Home to more than 1.3 billion people, China is also geographically one of the largest nations on Earth. And with so many people speaking the Chinese language, it is easy to understand why WorldTVRadio Tuner offers so many great radio stations broadcast from the country of China. Officiaščöly known as the People's Republic of China, the country is ruled by the Communist Party of China and is one of the world's earliest still existing civilizations - more than 4000 years. China is also a global center for business and trade, with millions of people from around the world traveling to and from the country every year. This fact alone means that the Chinese language and culture is well known by not only the people of China but also many others. This is why WorldTVRadio offers more than one hundred stations which allow you to stay up to date on political and financial news as well as popular music, sports and everything else important to the Chinese people. And all of our China radio stations are broadcast directly from Chinese cities including Hong Kong, Beijing and Quingdao. Some of the popular streaming radio stations available from WorldTVRadio include MetroInfo 97.7FM for financial news as well as news and talk on Nanjing News. You can also get the best in Chinese sports coverage on Nanjing Sports and the best in adult contemporary music on Radio NJ YYT. And like all radio and television stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner, our huge selection of stations from China are available absolutely free.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Beijing News Radio FM 100.6ChineseNews/Talk20Beijing180
BJ Radio ChengguanChineseGeneral Station20Beijing138
BJ Radio CSGBChineseGeneral Station32Jingji71
BJ Radio GDYYChineseGeneral Station32Beijing64
BJ Radio HJJQChineseGeneral Station32Beijing59
BJ Radio HLSGChineseGeneral Station32Beijing28
BJ Radio Jiaotong 103.9 FMChineseGeneral Station32Jiaotong59
BJ Radio JSYYChineseGeneral Station32Beijing42
BJ Radio JXGBChineseGeneral Station20Beijing44
BJ Radio QMDT Q Moon RadioChineseGeneral Station32Beijing33
BJ Radio Shenghuo 603 AMChineseGeneral Station32Shenghuo37
BJ Radio Tiyu 927 AMChineseGeneral Station32Tiyu28
BJ Radio TSYYChineseGeneral Station32Beijing14
BJ Radio Waiyu 774 AMChineseGeneral Station32Waiyu24
BJ Radio Wenyi 87.6 FMChineseGeneral Station32Wenyi35
BJ Radio Xinwen 828 AMChineseGeneral Station32Xinwen24
BJ Radio Yinyue 97.4 FMChineseGeneral Station32Yinyue37
BJ Radio YQQYChineseGeneral Station32Beijing20
CNR 1ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing46
CNR 2ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing23
CNR 3ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing13
CNR 4ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing8
CNR 5ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing13
CNR 6ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing6
CNR 7 PChineseGeneral Station32Beijing8
CNR 7 SChineseGeneral Station32Beijing6
CNR 8ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing9
CNR 9ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing4
CRHK 1 88.1 FMChineseNews/Talk8Hong Kong17
CRHK 2 90.3 FMChineseGeneral Station11Hong Kong12
CRI Capital ServiceEnglishNews/Talk4Beijing21
CZDT 103.1 FMChineseGeneral Station48Shangai14
CZDT 93.9 FMChineseGeneral Station48Shangai16
East Radio 101.7 FMChineseRock & Pop32Beijing61
East Radio 103.7 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Beijing24
East Radio 107.2 FMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing12
East Radio 1197 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing7
East Radio 1296 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing7
East Radio 648 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing3
East Radio 792 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing5
East Radio 94.0 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing8
East Radio 94.7 FMChineseClassical32Beijing52
East Radio 96.8 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing13
East Radio 97.7 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing11
