France is a country in Europe bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, English Channel, North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as by Spain and Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium. In size, France is 260,558 square miles and has a population of about 65,447,374. The Gross Domestic Product is about $2.130 trillion, with a per capita of $34,205. Officially known as the French Republic, the government is a unitary semi-presidential republic, and its President is Nicholas Sarkozy and its Prime Minister is Francois Fillon. Paris is the capital and the largest city and the official language is French. The French economy is the fifth largest in the world as measured by nominal Gross Domestic Product and the eighth largest in the world as measured by purchasing power parity. France was formed during the Treaty of Verdun on August 10, 843; and it has kept its current constitution, as the 5th republic, since October 5, 1958. WorldTVRadio Tuner for France offers numerous radio stations in French. The general radio formats are General Station, Full Service, Religious, Ethnic, Community, Cultural, Sports, Comedy, College and News/Talk radio formats, and the music formats are Urban R&B, 70s, 80s, Alternative, Funk, Rock & Pop, Electronica, Top 40, Hip Hop, Christian Contemporary, Country, Easy Listening, Classic Rock, Classical, Classical Hits, Adult Contemporary, Jazz & Blues, Disco, Oldies, Salsa & Tropical, and Dance, Trance & Techno. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers entertaining and informative radio shows for France that are completely free to try.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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100% RadioFrenchAdult Cont.20Paris538
13 97.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station21Marseille0
13 FM 97.6 FMFrenchAdult Cont.20Marseille4
4U 80sFrench80s64Webcast205
4U Classic RockFrenchClassic Rock128Webcast242
4U Funky ClasssicsFrenchFunk64Webcast254
4U Rock N MetalFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast107
A7J RadioFrenchAdult Cont.20Paris0
ABF - Alternative Bass Fr?quenceFrenchElectronica192Paris106
ABF - AnalogFrench80s160Paris59
ABF - UndergroundFrenchDance, Trance & Techno160Paris0
Accent 4FrenchClassical128Strasbourg68
Activ Radio 90 FMFrenchTop 40128Montbrison86
ADO 97.8 FMFrenchHip-Hop20Paris0
Agora 94 FMFrenchTop 4021Grasse70
Agora FM Alternative StreamFrenchHip-Hop20Grasse0
Akout Web RadioFrenchGeneral Station32Paris36
Aktiv Radio / CoxiradioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno192Beiziers55
Alouette 92.8 FMFrenchTop 40128Les Herbiers113
Alpes 1 101.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Grenoble53
Alpes 1 du Sud 90.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Gap26
Alta FrequenzaFrenchGeneral Station64Ajaccio73
Alternantes 98.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Nantes35
ARL 92.9 FMFrenchRock & Pop20Langon34
Atila RadioFrenchAdult Cont.128Reims0
AYP 99.5 FMFrenchEthnic20Paris26
Barousse FMFrenchGeneral Station32Paris40
Beaub 89 FMFrenchRock & Pop20Limoges22
Berbere RadioFrenchEthnic20Paris241
Best RadioFrenchRock & Pop192Webcast79
Beur 106.7 FMFrenchCommunity32Paris118
Bide et MusiqueFrench70s128Webcast134
Black Dog RadioFrench70s128Webcast0
Blackbox 103.7 FMFrenchJazz & Blues20Bordeaux59
Booster 106.8 FMFrenchHip-Hop192Toulouse83
Booster 80French80s160Toulouse92
Bruaysis FMFrenchAdult Cont.20Paris23
C9 RadioFrenchTop 40128Lyon35
Cambos FMFrenchElectronica192Paris0
Canal 7FrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast65
Canal AcademieFrenchCultural32Paris55
Canal B 94 FMFrenchCultural108Rennes21
