Travelling to Vietnam to hear the native language spoken is not necessary—it can be as simple as tuning in to one of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s radio stations. Why not listen to one of the Ho Chi Minh City stations, right in the heart of Vietnam? Up to the minute news, is brought to the listener every day, twenty four hours a day. If it’s political news that the global listener is seeking in Vietnam, WorldTVRadio Tuner’s VOV Vietnam 2 will be a good start. Whether the coverage in Vietnamese is covering political news in one of the many regions of Vietnam, nationally or globally, WorldTVRadio Tuner’s VOV Vietnam 2 will do the job well—in Vietnamese.

Wanting to keep up with the latest entertainment information? Check out WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Vietnamese speaking KVNR Little Saigon Radio 1480 AM, based in Orange County, California. Late-breaking entertainment news, and native Vietnamese songs, all discussed about by the Vietnamese speaking hosts. Even better, anyone in the world can tune into this radio station—and join into the fun. The broadcast is live, and easy on the Vietnamese speaker’s ears.

Other choices exist as well, for Vietnamese language speakers—and WorldTVRadio Tuner has them. VOV Vietnam 4 is another choice, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Keeping up with agricultural news, economic turns of events as well as sports, WorldTVRadio Tuner’s VOV Vietnam 4 is a great choice for many Vietnamese language speakers to tune into. So make life simple, and enjoyable as well for all Vietnamese language speakers—tune into one of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Vietnamese stations, and relax!

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Vietnamese

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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KVNR Little Saigon Radio 1480 AMUSA CaliforniaEthnic6CA, Orange County30
KWIS Little Saigon Radio 1480 AMUSA CaliforniaEthnic6CA, Santa Ana27
VOV Voice Of Vietnam 1VietnamGeneral Station20Ho Chi Minh83
VOV Voice Of Vietnam 2VietnamGeneral Station32Ho Chi Minh60
VOV Voice Of Vietnam 3VietnamGeneral Station40Ho Chi Minh54
VOV Voice Of Vietnam 6VietnamGeneral Station20Ho Chi Minh39

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