WorldTVRadio Tuner for Azerbaijan offers five radio stations for Azeri-speaking audiences. These cover General Station, Ethnic, and, Full Service. In addition, you can hear Top 40. These radio shows, broadcast from the city of Baku, are Antenn 101 FM,Ictimai Radio, Lider Radio, MZ Records and Radio Respublika. Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus area of Eurasia, is part of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. In the north, it is bordered by Russia; in the east, by the Caspian Sea; in the west, by Armenia; and in the south, by Iran. The land covers 33, 436 square miles. In 1999, the census showed a population of 7, 953, 438 people; now, in 2010, the population is about 9 million. Azerbaijan is an ancient land steeped in history. Once a satrap of Persia during the time of Achaemenid Empire, it later became part of the empire of Alexander of Macedonia. In modern times, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established on May 28, 1918, but then it became the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Although, it desired to break free from the oppression of the Soviet Union and declared its independence in August 30, 1990, it did not achieve it until October 18, 1991. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers wonderful radio shows for Azerbaijan. All you have to do is click a radio station for Azerbaijan and press the button to launch it. It’s completely free to try and you're sure to find something you like on a radio station from WorldTVRadio Tuner for Azerbaijan.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Antenn 101 FMAzeriGeneral Station24Baku76
Ictimai RadioAzeriEthnic20Baku79
Lider RadioAzeriGeneral Station20Baku86
MZ RecordsAzeriTop 40128Baku46
Radio RespublikaAzeriFull Service36Baku51

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