Dominican Republic

Did you know that the Dominican Republic is on one of only two islands in the Caribbean that shares its island home with another country? Home to more than 10 million people, the Dominican Republic shares its island home with the country of Haiti. Over the years the Dominican Republic has become the largest and most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, offering both tourists and the country's native people access to gorgeous golf courses, beautiful mountain landscapes and sandy beaches for relaxing by the sea. Due to its history of Spanish rule, the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish and the country boasts many monuments and influences from the Spanish culture. Whether you call the Dominican Republic home or fell in love with the island paradise while on business or vacation WorldTVRadio Tuner is your online source for staying current on the culture and people of the Dominican Republic. With the click of a mouse you can have access to a variety of popular Dominican Republic music stations, such as Salsa and Tropical beats on Digital 94 94.3 FM, popular love songs on El Viajero Online, and Reggaeton on Reguepop. We also provide up to the minute news and talk on CDN Radio along with a variety of general stations, such as Campasillo and Fabulosa 96.7 FM which provide the nations best mix of news, sports coverage and popular entertainment. The radio stations from the Dominican Republic, like all stations available from WorldTVRadio Tuner are available absolutely free so you can access the culture of the Dominican Republic from home, work or anywhere else on Earth.

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Dominican Republic

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Amor 91.9 FMSpanishLove Songs48La Romana512
Arcoiris Digital 98.9 FMSpanishFull Service32Mao150
Azucar FMSpanishGeneral Station20Hato Mayor202
CDN RadioSpanishNews/Talk32Santo Domingo125
CERTV 620 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Santo Domingo73
Champion 99.1 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Santiago de los Caballeros117
ChavON 103.9 FMSpanishAdult Cont.48La Romana134
CompasilloSpanishGeneral Station32Webcast48
Digital 94 94.3 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32San Francisco de Macoris172
Disco 106.1 FMSpanishLove Songs64Santo Domingo291
Dominicana 98.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Santo Domingo193
El BacharengueSpanishSalsa & Tropical64Webcast346
El Gobierno de la LineaSpanishGeneral Station48Mao77
El Gobierno Musical RadioSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Webcast143
El Viajero OnlineSpanish70s48Santiago de los Caballeros161
Escape 88.9 FMSpanishAdult Cont.64Santo Domingo116
Espacio 96.9 FMSpanishLove Songs48Santo Domingo97
Fabulosa 96.7 MSpanishGeneral Station32Prov. Peravia93
Fidelity 94.1 FMSpanishLove Songs22Santo Domingo112
FM 107.5SpanishSalsa & Tropical32La Romana112
Fuego 90 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical64Santo Domingo241
Fuego 90 FMSpanishReggaeton48Santiago de los Caballeros344
Hibi Radio 1070 AMSpanishGeneral Station32San Francisco de Macoris47
i104.5 FMSpanishRock & Pop64Santo Domingo88
Independencia FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Santo Domingo320
KeBuena 105.7 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Santo Domingo145
Kiss 95 94.9 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48Santo Domingo201
KQ 94.5 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48Santo Domingo128
KV 94 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48Santiago de los Caballeros73
La 91 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Santo Domingo79
La Kalle 96.3 FMSpanishUrban R&B48Santo Domingo263
La Llave 95.7 FMSpanishGeneral Station64Prov. Hermanas Mirabal69
La Nueva H-102 FMSpanishLove Songs48San Francisco de Macoris87
Latina 88 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Bonao119
Lider 92.7 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48La Vega45
Maniel 92 91.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station64San Jose de Ocoa52
Mortal 104.9 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical20Santo Domingo274
Pasion 92 FMSpanishLove Songs20Santiago1
Primera 88.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits20Santo Domingo167
Quisqueya 96.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Santo Domingo70
Radio Alegria FMSpanishGeneral Station64San Jose de Ocoa64
Radio Bonao AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Bonao50
Radio Cima 100.5 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical22Santo Domingo175
Radio Merengue 1210 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical64San Francisco de Macoris144
Radio Neon 89.3 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical56Santo Domingo63
Radio Novedades 1030 AMSpanishSalsa & Tropical48Santo Domingo57
Radio Real 1310 AMSpanishFull Service32La Vega41
Radio Zol 106.5 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Santo Domingo61
Rumba Cibao 99.1 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical20Santo Domingo1
Sabor a MerengueSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Webcast161
Sonido Alegre 104.1 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical32Gaspar Hernandez92
Studio 88SpanishLove Songs56Santo Domingo0
Super Regional 103.9 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Santiago84
Sur 91.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station32San Cristobal64
Ternura 89.1 FMSpanishLove Songs32Azua112
Z 101 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Santo Domingo211

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