Canal MarineFrenchGeneral Station128Webcast43
Canal Sambre AvesnoisFrenchGeneral Station40Aulnoye-Aymeries19
Catalogne NordFrenchGeneral Station20Perpignan25
CFM Castel 92 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Casteljaloux13
Champagne FMFrenchGeneral Station20Reims51
Chante FranceFrenchGeneral Station128Webcast94
Cherie Concerts LiveFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast49
Cherie FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast288
Cherie FrenchyFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast61
Cherie GoldsFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast41
Cherie Love SongsFrenchLove Songs128Webcast172
Cherie Summer HitsFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast44
Cherie ZenFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast33
Ciel AMFrenchEthnic32Paris0
Cigale FMFrenchGeneral Station20Reims37
Click n RockFrenchRock & Pop128Paris27
Club in ONEFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast67
Cocktail 103.2 FMFrenchTop 40128Caen35
Collines FMFrenchGeneral Station20Bressuire21
Coloriage Web RadioFrenchGeneral Station20Montbard14
ContactFrenchDance, Trance & Techno64Lille68
Couleur 3 89.3 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Lyon20
Crock FM WebradioFrenchRock & Pop128Gambais16
Da Tempo Lounge RadioFrenchElectronica32Paris91
Delta 100.7 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Gravelines25
Direct 92.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Metz27
DiscoID WebradioFrenchElectronica128Perpignan59
Divergence 93.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Montpellier18
Ecleccia 106.6 FMFrenchReligious64Nimes22
ECN 98.1 FMFrenchHip-Hop32Mulhouse39
Electra RadioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast91
Electro City RadioFrenchElectronica128Bordeaux1
ElectrOne WebradioFrenchElectronica128Paris91
Enjoy StationFrenchUrban R&B160Webcast56
Espace 98.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Clichy32
Espoir 93.1 FMFrenchOther40Agen29
Europe 1FrenchFull Service36Paris181
Europe 2 Rock AlternativeFrenchRock & Pop128Paris1
Europe 2 Rock ClassicsFrenchClassic Rock128Paris3
Europe 2 Rock UK 80FrenchClassic Rock128Paris1
Europe 2 Rock US 80FrenchClassic Rock128Paris1
Evasion FMFrenchAdult Cont.32Fontainebleau50
FC Radio L EssentielFrenchGeneral Station36Webcast30
FG DJ Dance by HakimakliFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast101
FG DJ RadioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris144
FG DJ Radio AmericaFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast69
FG DJ Radio ChicFrenchAdult Cont.128Paris30
FG DJ Radio Plus 6FrenchTop 40128Paris37
FG DJ Radio UndergroundFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris62
FG DJ Radio VintageFrenchClassic Rock128Paris45
FGL Frequence Grands LacsFrenchGeneral Station20Biscarosse17
Florival FMFrenchGeneral Station128Alsace10
Flux 4FrenchTop 40128Webcast10
FMC Radio 101.3 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Creil31
France Maghreb 99.5 FMFrenchNews/Talk64Paris140
Frequence 3FrenchTop 40192Paris38
Frequence 4 100.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station24Paris19
Frequence Horizon 100.8 FMFrenchClassic Hits128Lens28
Frequence Jazz 97.3 FMFrenchJazz & Blues128Lyon84
Frequence K 103.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station80Nice11
Frequence Mistral 92.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Manosque14
Frequence Mix 94.6 FMFrenchTop 40128Cavaillon0
Frequence Paris Plurielle 106.3 FMFrenchGeneral Station96Paris42
Frequence PlusFrenchTop 40128Webcast27
Frequence Sille 97.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Le Mans0