East Radio 990 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing5
East Radio Pop 101 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Beijing21
Easy FM 91.5EnglishGeneral Station32Beijing13
Efly 91.4 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing0
JSBC 1053 AMChineseGeneral Station32Jiangsu10
JSBC 1206 AMChineseGeneral Station32Jiangsu3
JSBC 585 AMChineseClassical32Jiangsu24
JSBC 702 AMChineseNews/Talk32Jiangsu4
JSBC 846 AMChineseNews/Talk32Jiangsu3
JSBC 89.7 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Jiangsu3
JSBC 97.5 FMChineseGeneral Station32Jiangsu3
Kenya RadioChineseGeneral Station128Beijing13
Language Studio AM 1008EnglishCultural32Beijing6
Lishui Radio 94 FMChineseGeneral Station194Lishui11
Metrofinance 104 FMChineseFinancial News33Hong Kong20
MetroInfo 97.7 FMEnglishFinancial News20Hong Kong8
MetroPlus 104.4 FMEnglishFinancial News33Hong Kong11
Nanjing BusinessChineseNews/Talk32Beijing8
Nanjing MusicChineseNews/Talk32Beijing22
Nanjing NewsChineseNews/Talk32Beijing10
Nanjing SportsChineseSports32Beijing30
News Center FM 84.6EnglishNews/Talk32Beijing12
Ningbo 102.9 FMChineseGeneral Station32Ningbo9
Ningbo 1323 AMChineseGeneral Station32Ningbo8
Ningbo 93.9 FMChineseAdult Cont.44Ningbo5
Ningbo 98.6 FMChineseGeneral Station32Ningbo6
NJJJT 1 FMChineseNews/Talk32Nanjing5
NJJJT 2 FMChineseNews/Talk32Nanjing2
NJJTT FMChineseGeneral Station32Nanjing1
NJXWT FMChineseGeneral Station32Nanjing2
NJYYT FMChineseGeneral Station32Nanjing2
Q TV Quingdao RadioChineseGeneral Station48Quingdao11
Radio Foshan Color 88.3 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan7
Radio Foshan Color 90.1 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan10
Radio Foshan Color 90.6 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan7
Radio Foshan Color 92.4 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan2
Radio Foshan Color 94.6 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan0
Radio Foshan Color 98.5 FMChineseGeneral Station32Foshan3
Radio Guangdong 99.3 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Guangdong16
Radio Guangzhou 102.7 FMChineseGeneral Station20Guangzhou11
Radio Guangzhou 106.1 FMChineseGeneral Station20Guangzhou7
Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FMChineseGeneral Station20Guangzhou8
Radio NJ 101.7 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing10
Radio NJ 106.6 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Beijing6
Radio NJ 96.6 FMChineseGeneral Station32Beijing4
Radio NJ JJT1ChineseAdult Cont.32Beijing2
Radio NJ JJT2ChineseGeneral Station32Beijing0
Radio NJ JTTChineseGeneral Station32Beijing1
Radio NJ XWTChineseNews/Talk32Beijing3
Radio NJ YYTChineseAdult Cont.32Beijing3
Radio SCTV 102.6 FMChineseGeneral Station40Sichuan8
Radio SCTV 89.4 FMChineseGeneral Station40Sichuan2
Radio WRTS 88.8 FMChineseGeneral Station128Pekin7
Radio XA 104.7 FMChineseGeneral Station128Shaanxi3
Radio XA 106.1 FMChineseGeneral Station128Shaanxi7
Radio XA 810 AMChineseGeneral Station128Shaanxi2
Radio XA 93.1 FMChineseGeneral Station128Shaanxi6
Radio XZGD 1 FM 93ChineseGeneral Station64Zuxhou4
Radio XZGD 2 91.6 FMChineseGeneral Station192Zuxhou6
Radio XZGD 3 103.3 FMChineseNews/Talk64Zuxhou4
Radio XZGD 4 FM 89.6ChineseGeneral Station64Zuxhou2
Radio XZGD 5 99.6 FMChineseGeneral Station64Zuxhou2
Radio XZGD 6 AM 1269ChineseNews/Talk64Zuxhou4
Round the clockEnglishNews/Talk128Beijing6
RTHK Channel 1ChineseAdult Cont.20Hong Kong27
RTHK Channel 2 94.8 FMChineseAdult Cont.20Hong Kong9
RTHK Channel 3ChineseOldies20Hong Kong21
RTHK Channel 4ChineseGeneral Station20Hong Kong5
RTHK Channel 5ChineseOldies20Hong Kong9
RTHK Channel 6ChineseAdult Cont.20Hong Kong14
Shenzhen Radio 106.2 FMChineseGeneral Station32Shenzhen16
Shenzhen Radio 89.8 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Shenzhen19
Shenzhen Radio 94.2 FMChineseGeneral Station32Shenzhen10
Shenzhen Radio 97.1 FMChineseAdult Cont.32Shenzhen18
WYPL 89.6 FMChineseGeneral Station64Zuxhou10
Xihu 105.4 FMChineseGeneral Station28Beijing13
XWPL 93 FMChineseGeneral Station64Zuxhou15

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