrban R&B128Webcast130
Internetradio RauteMusik LoungeGermanEasy Listening128Webcast38
Internetradio RauteMusik MainGermanAdult Cont.128Webcast25
Jack FMGermanTop 40128Berlin21
Jam FMGermanHip-Hop96Berlin3
Jazz Radio 101.9 FMGermanJazz & Blues128Berlin69
Jenny FMGermanDance, Trance & Techno160Webcast39
Jenny FM ClassicGermanClassic Hits128Webcast20
Joy FMGermanTop 40128Berlin0
Kauf RadioGermanRock & Pop96Berlin11
Kiss 98.8 FMGermanTop 4048Berlin59
Klassik RadioGermanClassical96Hamburg109
Kolncampus RadioGermanCollege128Koln13
Landeswellen ThuringensGermanGeneral Station44Erfurt23
Main 95.1 FMGermanGeneral Station64Frankfurt5
MDR 1 Radio Sachsen-AnhaltGermanFull Service273Leipzig45
MDR FigaroGermanCultural48Leipzig23
MDR InfoGermanNews/Talk48Leipzig27
MDR Jump RadioGermanTop 4048Leipzig56
MDR Sputnik Black ChannelGermanHip-Hop44Leipzig29
MDR Sputnik Club ChannelGermanElectronica44Leipzig53
MDR Sputnik Live RadioGermanHip-Hop40Leipzig45
MDR Sputnik Rock ChannelGermanRock & Pop44Leipzig20
Mephisto 97.6 FMGermanCollege176Leipzig0
Metropol FM Turkish RadioGermanEthnic64Berlin39
Mixed & Emotion RadioGermanTop 40128Berlin31
Motor 100.6 FMGermanClassic Hits128Berlin16
Munichs Hardest HitsGermanRock & Pop320Munich27
N-JoyGermanTop 4064Hamburg60
NB-Radiotreff 88.0 FMGermanAdult Cont.56Neubrandenburg10
NDR 1 Welle NordGermanFull Service64Hamburg49
NDR 2GermanFull Service64Hamburg57
NDR 90.3GermanGeneral Station64Hamburg26
NDR InfoGermanNews/Talk64Hamburg20
NDR KulturGermanClassical64Hamburg31
NDR MVGermanGeneral Station64Hamburg30
NDR NiedersachsenGermanGeneral Station64Hamburg36
NE-WS 89.4 FMGermanNews/Talk49Neuss4
Netz AntenneGermanGeneral Station128Kempten0
Nova Radio Club Sound NetworkGermanAdult Cont.96Munchen25
NRj DanceGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast104
NRJ Energy Berlin 103.4 FNGermanTop 4032Berlin30
NRJ Energy BremenGermanTop 4032Bremen19
NRJ Energy Hamburg 97.1 FMGermanTop 4064Hamburg15
NRJ Energy Munchen 93.3 FMGermanTop 4032Munchen21
NRJ Energy NurnbergGermanTop 4064Nurnberg13
NRJ Energy SachsenGermanTop 4048Sachsen21
NRJ Energy StuttgartGermanTop 4048Stuttgart11
NRJ Hip HopGermanHip-Hop128Webcast99
NRj HotGermanTop 40128Webcast15
NRj LoungeGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast19
NRj Master MixGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast60
NRj PopGermanRock & Pop128Webcast25
NRj R&BGermanUrban R&B128Webcast58
NRj RockGermanRock & Pop128Webcast43
NRj SpecialGermanTop 40128Webcast11
Office Radio (Echo 88.4 FM)GermanEasy Listening44Strasbourg19
OK Radio UKW 92.5 FMGermanGeneral Station112Bremen11
Oldie RadioGermanOldies96Russelsheim131
Oldie Star Radio 104.9 FMGermanOldies96Berlin55
OSRadio 104.8 FMGermanTop 40132Osnabruck10
Ostseewelle Hit RadioGermanTop 4032Rostock72
Party Radio Hip -HopGermanHip-Hop160Webcast1
Party Radio Quiet StormGermanLove Songs96Webcast0
Party Radio RB ClassicsGerman80s96Webcast0
Pirate RadioGermanElectronica128Nuremberg66
Planet RadioGermanTop 4032Frankfurt30
Power 92.9 FM Hit RadioGermanTop 40128Nurnberg25
Power Hit RadioGermanTop 40128Webcast49
R.SH Radio Schleswig-HolsteinGermanTop 4064Kiel25
Radio 21GermanClassic Rock56Garbsen19
Radio 2Day 89.0 FMGermanRock & Pop128Munchen9
Radio 42 ClubGermanDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast0