Frequence Soleil 92.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Toulouse42
Fun RadioFrenchTop 40128Webcast164
Generation Disco FunkFrenchDisco128Webcast191
Generation DoFrenchRock & Pop128Paris0
Generations 88.2 FMFrenchTop 40128Paris30
Graffiti Urban Radio 88.6 FMFrenchHip-Hop128La Roche sur Yon59
Hag FMFrenchGeneral Station96Webcast9
Happy 89.8 FMFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Reims22
Hit & Sport 98.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Lyon27
Hit West Brest 96.9 FMFrenchTop 40128Brest15
Hit West Nantes 100.9 FMFrenchTop 4020Nantes21
Hit West Rennes 99.2FrenchTop 4020Rennes0
Hot Mix Radio 100% HitsFrenchTop 4064Webcast197
Hot Mix Radio 80sFrench80s64Paris277
Hot Mix Radio 90sFrench90s64Paris186
Hot Mix Radio FunkyFrenchDisco64Paris247
Hot Mix Radio RockFrenchRock & Pop64Webcast28
Hot Mix RadioDanceFrenchDance, Trance & Techno64Paris194
Hot RadioFrenchTop 4020Grenoble42
Ici et Maintenant 95.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Paris17
ID 98.0 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Enghein5
ImixxFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast22
Impact 106.3 FMFrenchOldies128Lyon15
Info Concert RadioFrenchGeneral Station128Webcast11
Jet 91.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Saint Herblain10
Jordanne FMFrenchGeneral Station20Aurillac15
Judaica 102.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Strasbourg5
Judaiques 94.8 FMFrenchEthnic32Paris9
Kernews 91.5 FMFrenchAdult Cont.96Nantes6
Kiss 94.6 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Nice43
Kol MevasserFrenchReligious20Paris0
L Eko des Garrigues 88.5 FMFrenchCommunity32Montpellier8
La Grosse RadioFrenchRock & Pop192Paris29
La Radio de la MerFrenchOther32Paris71
La Radio de SebbFrenchGeneral Station128Paris5
La Radio PlusFrenchGeneral Station20Annecy22
Le Funk BoatFrenchFunk192Paris138
Ledjam RadioFrenchElectronica128Webcast32
Lets go ZikFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Strasbourg1
Linas JazzFrenchJazz & Blues128Linas57
Lor FMFrenchGeneral Station20Thionville0
LSL LinasunlineFrenchHip-Hop192Linas28
Lyon 1ere 90.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Lyon18
M Plus Music MovieFrenchOther96La Turbie37
M.K.M RadioFrenchSalsa & Tropical128Paris43
Madras Hot SoundFrenchReggae56Paris50
Magic RadioFrench80s192Paris86
Maurice Radio LibreFrenchGeneral Station20Paris9
Max La RadioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast31
Media TropicalFrenchSalsa & Tropical32Paris2
Mega FMFrenchClassic Hits128Orleans28
Meltin Pot WebradioFrenchGeneral Station32Webcast3
MFMFrenchClassic Hits20Orleans28
Mix La Radio Etudiante 89.5 FMFrenchCollege128Orange25
Mixx RadioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno64Webcast65
Mona 99.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Lille10
Montagne 100.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Modane11
Music Hitz FMFrenchDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast51
Music Plus MovieFrenchSoundtracks128Webcast72
Musique RadioFrenchTop 40128Webcast26
Net 80 WebradioFrench80s128Paris65
NetG RadioFrenchOther128Paris0
NewzicFrenchTop 40112Cholet0
Normandie FMFrenchGeneral Station20Alencon12
Nostalgie 60sFrenchOldies64Webcast91
Nostalgie 70sFrench70s64Webcast235
Nostalgie British and American LegendFrenchOldies64Webcast56
Nostalgie Chansons FrancaisesFrenchOldies64Webcast227
Nostalgie Classiques 80French80s64Webcast174
Nostalgie DanceFrenchDisco64Webcast159
Nostalgie La LegendeFrenchOldies64Webcast81
Nostalgie Rock LegendFrenchRock & Pop64Webcast30
Nostalgie Slows de LegendeFrenchOldies64Webcast66
Nostalgie Soul LegendFrenchSoul64Webcast93
