Congo DR

Did youknow that more people pseak French in Congo DR than in the actual country of France? If you were listening to radio stations from Congo DR on WorldTVRadio Tuner you would have accesss to information like this and much more! Formerly known as Zaire until 1997, the Democrtic Republic of Congo is home to more than 68 million people and is located in central Africa.In fact, over the years Congo DR has been known by many different names, including Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, and Congo-Leopoldville. Through all the name changes, however, as well as the intense fighting Congo DR has been subjeed to throughout the years the people and the country continue to move forward and thrive. If you are a emigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo and wish to stay close to your native country or you speak the French language and have a love for the African country and its people WorldTVRadio Tuner offers great streaming radio stations direct from Kinshasa that allow you to saty current on Congo DR politics, news and culture. Chiise from French speaking Ethnic stations like Radio Okapi which矔offers music and cultural entertainment and Mangembo 99.7 FM which provides amazing general content including sports coverage, music, news, talk and more. And best of all, every station available on WorldTVRadio Tuner is free for your listening pleasure. This means that you will have access to all of our radio and television stations from Congo DR and other nations throughout the world without the high cost of subscription fees.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Mangembo 99.7 FMFrenchGeneral Station48Kinshasa72
Radio OkapiFrenchEthnic24Kinshasa89

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