Argentina, the eighth largest country in the world and officially known as the Argentine Republic, is South America’s second largest country with 1,073,500 square miles country--only Brazil with 3,287,612 square miles is bigger. While Buenos Aires is constituted as an autonomous city, the rest of Argentina is a federation with 23 provinces Despite it’s size, it’s not the most populous Spanish speaking country, with Spain, Colombia, and Mexico more densely inhabited. In the north, are the borders of Paraguay and Bolivia; in the northeast, the borders of Brazil and Uruguay; in the east, the Atlantic Ocean; in the west, the Andes Mountain; and to the west and south, the borders of Chile. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Argentina offers many types of Spanish-speaking radio stations from different cities. You can hear Full Service from Buenos Aires on AM 1030 Radio del Plata, General Station from Lanus on AM 1450 Radio Ciudad, Folklore from Hurlingham on AM 1170 La Radio de mi Pais, News/Talk from Villa Carlos Paz on AM 1350 Radio Sucesos, Adult Contemporary from Tandil on FM 100.3 Radio Simphony, Religious service from Cordoba on FM 100.9 Radio Libertad MEDEA. In addition, you can listen to many stations playing musical genres like Tango, Classic Hits, Rock & Pop, Latin Hits, Salsa & Tropical, Love Songs, Jazz & Blues, and Dance, Trance & Techno. WorldTVTuner gives Spanish speakers access to many Argentinean stations covering many radio formats. These are broadcast from different cities around the country. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a wide variety of Argentinean radio stations.

:: World TVRT internet radio from :: Argentina

Internet radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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AM 1030 Radio del PlataSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires1000
AM 1110 Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires357
AM 1140 Radio GuaraniSpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires205
AM 1160 Radio ExcelsiorSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires155
AM 1170 La Radio de mi PaisSpanishFolklore24Hurlingham0
AM 1190 AmericaSpanishFull Service22Buenos Aires217
AM 1220 Eco ArgentinaSpanishTango10Buenos Aires247
AM 1240 Cadena UnoSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires199
AM 1260 Radio OlivaSpanishReligious32Buenos Aires106
AM 1300 Radio IdentidadSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires73
AM 1350 Radio SucesosSpanishNews/Talk20Villa Carlos Paz121
AM 1410 Radio FolclorisimoSpanishTango20Buenos Aires233
AM 1450 Radio CiudadSpanishGeneral Station20Lanus89
AM 1450 Radio PresenciaSpanishFull Service20Martinez1
AM 1460 Radio 21SpanishGeneral Station20Tucuman47
AM 1520 Radio ChascomusSpanishGeneral Station16Chascomus0
AM 1520 Radio MetroSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires139
AM 1530 Eco Porte?aSpanishFull Service10Buenos Aires27
AM 1550 Radio Urkupi?aSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires37
AM 1570 Radio RochaSpanishFull Service16La Plata53