NRJFrenchTop 4032Paris204
NRJ 80sFrench80s128Paris102
NRJ DanceFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris101
NRJ GrooveFrenchUrban R&B128Paris56
NRJ HitFrenchTop 40128Paris96
NRJ LoungeFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris22
NRJ Master MixFrenchHip-Hop128Paris0
NRJ News TalkFrenchNews/Talk128Paris11
NRJ Pop/RockFrenchRock & Pop128Paris0
NRJ TweeniesFrenchAdult Cont.128Paris14
Oceane 100.3 FMFrenchTop 40128Vannes10
ODS Radio 92.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Chambery4
Ombilikal WebradioFrenchElectronica128Toulouse23
Only Rai 94.6 FMFrenchUrban R&B128Webradio38
Ouest 98.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Angers9
Oui 102.3 FMFrenchRock & Pop32Paris30
Paradise FMFrenchGeneral Station128Webcast28
Paris One DanceFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris71
Paris One DeeperFrenchHouse128Paris126
Paris One DJ webradioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris72
Paris One ReverseFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris25
Paris One TranceFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris181
Perrine 98.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Annemasse8
Phare FMFrenchChristian Cont.128Mulhouse46
Plein Air Radio 99.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Morteau8
PLR Paris Live Radio 963 AMFrenchClassic Hits64Paris0
Plus 89.4 FMFrenchTop 4024Blois11
Prun 92 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Nantes4
Puissance Jeun ZFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast23
Puissance RadioFrenchGeneral Station160Webcast12
Puls RadioFrenchDance, Trance & Techno64Laning46
Pure France WebradioFrenchAdult Cont.33Paris1
R-Courchevel 93.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Courchevel4
Radio 13FrenchClassic Hits128Webcast5
Radio 16 99.2 FMFrenchCommunity20Besseges6
Radio 4FrenchGeneral Station32Villereal9
Radio 404FrenchCommunity128Paris9
Radio 6 100.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station24Calais7
Radio 666FrenchRock & Pop128Webcast10
Radio 74FrenchCultural20Archamps6
Radio 8 98.6 FMFrenchTop 4020Sedan27
Radio AFrenchEthnic20Valence0
Radio Albatros 88.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station192La Havre6
Radio Albiges 95.4 FMFrenchCommunity20Albi0
Radio AlbiguesFrenchCommunity20Albi0
Radio Aleo 104.8 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Macon5
Radio Alfa 98.6 FMPortugueseEthnic20Paris30
Radio Armenie (Alternate Stream)ArmenianGeneral Station16Lyon0
Radio Armenie 102.6 FMFrenchEthnic16Lyon7
Radio ArverneFrenchGeneral Station96Gerzat4
Radio Beton 93.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station24Tours0
Radio Blagon Ambiance CoolFrenchEasy Listening128Blagon14
Radio Blagon Canal HardFrenchRock & Pop128Blagon0
Radio Blagon Canal SoftFrenchRock & Pop192Blagon5
Radio Blagon DJ MixFrenchDance, Trance & Techno160Blagon0
Radio Blagon Festif EtrangeFrenchAlternative128Blagon9
Radio Blagon Mix CompleteFrenchGeneral Station128Blagon12
Radio Blagon Reggae IlesFrenchReggae192Blagon154
Radio Blagon Rock FrancaisFrenchRock & Pop128Blagon6
Radio Bonheur 99.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Saint Brieuc20
Radio Bonne NouvelleFrenchGeneral Station20Bayonne15
Radio Boomerang 89.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station48Webcast12
Radio Bro-GwenedFrenchNews/Talk32Pontivy6
Radio Bruaysis 99.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Bruay-La-Buissiere2
Radio Campus Grenoble 90.8 FMFrenchCollege112Grenoble9
Radio Campus Lille 106.6 FMFrenchCollege128Lille9
Radio Campus Orleans 88.3 FMFrenchCollege128Orleans6
Radio Campus Paris 93.9 FMFrenchCollege96Paris16
