The official language of Thailand, Thai is a part of the Tai-Kadai language family and is spoken by more than 64 million people worldwide. Though while many of the vocabulary of the Thai language is borrowed from other languages in the region, including Sanskrit, Pali and Khmer, linguist have never been able to link the Thai language or any of the other languages in the Tai-Kadai family to any others. There are several dialects of the Thai language which are spoken throughout Thaland by the Thai people. Along with Standard Thai, which is also known as Siamese, natives of Thailand also speak Khorat Thai as well as Norther Thai, Phu Thai, Thai Dam and many others. In fact, there are more than a dozen different dialects of the Thai language which makes it as diverse as the people who speak it. If you speak Thai and have a love for the Thai peopl and culture WorldTVRadio Tuner offers more than fifty radio stations that stream right to your home or office computer anywher ein the world. And best of all, the Thai radio stations from WorldTVRadio Tuner are absolutely free. Whether you want to listen to news and talk on 101 INN News Channel or MCOT Radio 100.5 FM out of Bangkok, sports coverage on MCOT Sport Radio 99 FM, or any of our great general stations which provide humor, news and popular music, such as Radio Thailand Korat, Radio Phuket 96.7 FM and Nation Radio, WorldTVRadio Tuner is your source for all your live, streaming Internet radio.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Thai

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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101 INN News ChannelThailandNews/Talk20Bangkok207
103.5 FM OneThailandAdult Cont.20Bangkok408
89 Banana FMThailandAdult Cont.32Bangkok220
BB Pop RadioThailandAdult Cont.128Bangkok232
Chiangrai RadioThailandGeneral Station20Bangkok79
Cool 93.0 FMThailandAdult Cont.20Bangkok659
E 94 FMThailandGeneral Station32Bangkok84
Faikham Internet Radio RU Channel 2ThailandGeneral Station56Bangkok50
Fat Radio 104.5 FMThailandAdult Cont.32Bangkok104
FM TV KhonkaenThailandGeneral Station32Bangkok68
Get Radio 102.5 FMThailandAdult Cont.32Bangkok194
Green Wave 106.5 FMThailandAdult Cont.32Bangkok134
Hot Wave 91.5 FMThailandTop 4032Bangkok169
Latte 106 FMThailandAdult Cont.22Bangkok41
Max 88.5 FMThailandAdult Cont.128Bangkok149
MCOT MET 107 FMThailandGeneral Station22Bangkok66
MCOT Modern Radio 95 FMThailandGeneral Station22Bangkok131
MCOT News Station 100.5 FMThailandNews/Talk22Bangkok66
MCOT Radio 100.5 FMThailandNews/Talk22Bangkok44
MCOT Seed 97.5 FMThailandGeneral Station22Bangkok225
MCOT Sport Radio 99 FMThailandSports22Bangkok68
MCOT Thinking Radio 96.5 FMThailandNews/Talk22Bangkok38
Nakhonsi Internet RadioThailandGeneral Station64Bangkok33
Nation RadioThailandGeneral Station32Bangkok37
Radio ChaiyaphumThailandGeneral Station20Bangkok11
Radio Krabi 98.5 FMThailandNews/Talk24Bangkok17
Radio NBT Chumphon 100 FMThailandNews/Talk24Bangkok19
Radio Phetchaburi 95.7 FMThailandGeneral Station48Bangkok21
Radio Phuket 96.7 FMThailandGeneral Station40Bangkok32
Radio Surat 93.5 FMThailandAdult Cont.20Bangkok27
Radio Surat 97 FMThailandNews/Talk24Bangkok27
Radio Thailand 101.2 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok59
Radio Thailand 106.5 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok42
Radio Thailand 90.2 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok40
Radio Thailand 91.7 FM RayongThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok24
Radio Thailand 92.7 FMThailandNews/Talk24Bangkok37
Radio Thailand 99.5 FMThailandGeneral Station20Bangkok41
Radio Thailand 99.7 FMThailandAdult Cont.24Bangkok31
Radio Thailand Betong Yala 93 FMThailandGeneral Station48Bangkok86
Radio Thailand KoratThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok29
Radio Thailand LoeiThailandFolklore16Bangkok27
Radio Thailand MKThailandNews/Talk24Bangkok18
Radio Thailand NBLThailandFolklore24Bangkok21
Radio Thailand Pattani 101 FMThailandAdult Cont.24Bangkok185
Radio Thailand Phatthalung 98 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok33
Radio Thailand Satun 95.5 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok250
Radio Thailand SKThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok35
Radio Thailand Trang 91.2 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok22
Radio Thailand Yala 92 FMThailandGeneral Station24Bangkok292
Surin RadioThailandEthnic128Bangkok52

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