AM 1670 Radio BasilioSpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires32
AM 570 Radio ArgentinaSpanishFull Service12Buenos Aires176
AM 610 Radio GeneralSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires35
AM 650 La Nueva RadioSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires62
AM 670 Antartida RadioSpanishNews/Talk32Buenos Aires76
AM 680 Radio NihuilSpanishFull Service16Mendoza48
AM 690 Radio MaranataSpanishReligious20Buenos Aires96
AM 730 ExcelsiorSpanishAdult Cont.20Buenos Aires0
AM 740 Cooperativa Radio LibreSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires56
AM 750 Radio del PuebloSpanishFull Service48Buenos Aires87
AM 770 AmplitudSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires20
AM 780 Radio 3SpanishFull Service80Trelew75
AM 840 Radio General BelgranoSpanishTango20Buenos Aires95
AM 860 Radio CristalSpanishFull Service20Lanus71
AM 890 Radio SoberaniaSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires29
AM 910 La RedSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires5
AM 910 Radio La RedSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires259
AM 970 Radio GenesisSpanishFolklore20Buenos Aires80
BeatBoxSpanishDance, Trance & Techno128Webcast60
CW1 AM 550 Radio ColoniaSpanishGeneral Station10Buenos Aires80
Del Plata AM 1030SpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires100
FM 100.1 Masiva FMSpanishRock & Pop24Buenos Aires102
FM 100.1 Megalatina FMSpanishFull Service24Corrientes231
FM 100.3 La SigloSpanishGeneral Station24Moron63
FM 100.3 Radio SimphonySpanishAdult Cont.20Tandil78
FM 100.3 Radio UniversoSpanishGeneral Station40Carhue95
FM 100.5 Radio FM del EsteSpanishGeneral Station20Chajari113
FM 100.5 Radio MarinaSpanishGeneral Station20Miramar68
FM 100.5 Radio SudamericanaSpanishFull Service20Corrientes87
FM 100.7 BlueSpanishAdult Cont.22Buenos Aires143
FM 100.9 Mega StereoSpanishGeneral Station20Tandil240
FM 100.9 Radio AlvarezSpanishGeneral Station40Buenos Aires44
FM 100.9 Radio Libertad MEDEASpanishReligious20Cordoba89
FM 101.3 Radio UnoSpanishFull Service48Santa Fe260
FM 101.5 Pop RadioSpanishRock & Pop20Buenos Aires511
FM 101.9 KSKRadioSpanishElectronica32Buenos Aires101
FM 101.9 Radio Maria JuanaSpanishFull Service32Maria Juana0
FM 101.9 Radio Villa general BelgranoSpanishFull Service20Villa general Belgrano69
FM 102.1 La Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service24Esperanza55
FM 102.1 Radio 10SpanishGeneral Station24Mar del Plata163
FM 102.3 FM LafquenSpanishFull Service32La Angostura25
FM 102.3 FM PoderSpanishGeneral Station20Sunchales53
FM 102.3 Radio AspenSpanishAdult Cont.22Buenos Aires249
FM 102.5 FM MonteSpanishAdult Cont.20Mercedes53
FM 102.5 FM SpecialSpanishFull Service24Ceres49
FM 102.5 Radio EstacionSpanishGeneral Station20Cordoba55
FM 102.7 Class RadioSpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires61
FM 102.9 Radio RhemaSpanishReligious40Buenos Aires46
FM 103.1 Litoral FMSpanishNews/Talk10Parana61
FM 103.1 Play FMSpanishGeneral Station24Posadas97
FM 103.1 Radio SpikaSpanishAdult Cont.20Buenos Aires0