Radio 42 eXTreMeGermanRock & Pop128Webcast0
Radio 42 FunkyGermanHouse128Webcast0
Radio 42 JamGermanHip-Hop128Webcast0
Radio 42 LoungeGermanJazz & Blues128Webcast0
Radio 42 MainGermanGeneral Station128Webcast5
Radio 42 RawGermanHip-Hop128Webcast0
Radio 7GermanFull Service100Ulm18
Radio 700GermanOldies128Euskirchen12
Radio 8GermanGeneral Station48Ansbach4
Radio 90.1GermanGeneral Station48Monchengladbach7
Radio 91.2GermanGeneral Station64Dortmund16
Radio AktivGermanCollege32Mannheim8
Radio AlpenwelleGermanTop 4096Bad Tolz41
Radio Arabella 100.8 FMGermanGeneral Station96Munchen37
Radio Bamberg 88.5 FMGermanDance, Trance & Techno48Bamberg24
Radio Berg 105.2 FMGermanGeneral Station64Koln10
Radio Bielefeld 98.3 FMGermanGeneral Station64Bielefeld13
Radio Blau 99.2 FMGermanGeneral Station128Leipzig10
Radio Bonn Rhein Sieg 98.9 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Siegburg12
Radio Bremen EINSGermanGeneral Station40Bremen35
Radio Bremen Funkhaus EuropaGermanGeneral Station36Bremen8
Radio Bremen Nord WestGermanGeneral Station40Bremen9
Radio Bremen VierGermanGeneral Station40Bremen22
Radio Brocken 93.5 FMGermanTop 4064Halle23
Radio CharivariGermanAdult Cont.128Rosenheim12
Radio ChemnitzGermanAdult Cont.64Chemnitz11
Radio Cottbus 94.5 FMGermanTop 4048Cottbus8
Radio CTGermanGeneral Station128Bochum1
Radio DarmstadtGermanGeneral Station96Darmstadt11
Radio DeluxeGermanEasy Listening128Munchen20
Radio Digital 1GermanTop 4048Hamburg0
Radio Dresden 103.5 FMGermanGeneral Station64Dresden20
Radio Duisburg 92.2 FMGermanAdult Cont.96Duisburg12
Radio EinsGermanGeneral Station64Potsdam12
Radio Emscher 98.7 FMGermanAdult Cont.96Gelsenkirchen15
Radio EnGermanAdult Cont.96Hagen2
Radio ErftGermanAdult Cont.96Hurth4
Radio Essen 102.2 FMGermanGeneral Station32Essen15
Radio EuskirchenGermanGeneral Station96Euskirchen5
Radio F 94.5 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Nurnberg3
Radio Fantasy 93.4 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Ausburg21
Radio FFNGermanAdult Cont.96Hannover16
Radio FFN 80iesGerman80s128Webcast39
Radio FFN ComedyGermanComedy128Webcast30
Radio FFN JackGermanAdult Cont.128Webcast3
Radio FFN PeppermintGermanJazz & Blues128Webcast25
Radio FFN RockGermanRock & Pop128Webcast23
Radio FFN YoungGermanTop 40128Webcast8
Radio FHOGermanRock & Pop96Webcast0
Radio Flora 106.5 FMGermanGeneral Station64Hannover6
Radio Free 102.6 FMGermanGeneral Station128Ulm4
Radio Galaxy 104.7 FMGermanTop 4056Bamberg27
Radio Gong 106.9 FMGermanTop 4096Wurzburg18
Radio Gong 96.3 FMGermanTop 4032Munchen12
Radio Gong 97.1 FMGermanRock & Pop128Nurnberg13
Radio Gutersloh 107.5 FMGermanGeneral Station128Gutersloh5
Radio Hagen 107.7 FMGermanGeneral Station96Hagen10
Radio Hamburg Webradio 80sGerman80s128Webcast48
Radio Hamburg Webradio Best of BlackGermanUrban R&B128Webcast26
Radio Hamburg Webradio Jack FMGermanGeneral Station128Webcast9
Radio Hamburg Webradio LoungeGermanEasy Listening128Webcast10
Radio Hamburg Webradio Movie ManiaGermanSoundtracks128Webcast52
Radio Hamburg Webradio Music UpdateGermanTop 40128Webcast7
Radio Hamburg Webradio RockGermanRock & Pop128Webcast21
Radio Hamburg Webradio Top 40GermanTop 40128Webcast16
Radio HeitmatmelodieGermanGeneral Station128Regensburg155
Radio Herne 90.8 FMGermanGeneral Station96Herne3
Radio Hertz 87.9 FMGermanCollege128Bielefeld9
