More than thirty different Turkish language stations provide Turkish speaking listeners with the opportunity to keep up to date with everything—in their native language. What is unique about the thirty plus different stations is the fact that they are not all located in Turkey—they are spread out all over the world. Take advantage of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radyo Megastar 102.7 from Aydin in Turkey--it will provide listeners with everyday political and economic information of the native country—in the native language!

Listeners who are looking for an entertainment based format should check out WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radyo Klas 89.5 FM. Keeping up with the arts, crafts and even sports is easily done on the station, based out of Samsun, Turkey. Speaking Turkish, native speakers around the world are more than pleased to tune into the radio with a simple point and click to one of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s many stations and reap the benefits. Listening to classical Turkish music on WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Bayrak Klasic is a pleasure for anyone listening, but something of a rarity for Turkish listeners—there are not that many native Turkish speaking stations that are dedicated to classical music.

United Kingdom listeners are able to keep up with everything in the Turkish world by listening to WorldTVRadio Tuner’s London Turkish Radio, based in London, England. Political news, economic, as well as sports and entertainment are all covered by London Turkish Radio. So why not take the time to visit WorldTVRadio Tuner’s numerous Turkish speaking radio stations? There is nothing like being able to listen to the native language one was brought up with, so enjoy it!

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Turkish

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Bayrak FMCyprusGeneral Station20Nicosia31
Bayrak InternationalCyprusGeneral Station20Nicosia25
Bayrak KlasicCyprusClassical20Nicosia28
Bayrak RadyosuCyprusGeneral Station20Nicosia10
FM Izmir 101TurkeyGeneral Station32Izmir106
Gozde FMTurkeyGeneral Station20Kirklareli47
Guneydogu Radyo 99.6 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Sanliurfa32
London Turkish RadioUnited KingdomGeneral Station102London29
Mavi Radyo 94.5 FMTurkeyGeneral Station20Hatay64
Ozlem FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Tokat59
Radyo Alfa FMTurkeyAdult Cont.20Samsun43
Radyo ARTTurkeyGeneral Station20Diyarbakir36
Radyo AymegaTurkeyFolklore24Aydin42
Radyo Cag 98.0 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Izmir17
Radyo Damar FMTurkeyGeneral Station20Samsun56
Radyo E 90.2 FMTurkeyGeneral Station40Elazig27
Radyo Express 95.5 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Konya28
Radyo EzgiTurkeyGeneral Station36Istambul29
Radyo Ilk Adim 98.8 FMTurkeyGeneral Station20Samsun21
Radyo Kent 97.1 FMTurkeyGeneral Station20Gaziantep31
Radyo Klas 89.5 FMTurkeyTop 4040Samsun41
Radyo MalatyaTurkeyGeneral Station32Malatya23
Radyo MaviTurkeyNews/Talk32Kocaeli41
Radyo Megastar 102.7 FMTurkeyGeneral Station24Aydin31
Radyo Mola 94.0 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Edyrne28
Radyo Net 97.8 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Eskisehir21
Radyo SahTurkeyAdult Cont.20Mugla30
Radyo Yanki 91.0 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Bolu28
SDU RadyoTurkeyAdult Cont.232Istambul37
Sirinnar RadyoTurkeyGeneral Station20Gaziantep32
Sun Radyo 96.1 FMTurkeyGeneral Station32Mersin38
Yasemin FMCyprusClassical20Nicosia43

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