FM 103.3 Amanecer FMSpanishGeneral Station21San Juan0
FM 103.3 Radio ActivaSpanishClassic Hits48Villa Maria86
FM 103.3 Radio UniversidadSpanishCollege48Rosario51
FM 103.7 Radio FM PowerSpanishRock & Pop16Santa Rosa96
FM 103.9 OrbitaSpanishGeneral Station20Villa elisa27
FM 103.9 Radio CanaanSpanishReligious32Mar del Plata48
FM 103.9 Radio FanSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires37
FM 103.9 Radio HendrixSpanishRock & Pop24San Luis43
FM 104.1 Estacion MareaSpanishGeneral Station20Miramar27
FM 104.1 FM CorazonSpanishReligious20Entre Rios116
FM 104.1 FM Radio StationSpanish84Buenos Aires27
FM 104.1 La Red RafaelaSpanishNews/Talk32Rafaela29
FM 104.1 Radio Valle ViejoSpanishFull Service20Catamarca95
FM 104.3 Radio 100SpanishFull Service20Gualeguay123
FM 104.3 Radio VidaSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Mercedes0
FM 104.3 X4 RadioSpanishDance, Trance & Techno32Rosario0
FM 104.3 X4 RadioSpanishRock & Pop32Buenos Aires0
FM 104.5 Radio la ZonaSpanishFull Service24Corrientes42
FM 104.7 DakotaSpanish20Buenos Aires22
FM 104.7 LA 104.7SpanishGeneral Station32San Martin31
FM 104.7 Radio SucesosSpanishGeneral Station20Cordoba39
FM 104.9 Radio ManatialSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires47
FM 105.1 Radio MetropolitanaSpanish80s24Rosario170
FM 105.1 Radio ParroquialSpanishReligious16Buenos Aires18
FM 105.1 Radio RioSpanishTop 4040Goya0
FM 105.1 Radio SurSpanishAdult Cont.20Berisso57
FM 105.1 Radio Vicuna MackennaSpanishFull Service24Vicuna Mackenna26
FM 105.3 FM 1SpanishFull Service24Galvez32
FM 105.3 Radio LatinaSpanishFull Service24Cordoba178
FM 105.3 Sintonia de AmistadSpanishReligious48Resistencia53
FM 105.5 FM del LagoSpanishGeneral Station32Esquel62
FM 105.5 Los 40 Principales ArgentinaSpanishRock & Pop20Buenos Aires529
FM 105.5 Radio LibertadSpanishGeneral Station32Darregueria56
FM 105.5 Radio PopSpanishGeneral Station24San Bernardo173
FM 105.7 Oasis DigitalSpanishGeneral Station48Puan53
FM 105.7 Radio ImaginateSpanishAdult Cont.20Buenos Aires28
FM 105.7 Radio La FullSpanishFull Service24Santa Rosa52
FM 105.7 Radio Santa RosaSpanishGeneral Station28Santa Rosa38
FM 105.9 Ibiza FMSpanishDance, Trance & Techno16Santa Fe175
FM 105.9 Radio Delta FMSpanishLatin Hits24Embalse46
FM 105.9 WelcomeSpanishTop 4032Buenos Aires35
FM 106.1 FM EsquelSpanishFull Service32Esquel27
FM 106.1 Radio AtomikaSpanishRock & Pop20Buenos Aires39
FM 106.1 Radio El EspectadorSpanishFull Service48Rafaela24
FM 106.1 Radio FunSpanishGeneral Station32S M de Los andes24
FM 106.1 Radio MixSpanishAdult Cont.56Concepcion del Uruguay5
FM 106.3 Alfa FMSpanishAdult Cont.20Buenos Aires63
FM 106.3 Radio GuemesSpanishFull Service24San Ramon24
FM 106.3 RomanceSpanishLatin Hits20Tucuman123
FM 106.5 FM ToroSpanishGeneral Station24Rio Tercero29
FM 106.7 FM VidaSpanishGeneral Station128Cordoba7
FM 106.7 Impacto TotalSpanishGeneral Station20Las Talitas46
FM 106.7 MileniumSpanish32Buenos Aires83
FM 106.7 MileniumSpanish32Buenos Aires72
FM 107.1 FM Aaron CastellanosSpanishGeneral Station12Esperanza15
FM 107.1 FM MeridianoSpanishAdult Cont.36Rosario21