Radio Hitwelle ErdingGermanGeneral Station64Erding16
Radio Hitwelle FreisingGermanGeneral Station64Freising13
Radio Hochstift 88.1 FMGermanGeneral Station56Paderborn5
Radio HuckelhovenGermanReligious24Huckelhoven11
Radio IN 95.4 FMGermanAdult Cont.128Ingolstadt2
Radio Jade 87.8 FMGermanFull Service128Wilhelmshaven2
Radio K.W.GermanAdult Cont.96Wesel3
Radio KiepenkerlGermanGeneral Station112Dulmen8
Radio Koln 107.1 FMGermanClassic Hits32Koln18
Radio LausitzGermanFull Service64Lausitz8
Radio LeipzigGermanFull Service64Leipzig15
Radio Leverkusen 107.6 FMGermanFull Service96Leverkusen6
Radio Lippe WelleGermanGeneral Station64Hamm15
Radio MainwelleGermanGeneral Station48Bayreuth3
Radio Maria GermanyGermanReligious20Immenstadt20
Radio MegaStarGermanAdult Cont.128Glauburg0
Radio MelodieGermanOldies48Unterfohring0
Radio MKGermanTop 4056Iserlohn3
Radio MultikultiMultilanguageMulticultural48Berlin11
Radio Neandertal 97.6 FMGermanFull Service96Mettmann8
Radio NoraGermanClassic Hits64kiel17
Radio Oberhausen 106.2 FMGermanFull Service80Oberhausen12
Radio OberlandGermanGeneral Station32Garmisch-Partenkirchen7
Radio OHRGermanTop 4096Offenburg3
Radio Okerwelle 104.6 FMGermanGeneral Station128Okerwelle5
Radio Paradiso 98.2 FMGermanClassic Hits128Berlin27
Radio PrimatonGermanAdult Cont.56Schweinfurt3
Radio PrimaveraGermanFull Service96Aschaffenburg9
Radio PSRGermanAdult Cont.96Leipzig22
Radio QGermanCollege128Munster5
Radio RegenbogenGermanGeneral Station32Mannheim28
Radio Rheinwelle 92.5 FMGermanFull Service40Wiesbaden7
Radio RSG 94.3 FMGermanFull Service56Solingen4
Radio Rur 92.7 FMGermanFull Service56Koln78
Radio SaluGermanGeneral Station96Saarbrucken9
Radio Salu Groove 24GermanUrban R&B96Saarbrucken8
Radio Salu RoxGermanRock & Pop96Saarbrucken2
Radio Salu Schlager PartyGermanGeneral Station96Saarbrucken25
Radio SantecGermanReligious24Wurzburg3
Radio SauerlandGermanFull Service96Meschede8
Radio SawGermanTop 4096Magdeburg11
Radio Saw 80erGerman80s96Magdeburg44
Radio Saw MusikweltGermanClassic Hits96Magdeburg16
Radio Saw RockGermanRock & Pop96Magdeburg13
Radio Saw Stadion HitsGermanTop 4096Magdeburg13
Radio Schleswig-HolstenGermanAdult Cont.128Kiel18
Radio SiegenGermanAdult Cont.96Siegen5
Radio SmileGermanGeneral Station128Webcast8
Radio Sunshine Channel 1GermanGeneral Station128Berlin0
Radio Sunshine Channel 2German80s128Berlin0
Radio Teddy 106.8 FMGermanGeneral Station56Babelsberg8
Radio TonGermanAdult Cont.64Heilbronn4
Radio Top 40GermanTop 4032Weimar29
Radio Umland 92.5 FMGermanGeneral Station112Bremen5
Radio WAF 92.6 FMGermanAdult Cont.56Bielefeld2
Radio Westfalica 95.7 FMGermanGeneral Station56Minden13
Radio WuppertalGermanGeneral Station40Wuppertal8
Radio Wuppertal 107.4 FMGermanGeneral Station48Wuppertal14
Radio Z 95.8 FMGermanGeneral Station48Nurnberg4
Radio ZwickauGermanGeneral Station64Zwickau13
Rainbow City RadioGermanGeneral Station56Berlin0
RMN PowerstreamGermanRock & Pop192Saarbrucken10
RMN Radio Channel 1GermanClassic Hits128Saarbrucken9
RMN Relax Channel 2GermanEasy Listening128Saarbrucken19
RMN SchlagerholleGermanAdult Cont.128Saarbrucken37
RMN SoulstarGermanSoul192Saarbrucken35
Rock AntenneGermanRock & Pop96Ismaning57
Rockland 107.2 FMGermanRock & Pop64Magdeburg18
RPR 1 80erGerman80s64Ludwigshafen42
RPR 1 FussballfieberGermanRock & Pop64Ludwigshafen15
