Aruba, a twenty-one mile island in the Caribbean Sea, is a part of the Lesser Antilles, a region of the ABC islands, and an independent region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Venezuela in the north is only 17 miles away. Cruise ships frequently dot the horizon. Aruba is a place of beautiful beaches, a tropical paradise, where tourists flock, escaping the chill of the icy, snow-swept Northern climates, and fishing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming appear to be the main activities here. The climate is hot and dry, the land arid with many wind-sculpted rocks, and the main flora appear to be miles of cactus and divi-divi trees. In the Arikok National Wildlife Park are abandoned gold mines, reminders of its gold rush era. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Aruba channels offer twelve radio stations broadcast from Oranjestad in Papiamentu. Like the island itself, music appears to be the main themes of these radio stations. Listeners can catch Top 40 songs from Hit 94 FM Stereo, Mega 88.1 FM, Radio Galactica 99.9 FM, Revolucion 88.9 FM, Revolucion 88.9 FM, and Vision 105.3 FM. They can listen to Salsa & Tropical music from Canal 90 FM, Cool 98.9 FM, Crioyo 1, Crioyo 2 Mix, and Magic 96.5 FM. In addition, Crioyo 3 Crioyo broadcasts Folklore. WorldTVTuner gives Papiamentu speakers access to many fascinating music radio programs, and even those who don‘t speak Papiamentu can enjoy the many tropical rhythms from these radio stations. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for Aruba radio stations.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Canal 90 FMPapiamentuSalsa & Tropical64Oranjestad111
Cool 98.9 FMPapiamentuDance, Trance & Techno32Oranjestad48
Crioyo 1PapiamentuSalsa & Tropical32Oranjestad45
Crioyo 2 MixPapiamentuSalsa & Tropical32Oranjestad42
Crioyo 3 CrioyoPapiamentuFolklore32Oranjestad31
Hit 94 FM StereoPapiamentuTop 4064Oranjestad52
Magic 96.5 FMPapiamentuSalsa & Tropical64Oranjestad44
Mega 88.1 FMPapiamentuTop 4048Oranjestad26
Radio Galactica 99.9 FMPapiamentuTop 4065Oranjestad0
Revolucion 88.9 FMPapiamentuTop 4064Oranjestad1
Top 95 FMPapiamentuTop 4064Oranjestad42
Vision 105.3 FMPapiamentuTop 4032Oranjestad40

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