FM 107.1 La RedSpanishFull Service24Corrientes50
FM 107.5 Radiocentro NorteSpanishFolklore22Buenos Aires38
FM 107.9 Antena UnoSpanishGeneral Station20Santa Fe39
FM 107.9 DimensionSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Rafaela0
FM 107.9 La Estacion FMSpanishAdult Cont.56Salta38
FM 107.9 Radio GenesisSpanishGeneral Station24Resistencia66
FM 87.5 Cadena TropicalSpanishSalsa & Tropical128Santa Fe174
FM 88.1 Cadena ExpressSpanishGeneral Station48Posadas24
FM 88.1 Radio GospelSpanishReligious64Buenos Aires75
FM 88.1 Radio RosalesSpanishGeneral Station24Punta Alta8
FM 88.3 Eco ArgentinaSpanishTango10Buenos Aires67
FM 88.3 UrbanaSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires29
FM 88.5 Cadena Megared ArgentinaSpanishGeneral Station20Cordoba20
FM 88.7 La TribuSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires25
FM 88.9 Radio Gran RosarioSpanishFull Service32Rosario35
FM 89.1 Class FMSpanishFull Service19Corrientes26
FM 89.1 FM BarilocheSpanishLatin Hits20Bariloche99
FM 89.1 Radio B.A. San IsidroSpanishAdult Cont.32San Isidro0
FM 89.3 Cadena Cumbia LatinaSpanishLatin Hits64Lobos249
FM 89.3 MusicalSpanishLove Songs32Buenos Aires76
FM 89.5 Fisherton CNNSpanishNews/Talk32Rosario38
FM 89.5 Radio Cadena SolSpanishGeneral Station22Buenos Aires36
FM 89.5 Radio IdealSpanishGeneral Station36Reconquista18
FM 89.5 Sol Disco Radio del SolSpanishSalsa & Tropical20Tandil71
FM 89.7 FM InfinitaSpanishAdult Cont.20Mar de Ajo47
FM 89.7 EspacioSpanishGeneral Station16Lanus0
FM 89.7 FM EspacioSpanishGeneral Station16La Rioja17
FM 89.7 Radio CitySpanishGeneral Station32Necochea36
FM 89.7 Radio ClassicsSpanishAdult Cont.24Mercedes52
FM 89.9 La IslaSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires23
FM 89.9 ManantialesSpanishGeneral Station20Bahia Blanca23
FM 90.1 FM NoventaSpanishFolklore16Buenos Aires1
FM 90.1 FM Noventa DevotoSpanishTango20Buenos Aires54
FM 90.1 ImagineSpanishAdult Cont.20San Juan15
FM 90.1 La BocaSpanishRock & Pop20Buenos Aires56
FM 90.1 La VozSpanishFull Service20Parana24
FM 90.3 Eco RadioSpanishRock & Pop16Buenos Aires17
FM 90.3 Eco Sports RadioSpanishSports16Posadas44
FM 90.3 Radio SensacionSpanishLatin Hits24Clorinda44
FM 90.5 BeatSpanishRock & Pop48Buenos Aires17
FM 90.5 FM ComunicarSpanishNews/Talk20Cordoba7
FM 90.5 FM de la CostaSpanishAdult Cont.48Ituzaingo45
FM 90.5 FM MarinSpanishCollege48San Isidro0
FM 90.5 Radio PatagoniaSpanishGeneral Station24Carmen de Patagones38
FM 90.7 FM 90 Radio SaladilloSpanishGeneral Station22Saladillo38
FM 90.7 Impacto FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Mar de Ajo50
FM 90.7 Kool Net RadioSpanishAdult Cont.32Cordoba0
FM 90.7 Radio FM FloresSpanishGeneral Station22Buenos Aires22
FM 90.7 Radio GenesisSpanishAdult Cont.64Coronel Pringles27
FM 90.7 Radio Lobos FM MagicaSpanishAdult Cont.64Lobos27
FM 90.9 Radio CentroSpanishAdult Cont.20Buenos Aires18
FM 91.1 AriesSpanishGeneral Station16Salta1
FM 91.1 FantasticaSpanishLatin Hits32Lujan59
FM 91.1 Radio 911SpanishAdult Cont.329 de Julio14
FM 91.3 Cadena MusicSpanishGeneral Station48La Plata43
FM 91.3 FM ClassicSpanishClassic Hits32Posadas46