RPR 1 New SongsGermanAdult Cont.64Ludwigshafen7
RPR 1 Radio Rheinland-PfalzGermanAdult Cont.64Ludwigshafen25
RPR 1 RockGermanRock & Pop64Ludwigshafen18
RPR 2 Radio Rheinland-PfalzGermanAdult Cont.64Ludwigshafen12
RS2 80erGerman80s56Webcast37
RS2 94.3 FMGermanAdult Cont.56Berlin4
RS2 Club ClassicsGermanDisco56Webcast84
RS2 Club ComedyGermanComedy56Webcast23
RSA RadioGermanClassic Hits48Kempten22
San RadioMultilanguageGeneral Station128Berlin4
Shouted FM AlternativeGermanAlternative192Webcast23
Shouted FM BlackGermanHip-Hop96Webcast46
Shouted FM BreakGermanTop 4096Webcast4
Shouted FM ClubGermanElectronica96Webcast36
Shouted FM ElectroGermanElectronica96Webcast52
Shouted FM HouseGermanHouse128Webcast83
Shouted FM MainGermanAdult Cont.128Webcast6
SkyRadioGermanTop 4056Kassel20
Soul ConnexionGermanEasy Listening128Webcast0
Spree Radio 105.5 FMGermanGeneral Station48Berlin13
SR 1 EuropawelleGermanFull Service48Saarbrucken14
SR 2 Kultur RadioGermanCultural64Saarbrucken8
SR 3 SaarlandwelleGermanFull Service48Saarbrucken16
Stadradio GoettingenGermanGeneral Station128Goettingen7
Star FM 107.8 FMGermanRock & Pop48Nurnberg14
Star FM 87.9GermanRock & Pop48Berlin11
Stoned PenguinGermanElectronica128Webcast0
SWR 1 Baden-WurttembergGermanFull Service48Baden64
SWR 1 Rheinland-PfalzGermanFull Service48Rheinland23
SWR 2GermanFull Service40Webcast13
SWR 3GermanClassic Hits48Stuttgart135
SWR 3 Best of DanceNightGermanDance, Trance & Techno48Stuttgart66
SWR 3 CD der WocheGermanAdult Cont.64Stuttgart20
SWR 3 Events und StudiogasteGermanAdult Cont.48Stuttgart6
SWR 3 HorerchartsGermanTop 4064Stuttgart13
SWR 3 IntensivGermanClassic Rock64Stuttgart13
SWR 3 LyrixGermanAdult Cont.48Stuttgart3
SWR 3 Rock ChannelGermanRock & Pop64Stuttgart16
SWR 4 Baden-WurttembergGermanFull Service48Baden21
SWR 4 Rheinland-PfalzGermanFull Service48Rheinland24
SWR Cont.raGermanNews/Talk40Stuttgart7
SWR Dasding LautstarkGermanGeneral Station48Webcast9
SWR Dasding LiveGermanGeneral Station48Stuttgart4
SWR Dasding PlattenlegerGermanDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast23
SWR Dasding SprechstundeGermanHip-Hop48Webcast24
Top FM 106.4GermanRock & Pop96Furstenfeldbruck19
Triquency Campus RadioGermanCollege128Lemgo4
TruckRadioGermanGeneral Station128Furt39
Umland TV Channel 12 Sound onlyGermanGeneral Station24Bremen7
Unserding 103.7 FMGermanTop 4064Saarbrucken3
Vilradio 91.0 FMGermanGeneral Station64Nuremberg5
WDR 1GermanFull Service64Webcast22
WDR 1 DigiGermanFull Service64Webcast10
WDR 1 KunstGermanGeneral Station64Webcast3
WDR 2GermanGeneral Station64Koln138
WDR 2 KlassikGermanClassical64Webcast46
WDR 3GermanCultural32Koln14
WDR 4GermanGeneral Station32Koln46
WDR 5GermanGeneral Station32Koln16
WDR Eins LiveGermanNews/Talk32Koln117
WDR EventGermanGeneral Station64Koln3
WDR Funkhouse EuropaGermanFull Service64Webcast14
WDR KirakaGermanClassical64Webcast8
WDR KolnradyosunetGermanGeneral Station64Webcast4
WDR NetRadioForumGermanGeneral Station64Webcast1
WRN Radio GoldGermanGeneral Station48Webcast0
WRN Radio PlusGermanGeneral Station128Webcast0
You FM Club ChannelGermanDance, Trance & Techno96Frankfurt53
You FM LiveGermanAdult Cont.32Frankfurt37
You FM Phunk ChannelGermanUnderground96Frankfurt93
You FM Rock ChannelGermanRock & Pop96Frankfurt47

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