Cape Verde

Officially known as the Republic of Cape Verde, Cape Verde is a tiny island country similar to Hawaii in the United States that is home to roughly 500,000 people. After remaining uninhabited Cape Verde was originally a Portuguese colony from the 15th century CE, Cape Verde earned its independence in 1975. Located off the continent of Africa near Senegal, Cape Verde was known as one of the least developed countries on Earth but was recently classified as a developing country in 2007. The culture of Cape Verde are every similar to both African and Portuguese from where it finds its roots and the music of the island nation draws heavily from Brazilian, Caribbean and African influences. And Cape Verde has also been the home of several famous poets, including Paulino Vieria and Sergio Frusoni. If you are a native of Cape Verde or speak the Portuguese language and have a love for the islands people and culture, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers everything you need to stay close to the people and lifestyle of Cape Verde. You can choose from several general programming stations, such as Radio Commercial, Radio Praia FM and RTC which provide the best mix of news, sports and music as well as an adult contemporary station - Radio Mosteiros FM - which provides great modern music. We also offer a great English language station which provides ethnic and cultural information. Whether you are looking for stations from Cape Verde or any other nation on Earth you can find them free on WorldTVRadio Tuner - your online source for the best in streaming Internet radio and television.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Radio ComercialPortugueseGeneral Station20Praia50
Radio Kaapverdie FMEnglishEthnic32Praia1
Radio Mosteiros FMPortugueseAdult Cont.20Mosteiros35
Radio Praia FMPortugueseGeneral Station20Praia48
RTCPortugueseGeneral Station20Praia28

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