FM 91.3 Radio SimphonySpanishGeneral Station32San Isidro21
FM 91.5 105 FMSpanishOldies48Tres Arroyos26
FM 91.5 FM Cadena SERSpanishFull Service24General Deheza55
FM 91.5 Radio Sinfonia de la InmaculadaSpanishGeneral Station23Cordoba12
FM 91.7 Radio KLASpanishGeneral Station20Mar de Plata16
FM 91.7 Radio ZeroSpanishElectronica28Cordoba75
FM 91.9 ActivaSpanishLatin Hits48Buenos Aires49
FM 91.9 La UrbanaSpanishRock & Pop24Trelew1
FM 92.1 Integracion RionegrinaSpanishFull Service24Viedma11
FM 92.1 Radio IdentidadSpanishNews/Talk24Buenos Aires17
FM 92.3 FM del Sol La Radio AmistadSpanishGeneral Station20Resistencia31
FM 92.3 Radio Antena 1SpanishFull Service24Posadas45
FM 92.5 FM TiempoSpanishFull Service56Lincoln26
FM 92.5 Frecuencia ZeroSpanishRock & Pop24Buenos Aires38
FM 92.7 927 DigitalSpanishFull Service48Parana19
FM 92.7 La 2x4 TangoSpanishTango32Buenos Aires166
FM 92.7 LiderSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Mar del Plata33
FM 92.7 Radio ConfluenciaSpanishGeneral Station19Paso de los Libres11
FM 92.7 Radio LibreSpanishFull Service20San Juan21
FM 92.7 Radio MaximaSpanishGeneral Station20Bonifacio32
FM 92.9 EstiloSpanish24Rosario13
FM 93.3 FM EspacialSpanishTango24Santa Fe72
FM 93.5 MilenioSpanishFull Service20Crespo35
FM 93.5 Radio ActivaSpanishFull Service24Los Condores41
FM 93.5 Radio del PuertoSpanishFull Service20Puerto San Martin29
FM 93.7 Cordial FMSpanishGeneral Station16Rosario15
FM 93.7 Radio GualambaSpanishGeneral Station24Resistencia22
FM 93.7 Radio MontecristoSpanishGeneral Station16Las Heras31
FM 93.7 Radio VitalSpanishGeneral Station28Cordoba7
FM 93.9 En TransitoSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires12
FM 94.1 Barcelona B-94.1SpanishFull Service24Corrientes23
FM 94.1 Onda HorizonteSpanishGeneral Station48Santa Fe20
FM 94.1 Radio ONSpanishAdult Cont.24Chanar Ladeado8
FM 94.3 Friday HarborSpanishAdult Cont.48Lincoln11
FM 94.3 Radio CitySpanishGeneral Station24Corrientes40
FM 94.3 Radio MixerSpanishAdult Cont.48Rafaela66
FM 94.3 Shake FMSpanishTop 4048Posadas23
FM 94.5 FreewaySpanishRock & Pop24Buenos Aires21
FM 94.5 Libra FMSpanishAdult Cont.24Rio Tercero40
FM 94.5 Maxima FMSpanishGeneral Station32Gualeguaychu66
FM 94.5 Radio DynamisSpanishReligious20Rawson38
FM 94.5 Radio MunicipalSpanishOldies30Malargue23
FM 94.7 MasterSpanishGeneral Station24Pilar17
FM 94.7 Radio NatagalSpanishFull Service24Resistencia0
FM 94.7 Radio NatagalaSpanishRock & Pop48Resistencia20
FM 94.7 Radio PalermoSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires42
FM 95.1 Kiss FMSpanishLatin Hits36Rosario166
FM 95.1 PlanetSpanishAdult Cont.64Parana33
FM 95.1 Radio FenixSpanishFull Service24Paso de los Libres19
FM 95.1 Radio La Corte FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Necochea15
FM 95.1 Radio MetroSpanishDance, Trance & Techno22Buenos Aires380
FM 95.1 Radio PlanetSpanishGeneral Station21Parana33
FM 95.3 Radio UniversalSpanishLatin Hits32Bahia Blanca53
FM 95.5 Radio PatriciosSpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires20
FM 95.7 FM DimensionSpanishGeneral Station32Puerto Deseado21