Radio Campus Toulouse 94 FMFrenchCollege128Toulouse0
Radio Canut 102.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Lyon5
Radio CigogneFrenchClassic Hits128Cernay11
Radio Clapas 93.5 FMFrenchCommunity64Montpellier0
Radio ClassiqueFrenchClassical128Paris130
Radio Cocktail 88.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Gerardmer10
Radio Cote dAmourFrenchGeneral Station20Saint Nazaire20
Radio Coteaux 104.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Saint Blancard4
Radio Country ClubFrenchCountry112Grasse0
Radio Courchevel 93.2 FMFrenchOldies32Courchevel9
Radio CourtoisieFrenchGeneral Station20Paris5
Radio CristalFrenchGeneral Station20Evreux2
Radio des Boutieres 88.3 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Le Cheylard5
Radio Dialogue 89.6 FMFrenchReligious128Marseille12
Radio Dijon Campus 92.2 FMFrenchCollege128Dijon12
Radio Dio 89.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Saint Etienne0
Radio Dreyeckland 104.6 FMFrenchClassic Hits48Strasbourg8
Radio Ecclesia 100.8 FMFrenchReligious128Nimes10
Radio EFM 106.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station96Bondoufle5
Radio Ellebore 105.9 FMFrenchEasy Listening80Chambery5
Radio EquiNoXFrenchClassic Rock128Webcast32
Radio EspaceFrenchGeneral Station128Lyon24
Radio EsperanceFrenchReligious24Saint-Etienne53
Radio Espoir 93.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station40Agen1
Radio EssentielFrenchGeneral Station128Lyon11
Radio Est 100.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Saverne2
Radio Fajet 94.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Nancy2
Radio FideliteFrenchCommunity24Nantes10
Radio FlamFrenchGeneral Station64Webcast5
Radio FlemmeFrenchEasy Listening192Paris47
Radio Florival 98.6 FMFrench80s20Mulhouse32
Radio FM 43FrenchGeneral Station96Haute Loire12
Radio France Bleu AlsaceFrenchGeneral Station16Strasbourg6
Radio France Bleu ArmoriqueFrenchGeneral Station20Armorique14
Radio France Bleu AuxerreFrenchGeneral Station16Auxerre7
Radio France Bleu AzurFrenchGeneral Station16Cannes13
Radio France Bleu Basse NormandieFrenchGeneral Station16Flers8
Radio France Bleu BearnFrenchGeneral Station32Bearn5
Radio France Bleu Belfort MontbeliarFrenchGeneral Station16Belfort6
Radio France Bleu BerryFrenchGeneral Station32Berry2
Radio France Bleu BesanconFrenchGeneral Station16Besancon2
Radio France Bleu BourgogneFrenchGeneral Station16Dijon4
Radio France Bleu Breiz IzelFrenchGeneral Station16Breiz Izel5
Radio France Bleu ChampagneFrenchGeneral Station16Reims3
Radio France Bleu CotentinFrenchGeneral Station16Cotentin2
Radio France Bleu CreuseFrenchGeneral Station16Gueret5
Radio France Bleu Drome ArdecheFrenchGeneral Station16Valence12
Radio France Bleu Frecuenza MoraFrenchGeneral Station32Berry4
Radio France Bleu Gard LozereFrenchGeneral Station16Nimes2
Radio France Bleu GascogneFrenchGeneral Station16Mont de Marsan17
Radio France Bleu GirondeFrenchGeneral Station16Bordeaux5
Radio France Bleu Haute NormandieFrenchGeneral Station32Normandie2
Radio France Bleu HeraultFrenchGeneral Station16Montpellier6
Radio France Bleu Ile de FranceFrenchGeneral Station32Paris17
Radio France Bleu IsereFrenchGeneral Station32Grenoble9
Radio France Bleu La RochelleFrenchGeneral Station32La Rochelle3
Radio France Bleu LimousinFrenchGeneral Station32Limousin10
Radio France Bleu Loire OceanFrenchGeneral Station32Nantes11
Radio France Bleu Lorraine NordFrenchGeneral Station32Metz4
Radio France Bleu MayenneFrenchGeneral Station32Laval2
Radio France Bleu NordFrenchGeneral Station32Lille17
Radio France Bleu NormandieFrenchGeneral Station32Caen0
Radio France Bleu OrleansFrenchGeneral Station32Orleans9
