Armenia, a landlocked country in the Caucasus, lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. In the north are the borders of Georgia; in the west, Turkey; in the east, Azerbaijan; and in the south, Iran. Once a republic of the Soviet Union, it’s now a democratic nation. Armenia is an ancient country, known in earlier times as the Kingdom of Armenia. The first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its national religion in the 4th century, the Armenian Apostolic Church remains the religious foundation. However, church and state are separate, with the church abiding by state laws. Armenia is a country of rocky mountains, verdant forests, and tranquil lakes, and from the peaks of Mt Ararat to the calm of Lake Sevan, it’s a land sprinkled with ancient monasteries hidden in remote areas and caves filled with stalactite. Here the Yzerdi Kurds have their villages and the Armenian shepherds tend their flock on lush meadows. The city, Yerevan, is a confluence of Mediterranean culture, a place of bustling art shows, romantic cafes, and souvenir-rich local shops. Many tourists traveling from Europe and Asia are people of Armenian ancestry, the Armenian diaspora returning to visit their ancestral homeland. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Armenia channels offers 14 radio stations broadcast from Yerevan, Paris, and webcasts in Armenian, Russian, or multilingual formats. Armenian Radios Stver, Hyevibes and Radio Gayane are webcasts, AYP 99.5 FM Radio Armenienne de Paris is from Paris, and all the other stations are direct from Yerevan, broadcasting Rock & Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folklore, Classical, Oldies, and General Stations. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for Armenian radio stations.

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Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Armenian PopArmenianRock & Pop24Yerevan156
Armenian RabisArmenianFolklore24Yerevan72
Armenian Radios StverArmenianAdult Cont.128Webcast89
AYP 99.5 FM Radio Armenienne de ParisArmenianFolklore20Paris54
Classic MusicArmenianClassical24Yerevan268
European RetroArmenianOldies24Yerevan47
Hairenik RadioArmenianFolklore56Yerevan36
Nune Yesayan RadioArmenianGeneral Station24Yerevan27
Public Radio of ArmeniaArmenianGeneral Station56Yerevan31
Radio GayaneMultilanguageGeneral Station128Webcast21
Russian PopRussianRock & Pop24Yerevan68
Russian ShansonRussianGeneral Station24Yerevan68
Yerevan Nights RadioArmenianFolklore96Yerevan40

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