FM 95.9 Rock & PopSpanishRock & Pop22Buenos Aires522
FM 96.1 Eclipse FMSpanishFull Service40Aldea Villa Maria35
FM 96.1 FM Red PanoramaSpanishGeneral Station20Cordoba14
FM 96.3 Aire Libre FMSpanishGeneral Station40Rio Grande26
FM 96.3 Radio JaiSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires0
FM 96.3 Radio JaiSpanishCultural20Buenos Aires18
FM 96.3 Radio MasSpanishGeneral Station40Lincoln13
FM 96.5 FM ExpressSpanishLatin Hits48Villa Maria38
FM 96.5 Radio NewsSpanishGeneral Station32Arrecifes20
FM 96.5 Radio SuquiaSpanishFull Service20Cordoba16
FM 96.9 La DeportivaSpanishSports24Rosario60
FM 96.9 Radio 1 AlvearSpanishFull Service24Alvear12
FM 96.9 Radio Cardinal CristiSpanishFull Service24Corrientes9
FM 97.1 FM SiempreSpanishAdult Cont.20Mar del Plata30
FM 97.1 FM SpacialSpanishRock & Pop20Catamarca24
FM 97.1 ImagineSpanishGeneral Station64Buenos Aires13
FM 97.1 Radio FiladelfiaSpanishReligious32Buenos Aires39
FM 97.1 Radio GalacticaSpanishGeneral Station17Tandil0
FM 97.1 Radio Regional las VarillasSpanishGeneral Station24Las Varillas9
FM 97.3 Radio MaestraSpanishGeneral Station24Buenos Aires26
FM 97.5 Europa FMSpanishAdult Cont.20Parana91
FM 97.9 Radio FenixSpanishAdult Cont.22Esquel2
FM 97.9 Radio La CostaSpanishGeneral Station24Necochea42
FM 98.3 FM LibertadSpanishFull Service20Crespo31
FM 98.3 FM SuenosSpanishFull Service24Las Varillas20
FM 98.3 MegaSpanishRock & Pop22Buenos Aires328
FM 98.3 Radio MasterSpanishGeneral Station20Coronel Dorrego19
FM 98.3 Radio NativaSpanishGeneral Station56Reconquista24
FM 98.5 FM TangoSpanishTango56Rosario102
FM 98.5 Radio BrisasSpanishNews/Talk32Santa Fe21
FM 98.7 Antena UnoSpanishFull Service24Corrientes19
FM 98.7 RadioLatina La 98SpanishRock & Pop24Catrilo104
FM 98.9 FM Radio IndependenciaSpanishFull Service20Tucuman1
FM 98.9 Radio GenesisSpanishAdult Cont.32San Pedro38
FM 98.9 Radio SiSpanishRock & Pop36Rosario23
FM 99.1 FolkloricaSpanishGeneral Station20Mar del Plata67
FM 99.1 KissSpanishTop 4032Junin64
FM 99.1 La 99.1SpanishGeneral Station32La Plata34
FM 99.3 Radio DosSpanishNews/Talk24Corrientes32
FM 99.3 Radio ImpactoSpanishSports24Cordoba47
FM 99.5 FM PaisSpanishFull Service24Perico19
FM 99.5 OmegaSpanishRock & Pop20Gualeguay37
FM 99.5 Radio CentroSpanishGeneral Station32Villa Maria22
FM 99.5 Radio MagicaSpanishGeneral Station20Pehuajo26
FM 99.5 Radio OpenSpanishRock & Pop32General Pacheco26
FM 99.5 Radio PalermoSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires51
FM 99.9 La CienSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires367
FM 99.9 RadioSpanishAdult Cont.329 de Julio71
FM 99.9 Radio FlashSpanishAdult Cont.32Buenos Aires48
Latina Ciento Uno FM 101.1SpanishTop 40128Buenos Aires76
LPM Latidos Por MinutoSpanishCultural24Webcast36
LR 1 AM 1070 Radio El MundoSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires27
LR 11 AM 1390 Radio UniversidadSpanishCollege16La Plata2
LR 4 AM 990 Radio SplendidSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires29
LR 6 AM 790 Radio MitreSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires217
