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WorldTVRadio Tuner for Bosnia and Herzegovina offers many radio stations in Bosnian and Serbian. These cover Ethnic, General Station, News/Talk, Full Service, and Folklore radio formats. In addition, you can also hear Adult Contemporary. These Bosnia and Herzegovina radio shows are broadcast from the cities of Sarjevo, Banja Luka, and Zenicka, among other cities. Some examples of radio stations are Radio 202 93.1 FM, Radio Bihac 93.3 FM, Radio BN 91.6 FM, Radio Brcko 92.8 FM, and Radio Busovaca. Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in the central region of South East Europe, is almost landlocked, except for the town of Neum, which faces the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is in the north, west and south; Serbia is to the east; and Montenegro is to the southeast. It's capital and the largest city is Sarajevo. The official languages are Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian and the ethnic groups are Bosnian, Serb, and Croat. The government is a parliamentary democracy. The High Representative is Valentin Inzko; the Presidency members are Zeljko Komsic, Nebojsa Radanovic, and Haris Silajdžic; the Chairman of the Council of Ministers is Nikola Špiric; and the Constitutional Court President is Seada Palavric. In size, Bosnia and Herzegovina is 19,767 square miles. The current population is estimated to be 4,613,414. When the last census was taken in 1991, the population was 4,377,053. The Gross Domestic Product is about $430.4 billion, with a per capita of $7,623. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers wonderful radio shows for Bosnia and Herzegovina. All you have to do is click a radio station for Bosnia and Herzegovina and press the button to launch it. It’s completely free to try and you're sure to find something you like on a radio station from WorldTVRadio Tuner for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Alfa Radio 104.9 FMSerbianAdult Cont.64Sarajevo100
BH Radio 1BosnianGeneral Station32Sarajevo70
Big Radio 1 96.3 FMSerbianGeneral Station24Banja Luka57
Big Radio 2 91.5 FMSerbianGeneral Station24Banja Luka42
BM RadioBosnianAdult Cont.32Zenica82
eFM RadioSerbianElectronica32Sarajevo60
Kalman RadioSerbianGeneral Station32Sarajevo52
MB Radio ParisSerbianEthnic64Webcast63
MegaradioSerbianGeneral Station128Webcast57
Radio 202 93.1 FMSerbianFull Service32Sarajevo60
Radio BalkanSerbianAdult Cont.32Banja Luka64
Radio Bihac 92.3 FMSerbianNews/Talk56Bihac50
Radio BN 91.6 FMBosnianFolklore64Doboj1
Radio Brcko 92.8 FMSerbianFull Service32Brcko34
Radio BusovacaSerbianFull Service48Busovaca36
Radio DzunglaSerbianFull Service32Doboj72
Radio FBiHSerbianNews/Talk32Sarajevo37
Radio FeralSerbianEthnic64Kalesija35
Radio Glas DrineSerbianGeneral Station32Sapna43
Radio Istocno SarajevoSerbianFull Service64Sarajevo41
Radio KamaleonSerbianGeneral Station24Webcast47
Radio KljucSerbianGeneral Station32Kljuc30
Radio KoktelSerbianFull Service64Webcast34
Radio LipovacSerbianEthnic64Webcast36
Radio M 98.7 FMSerbianAdult Cont.48Sarajevo28
Radio MegahitSerbianEthnic64Webcast43
Radio Mir MedugorjeSerbianReligious24Medugorje28
Radio MostarSerbianFull Service28Mostar38
Radio Q 105.2 FMBosnianGeneral Station32Visoko37
Radio Slon 89 FMBosnianAdult Cont.44Sarajevo48
Radio Televizija FederacijeSerbianGeneral Station32Sarajevo45
Radio Televizija UnskoSerbianGeneral Station128Bihac29
Radio Tuzla 94.0 FMBosnianAdult Cont.64Tuzla54
Radio ZenicaBosnianAdult Cont.20Zenica48
RSG Radio Stari GradSerbianGeneral Station32Sarajevo49
RTBN Radio Televizija BNSerbianGeneral Station128The Hague55
Svet Plus RadioSerbianGeneral Station64Webcast62
Vikom RadioSerbianGeneral Station24Banja Luka30

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