Radio France Bleu Pays BasqueFrenchGeneral Station32Pays Basque7
Radio France Bleu Pays d AuvergneFrenchGeneral Station32Pays d Auvergne6
Radio France Bleu Pays de SavoieFrenchGeneral Station32Chambery12
Radio France Bleu PerigordFrenchGeneral Station32Perigueux13
Radio France Bleu PicardieFrenchGeneral Station32Abbeville3
Radio France Bleu PoitouFrenchGeneral Station32Amiens2
Radio France Bleu ProvenceFrenchGeneral Station32Aix en Provence16
Radio France Bleu RoussillonFrenchGeneral Station32Perpignan8
Radio France Bleu Sud LorraineFrenchGeneral Station32Nancy4
Radio France Bleu TouraineFrenchGeneral Station32Touraine1
Radio France Bleu VaucluseFrenchGeneral Station32Avignon3
Radio France Chemins de la ConnaissanceFrenchCultural128Webcast19
Radio France CultureFrenchCultural64Paris48
Radio France FIPFrenchJazz & Blues64Paris69
Radio France InfoFrenchNews/Talk22Paris115
Radio France InterFrenchNews/Talk60Paris292
Radio France Le MouvFrenchRock & Pop64Paris21
Radio France MusiqueFrenchCultural64Paris75
Radio France Sentiers de la Cr?ationFrenchCultural128Webcast6
Radio France VivaceFrenchCultural64Paris19
Radio Frequence Metz Clubbing and DanceFrenchDance, Trance & Techno192Webcast43
Radio Frequence Metz Relax and SmoothFrenchEasy Listening192Webcast19
Radio Frequence Metz RnB and FashionFrenchUrban R&B192Webcast37
Radio Frequence Metz Rock and BritishFrenchRock & Pop192Webcast2
Radio Frequence Metz WoippyFrenchTop 40192Webcast6
Radio GFrenchGeneral Station96Angers7
Radio GeneriqueFrenchOther40Paris11
Radio Grenouille 88.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Marseille12
Radio GresivaudanFrenchGeneral Station48Crolles2
Radio Intensite 103.8 FMFrenchNews/Talk48Chateaudun9
Radio Jerico 102 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Metz10
Radio Jeunes Reims 106.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Reims3
Radio JMFrenchGeneral Station96Marseille8
Radio JuniorFrenchKids128Paris51
Radio KaleidoscopeFrenchMulticultural32Grenoble21
Radio Kol Aviv 101 FMFrenchReligious64Toulouse6
Radio Kol HachalomFrenchEthnic20Grenoble0
Radio Latina 99 FMFrenchSalsa & Tropical32Paris93
Radio Latitude 95.8 FMFrenchDance, Trance & Techno40Troyes15
Radio Le MansFrenchSports32Le Mans7
Radio LFOFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast6
Radio Liberte 91.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Alsace8
Radio Maria FranceFrenchReligious20Paris13
Radio Maritima 97.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Martigues9
Radio Mau Nau 90.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station80Champagne1
Radio Mediterranee 88.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Paris0
Radio Mega 99.2 FMFrenchCommunity20Valence5
Radio Melody 95.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Pau1
Radio Mercure 93 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Loise4
Radio Mont BlancFrenchGeneral Station20Sallanches13
Radio Montlucon Bourbonnais RMB 100 MhzFrenchAdult Cont.128Montlucon7
Radio Morbihan PlusFrenchGeneral Station96Riantec1
Radio MTIFrenchTop 4020Montelimar2
Radio Narbonne M?diterranee 92.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Narbonne3
Radio NEO 95.2 FMFrenchAdult Cont.128Paris8
Radio Nevers 99 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Nevers3
Radio NohainFrenchGeneral Station20Gien4
Radio Nord Bretagne 100.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Morlaix1
Radio Notre Dame 100.7 FMFrenchCultural128Paris17
Radio NovaFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris47
Radio Nova 7FrenchRock & Pop128Webcast16
Radio NTI 93.4 FMFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Nantes6
Radio NTI 93.4 FM (Alternate stream)FrenchTop 40128Nantes3