LR3 AM 950 Radio BelgranoSpanishGeneral Station16Buenos Aires26
LRA 1 AM 870 Radio NacionalSpanishFull Service12Buenos Aires31
LRA 1 FM 87.9 Radio Nacional FaroSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires8
LRA 1 FM 96.7 Radio Nacional ClasicaSpanishClassical32Buenos Aires48
LRA 9 AM 560 Radio Nacional EsquelSpanishFull Service32Esquel8
LRF 210 AM 780 Radio 3SpanishFull Service32Patagonia13
LRF 315 FM 99.5 Radio VisionSpanishNews/Talk24Comodoro Rivadavia11
LRF 398 FM 104.5 FM Bahia EnganoSpanishGeneral Station32Bahia Engano13
LRG 202 AM 1400 Radio CumbreSpanishFull Service12Neuquen0
LRH 202 FM 102.7 Radio Tupa MbaeSpanishGeneral Station24Posadas15
LRH 251 AM 740 Radio ChacoSpanishFull Service20Resistencia19
LRH 251 FM 101.5 Radio ChacoSpanishFull Service20Resistencia19
LRH 312 AM 1150 Radio TupambaeSpanishFull Service20Posadas22
LRH 423 FM 88.5 FM 2000SpanishGeneral Station40Leandro N Alem11
LRH 813 FM 89.3 Radio ParqueSpanishLatin Hits24Formosa22
LRI 220 AM 1420 Radio La MareaSpanishGeneral Station20Buenos Aires9
LRI 404 FM 90.1 Radio TrujuiSpanishAdult Cont.32Trujui12
LRI 709 FM 92.1 Radio DepartamentalSpanishFull Service24San Justo5
LRI 711 FM 103.7 AmadeusSpanishClassical20Buenos Aires89
LRI 807 FM 106.1 FM 10 Radio CiudadSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires17
LRI 832 FM 89.3 FM 88SpanishGeneral Station20Ayacucho5
LRI 858 FM 91.9 FM DiezSpanishLove Songs32Pedro Luro24
LRI 966 FM 103.1 Cadena 103SpanishGeneral Station130Olavarria13
LRI FM 89.9 Radio PlusSpanishDance, Trance & Techno32Villa Gesell39
LRJ 343 FM 99.5 Radio Cruz del EjeSpanishFolklore20Cruz del eje15
LRJ 357 FM 95.3 Radio VidaSpanishGeneral Station16Caucete0
LRJ 391 FM 102.3 Sudamericana FMSpanishGeneral Station24Cordoba1
LRJ 417 FM90.5 FM FamiliaSpanishReligious32Villanueva22
LRJ 717 FM 100.5 Radio La VozSpanishGeneral Station32San Juan16
LRJ 789 FM 99.7 Radio La CumbreSpanishReligious20Iglesia28
LRJ 856 FM 105.3 Mediterranea FMSpanishAdult Cont.20Cordoba13
LRJ 889 FM 102.9 Estacion del RioSpanishFolklore20Cordoba15
LRJ 890 FM 91.5 Estacion 95SpanishGeneral Station64Cordoba11
LRJ 917 FM 107.7 Radio FlashSpanishGeneral Station24Santa Rosa10
LRK 731 FM 89.3 FM AlbaSpanishSalsa & Tropical24Salta20
LRK 802 FM 95.7 Radio MediterraneaSpanishFull Service24Concepcion10
LRL 306 FM 91.7 Radio UrquizaSpanishJazz & Blues24Buenos Aires16
LRL 317 FM 93.7 Radio FederalSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires12
LRL 384 FM 91.5 Radio CaserosSpanishTango20Buenos Aires44
LRM 337 FM 96.7 Radiofonica San PedroSpanishAdult Cont.20San Pedro0
LRM 379 FM 100.3 Radio La CienSpanishGeneral Station22Pellegrini41
LRM 424 FM 104.3 Platino FMSpanishAdult Cont.32Las Rosas9
LRM 782 FM 93.1 Radio RielSpanishGeneral Station32Basavillabaso8
LRM 811 FM 90.3 DecadasSpanishGeneral Station32San Pedro17
LRM 869 FM 94.3 Power FMSpanishGeneral Station24Recreo18
LS 1 AM 1110 Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires11
LS 11 AM 1270 Radio ProvinciaSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires12
LS 11 FM 97.1 Radio ProvinciaSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires10
