WorldTVRadio Tuner for Bolivia offers many radio stations for Spanish speaker. These cover Religious, General Station, News/Talk, Full Service, and Folklore radio formats. In addition, you can hear Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Classic Hits, and Salsa & Tropical. These Bolivian radio shows are broadcast from the cities of La Paz, Sucre, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cochamamba, and Oruro. Some examples of radio stations are Radio Canoto Dios es Amor, Radio Chacaltaya 93.7 FM, Radio Ciudadana del Valle 103.9 FM, Radio Coral 97.1 FM, and Radio Cordillera 89.0 FM. Bolivia, a landlocked country in central South America, is officially known as the The Plurinational State of Bolivia. Brazil is in north and east; Argentina and Paraguay are in the south; and Peru and Chile are in the west. It's capital is Sucre, the constitutional capital, while La Paz is the seat of government and Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city. Although the main language is Spanish, the country is actually multilingual because 36 native languages are also spoken here. The ethnic groups are Mestizo, Quechua, Aymara, and White. The government is a presidential republic, with Evo Morales as President and Alvaro Garcia as Vice President. In size, Bolivia is 424, 163 square miles. The current population is estimated to be 10,907,778. During the last census in 2001, the population was 8,280,184. The Gross Domestic Product is about $43.6 billion, with a per capita of $4,345. The country is rich in minerals, especially Tin. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers wonderful radio shows for Bolivia. All you have to do is click a radio station for Bolivia and press the button to launch it. It’s completely free to try and you're sure to find something you like on a radio station from WorldTVRadio Tuner for Bolivia.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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91.9 FM La Radio ActivaSpanishTop 4032La Paz497
96.9 FM La PazSpanishAdult Cont.128La Paz210
BBN Sucre 95.1 FMSpanishReligious16Sucre86
Clasica FM 107.1SpanishClassic Hits32Santa Cruz de la sierra106
Estelar FM 92.5SpanishTop 40128La Paz72
La Bruja 89.5 FMSpanishGeneral Station16Sucre91
Radio AudioKissSpanishAdult Cont.32Santa Cruz de la Sierra42
Radio AudioKiss MonteroSpanishAdult Cont.32Santa Cruz de la Sierra43
Radio Canoto Dios es AmorSpanishReligious32Santa Cruz de la Sierra41
Radio Chacaltaya 93.7 FMSpanishSalsa & Tropical128La Paz94
Radio Ciudadana del Valle 103.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station64Cochabamba69
Radio Coral 97.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station24Oruro42
Radio Cordillera 89.0 FMSpanishGeneral Station32Webcast54
Radio Encuentro 920 AMSpanishGeneral Station20Sucre38
Radio Enlace 103.9 FMSpanishAdult Cont.128Santa Cruz de la Sierra83
Radio ErbolSpanishNews/Talk22La Paz61
Radio FM BoliviaSpanishFolklore24Webcast89
Radio Illimani 94.1 Red Patria NuevaSpanishFull Service24La Paz87
Radio La Voz InternacionalSpanishReligious32La Paz45
Radio Laser 98 FMSpanishClassical24La Paz92
Radio LoyolaSpanishGeneral Station22Sucre33
Radio Manantial 99.5 FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Santa Cruz de la Sierra34
Radio Maria BoliviaSpanishReligious16La Paz35
Radio Melodia 99.3 FMSpanishFull Service16La Paz80
Radio Mix 93.1 FMSpanishTop 4024Santa Cruz de la sierra72
Radio Pachamama 106.1 FMSpanishGeneral Station128La Paz69
Radio PanamericanaSpanishNews/Talk24La Paz118
Radio Red Pio XII 97.9 FMSpanishGeneral Station22Cochabamba24
Radio Sol 90.1 FMSpanishReligious24Oruro49
Radio Sucre 1320 AMSpanishGeneral Station24Sucre33
Radio TransamericaSpanishAdult Cont.56Oruro42
Radio Voz de VidaSpanishReligious24Cochabamba40
Red Advenir RadioSpanishReligious32La Paz26
Red de Radiodifusion Biblica BBN 90.7 FMSpanishReligious20Santa Cruz de la sierra49
WKM 91.5 FMSpanishFull Service20Oruro17

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