Radio Occitania 98.3 FMFrenchEthnic24Toulouse7
Radio Orient 106.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Lyon23
Radio Oxigene 106.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Montereau12
Radio PateFrenchGeneral Station192Montpellier2
Radio Pluriel 91.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Lyon4
Radio Plus 106.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Toulouse6
Radio PresenceFrenchGeneral Station96Toulouse1
Radio Puisaleine 100.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Carlepont1
Radio PulsarFrenchAlternative128Poitiers6
Radio RC2 94.4 FMFrenchCollege20Canteleu3
Radio RDMFrenchGeneral Station128Mirande1
Radio RGB 99.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station48Cergy0
Radio RireFrenchComedy64Webcast40
Radio RVAFrenchGeneral Station20Clermont Ferrand1
Radio SalamFrenchEthnic192Lyon24
Radio Scoop Bourg 89.2 FMFrenchTop 4048Bourg5
Radio Scoop Clermond Ferrand 98.8 FMFrenchTop 4048Clermont Ferrand1
Radio Scoop Lyon 92.0 FMFrenchTop 4064Lyon35
Radio Scoop St. Etienne 91.3 FMFrenchTop 4048St. Etienne8
Radio Sea FMFrenchGeneral Station32Coutances2
Radio SoleilArabicEthnic20Paris106
Radio StarFrenchTop 4032Vesoul12
Radio Star 92.3 FMFrenchTop 4020Marseille13
Radio SynergieFrench80s320Paris34
Radio TeenTaalFrenchEthnic128Paris9
Radio TFM 105.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Montelimar1
Radio Top SideFrench70s128Code d Azur64
Radio TotemFrenchGeneral Station20Rodez4
Radio Trait d Union 89.8 FMFrenchNews/Talk64Lyon4
Radio UDL 90.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station128St. Laurent du Maroni0
Radio VagFrenchGeneral Station40Artenay0
Radio Valdisere 96.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Valdisere1
Radio Vallee 96.6 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Lognes1
Radio Verdon 96.5 FMFrenchGeneral Station20St. Julien3
Radio VitamineFrenchTop 4020Toulon10
Radio Windsor ClubFrenchDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast9
Radio XtremeFrenchTop 40192Pontarlier15
Radio ZinzineFrenchGeneral Station24Forcalquier0
RadiOceanFrenchGeneral Station20Qimper9
RadiostivalFrenchGeneral Station128Webcast3
Radyonne 90.5 FMFrenchFull Service128Auxerre4
RAM Radio Alpine Meilleure 93.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Gap4
RBS Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg 91.9 FMFrenchUrban R&B96Strasbourg19
RCF AubeFrenchFull Service24Webcast3
RCF AudeFrenchFull Service32Webcast4
RCF Charente MaritimeFrenchFull Service32Webcast7
RCF CorsicaFrenchFull Service32Webcast5
RCF Cote d AzurFrenchFull Service32Cote d Azur9
RCF Cotes d Armor 100.6 FMFrenchFull Service32Cotes d Armor5
RCF DromeFrenchFull Service64Webcast2
RCF Email LimousinFrenchFull Service64Limousin1
RCF Haute AlpesFrenchFull Service64Haute Alpes3
RCF Haute SavoieFrenchFull Service64Haute Savoie5
RCF Jerico NancyFrenchFull Service64Jerico3
RCF JuraFrenchFull Service64Jura2
RCF Le PuyFrenchFull Service64Le Puy2
RCF LiegeFrenchFull Service64Liege6
RCF LyonFrenchFull Service64Lyon11
RCF MediterraneeFrenchFull Service64Webcast8
RCF Nord Pas de CalaisFrenchFull Service64Calais2
RCF OrleansFrenchFull Service64Orleans3
RCF ParaboleFrenchFull Service64Dijon7
RCF Pays TarnaisFrenchFull Service64Tarnais0
RCF Radio Dijon 88.3 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Dijon4
RCF Radio Dole 103.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Dole2
RCF Radio Macon FMFrenchGeneral Station32Macon5
RCF Radio Reims 87.9 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Reims1
RCF Radio T.O 95.1 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Douay2
RCF Rivages 89 FMFrenchFull Service64Brest4