LS 4 AM 590 ContinentalSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires243
LS 5 AM 630 Radio RivadaviaSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires77
LT 10 AM 1020 Radio UniversidadSpanishCollege24Santa Fe29
LT 12 AM 840 General MadariagaSpanishFull Service16Corrientes3
LT 14 AM 1260 Radio General UrquizaSpanishFull Service24Parana10
LT 15 AM 560 Radio del LitoralSpanishFull Service60Concordia17
LT 17 Radio ProvinciaSpanishGeneral Station24Misiones18
LT 23 AM 1550 Radio RegionalSpanishFull Service24San Jenaro Norte6
LT 24 AM 1430 Radio San NicolasSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires14
LT 24 FM 88 Radio San NicolasSpanishRock & Pop24Buenos Aires17
LT 25 AM 970 Radio GuaraniSpanishFull Service16Curuzu1
LT 28 AM 1470 Radio RafaelaSpanishFull Service24Rafaela7
LT 29 AM 1460 Radio Venado TuertoSpanishFull Service24Venado Tuerto15
LT 3 AM 680SpanishNews/Talk6Rosario0
LT 33 AM 1560 Radio 9 de JulioSpanishGeneral Station32Buenos Aires13
LT 38 AM 1520 Radio GualeguaySpanishFull Service20Gualeguay13
LT 4 AM 670 Radiodifusora MisionesSpanishFull Service16Posadas24
LT 4 FM 104.5 Radiodifusora MisionesSpanishFull Service22Posadas26
LT 41 AM 660SpanishFull Service24Entre Rios2
LT 43 AM 800 Radio MocoviSpanishFull Service24Charata16
LT 7 AM 900 Corrientes NoticiasSpanishNews/Talk24Corrientes1
LT 9 AM 1150 Radio Brigadier LopezSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires14
LU 11 AM 1280 Radio Trenque LauquenSpanishGeneral Station20Trenque Launquen16
LU 18 AM 640 Radio La ValleSpanishFull Service10Rio Negro4
LU 19 FM ComahueSpanishFull Service56Cipolletti12
LU 2 AM 840 Radio Bahia BlancaSpanishFull Service6Bahia Blanca25
LU 22 AM 1140 Radio TandilSpanishFull Service17Tandil6
LU 24 AM 820 Radio Tres ArroyosSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires10
LU 32 AM 1160 Radio Coronel OlavarriaSpanishFull Service32Olavarria7
LU 33 AM 890 Radio PampeanaSpanishLatin Hits16Santa Rosa17
LU 37 AM 980SpanishFull Service24General Pico5
LU 5 AM 600SpanishFull Service16Neuquen9
LU 6 AM 760 Radio AtlanticaSpanishFull Service24Cordoba12
LV 12 AM 590 Radio IndependenciaSpanishFull Service24Tucuman12
LV 12 FM 98.9 FM IndependenciaSpanishAdult Cont.24Tucuman17
LV 16 AM 1010 Radio Rio CuartoSpanishFull Service20Rio Cuarto26
LV 16 FM 93.9 Radio Rio CuartoSpanishGeneral Station20Cordoba30
LV 2 AM 970SpanishFull Service48Cordoba8
LV 26 AM 1430 Radio Rio TerceroSpanishFull Service20Rio Tercero16
LV 28 AM 930 Radio Villa MariaSpanishNews/Talk32Buenos Aires24
LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3SpanishFull Service20Cordoba54
LV 4 AM 620 Radio San RafaelSpanishFull Service16Mendoza22
LV 7 AM 930 Radio TucumanSpanishFull Service32Tucuman39
LV 9 AM 840 Radio SaltaSpanishFull Service16Salta36
LW 4 AM 1080 Radio MariaSpanishReligious16Buenos Aires21
Radio 10SpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires232
Radio MisionesSpanishGeneral Station32Posadas64
Radio PanoramaSpanishGeneral Station50Santiago del Estero19

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