Interested in checking out the native language of Pakistan? For those speakers of the Urdu language, listening to WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Pakistan, based in Karachi is a ray of sunshine. Broadcast globally, live, gaining access to the news about the constant political upheavals in the many different regions of Pakistan is easy to keep up with. Understanding the regional, national and international news involving Pakistan, in the Urdu language helps native listeners feel more at ease.

Learn about the sales in the bazaars that continually go on in Quezetta’s very old streets, or the events of the much more up-to-date, current streets of Karachi. Tourism comes and goes in Pakistan because of the constant fighting. However, listening to the native Urdu language being spoken on WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Pakistan makes the listener feel more comfortable about going for a possible jaunt through the tribal lands of the Kybher Pass.

Ascertaining information about the shrines in Uch Sharif, or the Hindukush region—where listeners will find more information about three valleys that are very far away, with a culture that is elegant, and sweet. Urdu-speaking natives can keep up with the events there or in Karachi. That touch of authenticity that is given by listening to the Urdu language while tuned into WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Pakistan is truly great. So the next time you plan on flying into to visit, and want to catch a ride, let Radio Pakistan’s Urdu-speaking announcers tell you which of the crossing is the safest to come through. Simply point, click and tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Pakistan—and all will be well!

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