WorldTVRadio Tuner for Austria offers many radio stations for German-speaking audiences, as well as those speaking Polish, Spanish, and other languages. These cover General Station, College, Ethnic, Religious, News/Talk, Full Service, and Multicultural radio formats. In addition, you can hear Top 40, Christian Contemporary, and Rock & Pop. These Austrian radio shows are broadcast from the cities of Klagenfurt, Steiermark, Schwarzach, Vienna, Bad Ischl, and many others. Some examples of radio stations are ORF FM4, Lounge FM, Gipsy Radio, Gym Radio 102.2 FM, and Kronehit Radio 105.8 FM. A landlocked country in Central Europe, Austria has managed to establish a reputation as a European cultural center, mainly because of the cultural and artistic history originating in Vienna. In the north, it borders on the Czech Republic and Germany; in the east, on Hungary and Slovakia; in the west, on Liechtenstein and Switzerland; and in the south, on Italy and Slovenia. This country is about 33, 383 square miles. In 2001, the census showed it had a population of 8,032, 926. In 2009, it was estimated to be 8,356,707. Austria has a fascinating history: in 1156, it was a Duchy; in 1804, an Empire; then from 1918 to 1938, it was the First Austrian Republic; and today, since 1945, it has been the Second Republic and governed as a federal parliamentary republic. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers wonderful radio shows for Austria. All you have to do is click a radio station for Austria and press the button to launch it. It’s completely free to try and you're sure to find something you like on a radio station from WorldTVRadio Tuner for Austria.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Antenne KarntenGermanGeneral Station32Klagenfurt109
Antenne SteiermarkGermanGeneral Station32Steiermark80
Antenne VoralbergGermanGeneral Station64Schwarzach50
Apollo 106.2 FMGermanGeneral Station128Klagenfurt52
Campus Radio 94.4 FMGermanCollege64St. P?lten47
Emap FM Channel 1GermanEthnic44Vienna24
Emap FM Channel 2GermanEthnic20Vienna19
Energy 104.2 FMGermanTop 4056Vienna54
ERF Evangeliums Rundfunk ?sterreichGermanReligious96Vienna28
Freies Radio SalzkammergutGermanGeneral Station64Bad Ischl47
Gipsy RadioGermanGeneral Station96Vienna28
Gym Radio 102.2 FMGermanCollege32Hollabrunn21
Kronehit Radio 105.8 FMGermanTop 4064Wien57
Life Radio 100.5 FMGermanClassic Hits128Linz38
Lounge FMGerman128Vienna15
OE3 HitradioGermanFull Service32Vienna108
ORF ?1 - geh?rt geh?rtGermanFull Service64Vienna40
ORF ?1 Journale rund um die UhrGermanNews/Talk48Vienna13
ORF FM4GermanTop 4064Vienna26
ORF Hitradio ?3GermanTop 4032Vienna1
ORF Radio 1476GermanFull Service64Vienna20
ORF Radio Burgenland 96.2 FMGermanFull Service32Burgenland119
ORF Radio K?rnten 97.8 FMGermanFull Service80K?rnten22
ORF Radio Nieder?sterreichGermanFull Service128Nieder?sterreich43
ORF Radio Ober?sterreich 95.2 FMGermanFull Service48Ober?sterreich35
ORF Radio Salzburg 94.8 FMGermanFull Service64Salzburg63
ORF Radio Steiermark 95.4 FMGermanFull Service32Steiermark32
ORF Radio TirolGermanFull Service48Tirol122
ORF Radio Vorarlberg 98.2 FMGermanFull Service32Vorarlberg58
ORF Radio WienGermanFull Service64Wien51
Party FM 106.7GermanTop 4048Vienna0
Party NightGermanDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast75
Radio Agora 105.5 FMGermanNews/Talk32Klagenfurt14
Radio Alpina 106.9 FMGermanGeneral Station64Saalfelden26
Radio Arabella 92.9 FMGermanGeneral Station128Wien20
Radio CGermanChristian Cont.32Vienna0
Radio Fro 105.0 FMGermanRock & Pop128Linz8
Radio GencMultilanguageMulticultural56Webast11
Radio Gruen-WeissGermanGeneral Station64Leoben47
Radio Harmonie 95.2 FMGermanGeneral Station128Glan20
Radio Helsinki 92.6 FMGermanGeneral Station96Graz10
Radio HerzPolishEthnic24Vienna0
Radio Jardin RojoSpanishSalsa & Tropical64Vienna18
Radio Maria AustriaGermanReligious10Vienna12
Radio Maria Austria Stream 2GermanReligious32Wien0
Radio Max BillaGermanGeneral Station64Wiener Neustadt9
Radio Max BipaGermanAdult Cont.64Wiener Neustadt9
Radio Orange 94.0 FMGermanCommunity48Vienna17
Radio ProtonGermanGeneral Station40Dornbin13
Radio Sound Portal 97.9 FMGermanRock & Pop190Graz28
Radio Stephansdom 107.3 FMGermanClassical128Vienna40
Radio U1GermanGeneral Station64Tirol10
Radiofabrik 107.1 FMGermanGeneral Station32Salzburg22
Welle 1GermanGeneral Station64Tirol17
Welle 1 Music Radio 91.8 FMGermanAdult Cont.56Salzburg36

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