RCF VivaraisFrenchFull Service64Vivarais4
RCT 99.3 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Villeurbanne6
ResonanceFrenchGeneral Station20Haute Normandie5
Retro FMFrenchOldies128Webcast26
RFI AfriqueFrenchNews/Talk32Paris197
RFI MondeFrenchNews/Talk32Paris216
RFI Multi 1MultilanguageGeneral Station64Paris13
RFI Multi 2MultilanguageGeneral Station64Paris9
RFI MusiqueFrenchGeneral Station64Paris85
RFM Love 80French80s64Paris99
RFM Night FeverFrench80s64Paris50
RFM Party 80French80s64Paris63
RGB 99.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station64Cergy3
Rire et Chansons LiveFrenchComedy64Paris97
Rire et Chansons Nouveaux TalentsFrenchComedy64Paris68
Rire et Chansons SketchesFrenchComedy64Paris75
RJFMFrenchClassic Hits20Montlucon17
RMC MO Montecarlo DoualiyaArabicGeneral Station64Paris103
RMN Radio Montagnes NoiresFrenchGeneral Station20Locmine5
RNT Radio Noveaux Talents 1575 AMFrenchGeneral Station128Puteaux8
ROC 97.6 FMFrenchFull Service20Lille3
RockOneFrenchRock & Pop192Webcast26
RockWebStationFrenchRock & Pop160Paris7
RPL 99 FMFrenchGeneral Station150Lambersat1
RQQG Radio Qui Quen Grogne 101 FMFrenchGeneral Station96Bourbone2
RSL RadioFrenchGeneral Station96La Riviere St. Louis2
RTF 95.4 FMFrenchDance, Trance & Techno32Limoges10
RTLFrenchGeneral Station18Paris187
RTL 2FrenchRock & Pop18Paris110
RTS FMFrenchTop 40128Sete7
RVM 88.6 FMFrenchRock & Pop256Sedan7
Sain Tropez WebradioFrenchGeneral Station64Saint Tropez15
Signal Ethik RadioFrenchAlternative128Nice10
Sing Sing 96.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Saint-Malo7
Skyrock FMFrenchTop 4034Webcast341
Sport 99.9 FMFrenchSports64Paris27
Stand-UP WebradioFrenchGeneral Station64Paris0
Station FM WebradioFrenchAlternative160Paris0
Station MilleniumFrenchTop 40192Webcast7
Sud RadioFrenchGeneral Station64Toulouse18
Sudio 5 88.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station32Concarneau0
Sun 101.5 FMFrenchSalsa & Tropical20Lyon0
Sunlight 93.8 FMFrenchTop 4096St. Joseph4
Superloustic 999 AMFrenchKids10Paris0
Surf RadioFrenchAdult Cont.100Paris15
Swing FMFrenchJazz & Blues64Limoges0
TechnomusicFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris93
Tempomix 80sFrench80s128Webcast60
Tempomix ElectroFrenchElectronica128Webcast62
Tempomix HitsFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast46
Tendance Ouest 95.2 FMFrenchGeneral Station96Lessay1
Top MusicFrenchRock & Pop128Strasbourg44
Trafic FMFrenchOther20Paris19
Tregor 96 FMFrenchGeneral Station20Lannion0
Triangle 98.4 FMFrenchGeneral Station128Elancourt3
TSF 89.9 FMFrenchJazz & Blues128Paris24
VibrationFrenchTop 40128Webcast22
Vire 107.3 FMFrenchAdult Cont.20Vire3
Virgin Radio Hard RockFrenchHard Rock128Webcast98
Virgin Radio New Wave 80sFrench70s128Webcast122
Virgin Radio Rock AlternativeFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast21
Virgin Radio Rock ClassicsFrenchClassic Rock128Webcast60
Virgin Radio Rock US 80sFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast34
Virgin Radio Scene FrancaiseFrenchAdult Cont.128Webcast71
Virgin Radio UK 80sFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast27
Vittavi LiveFrenchRock & Pop128Webcast6
Vivre FMFrenchOther128Paris20
Vmix Accent MixFrenchHouse128Paris41
Vmix Afternoon MixFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris37
Vmix Late MixFrenchDance, Trance & Techno128Paris27
Voce NustraleFrenchEthnic96Cervione21
Voltage 96.9 FMFrenchTop 40128Paris23
W3 BluesradioFrenchJazz & Blues128Webcast80
WIT 100.8 FMFrenchGeneral Station10Bordeaux11
Zen RadioFrench128Webcast27
Zi-One Europole Radio 107.4 FMFrench80s128Lille129

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