Antarctica, a frozen continent about 5.4 million square miles, is south of any other continent on earth. Underlying the South Pole, a point where the earth’s rotational axis intersects the surface, this region in the Southern Ocean is in the southern hemisphere. It’s a continent with enormous mountain ranges and vast ice shelves, a land of rock, water, ice, and snow stretching for miles in every direction, with ninety-eight percent of it covered with ice a mile thick. There are no native inhabitants, only visitors, mainly scientists, researchers, government officials, support staff, and tourists. Human beings here, unlike most places on earth, are not allowed to hunt or interfere with the flora, like the tundra vegetation and algae, and the fauna, like penguins and seals. Moreover, the wildlife here unaccustomed to people, is not afraid of them. Governed by a treaty signed by 46 countries, which agrees that no single country has territorial rights and that the continent should remain demilitarized and a place for scientific research, Antarctica is open to everyone. However, it is also a place where human development is not encouraged and apart from scientists, tourism and oil drilling operations, there are no other human activities. The human population averages from one thousand to five thousand people through the year in this inhospitable environment. This continent has the highest elevation, and no other continent is as cold, dry, and windy. WorldTVRadio is proud to bring you a radio station on Antarctica called A Net Station. This offers a General Station broadcasting in English. Listen to it free today by simply clicking a station and pressing the “launch” button for the Antarctica radio station.

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