Want to stay close to your Swedish roots or learn more about the Swedish people and culture? WorldTVRadio Tuner makes it easier than ever by providing a great selection of radio stations direct from the country of Sweden. With more than 10 million Swedish speaking people worldwide, there is a good possibility that you have had some contact with the language. The history of the Swedish language dates back to the 12th century CE when the Old Norse language diverged into separate dialects, including the dialects of both Sweden and Denmark. Today the Swedish language is considered an official language of not only Sweden, but also Finland and the European Union Nordic Council. In fact, Swedish can be heard throughout Northern Europe as well as all over America. And WorldTVRadio Tuner makes listening to programming in the Swedish language easier than ever before. With more than 50 stations to choose from you can listen to top 40 music on SRP3 Street, hard rock on SR P3 Rockstar and modern hip-hop on SR Din Gata 100.6 FM. Along with popular music styles, WorldTVRadio Tuner also provide up to the minute news and talk on SR Minnen and sports coverage on SR P4 Radiosporten. We even provide great general stations which will give you a mix of everything you need in the Swedish language. And best of all, the Swedish language stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner are available absolutely free. So visit WorldTVRadio Tuner today and take advantage of our great radio stations from around the world.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Swedish

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Bandit Rock 106.3 FMSwedenRock & Pop96Stockholm64
Gayradion 95.3 FMSwedenOther32Stockholm18
Mix MegapolSwedenTop 4058Stockholm49
MRS 90 1/2 90.5 FMSwedenJazz & Blues128Stockholm29
NRJ Sverige 105.1 FMSwedenTop 4048Stockholm10
Radio Active 103.9 FMSwedenGeneral Station128Stockholm16
Radio AF 99.1 FMSwedenCollege16Lunds13
Radio City 106.5 FMSwedenAdult Cont.16Stockholm19
Radio Falkoping 90.8 FMSwedenGeneral Station64Falkoping8
Radio Guld 106.6 FMSwedenClassic Hits128Sundsvall18
Radio Lugna FavoriterSwedenAdult Cont.48Stockholm10
Rix 104.2 FMSwedenAdult Cont.48Umea11
Rock Klassiker 106.7 FMSwedenClassic Rock48Stockholm40
Soundic RadioSwedenAdult Cont.128Webcast5
SR c ett ljudmagasinSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm2
SR Din Gata 100.6 FMSwedenHip-Hop96Stockholm33
SR Klassiskt MelodiradioSwedenClassical96Stockholm26
SR MinnenSwedenNews/Talk96Stockholm7
SR MozartSwedenClassical96Stockholm45
SR P1SwedenGeneral Station64Stockholm2
SR P2 MusikSwedenClassical96Stockholm24
SR P3SwedenAdult Cont.96Stockholm1
SR P3 RocksterSwedenHard Rock96Stockholm43
SR P3 StarSwedenTop 4096Stockholm6
SR P3 StreetSwedenTop 4096Stockholm5
SR P3 SveaSwedenTop 4096Stockholm5
SR P4 BlekingeSwedenGeneral Station96Beklinge4
SR P4 DalarnaSwedenGeneral Station96Dalarna1
SR P4 GavleborgSwedenGeneral Station96Gavleborg1
SR P4 GoteborgSwedenGeneral Station96Goteborg9
SR P4 GotlandSwedenGeneral Station96Gotland3
SR P4 HallandSwedenGeneral Station96Halland0
SR P4 JamtlandSwedenGeneral Station96Jamtland0
SR P4 JonkopingSwedenGeneral Station96Jonkoping1
SR P4 KalmarSwedenGeneral Station96Kalmar0
SR P4 KristianstadSwedenGeneral Station96Kristianstad2
SR P4 KronobergSwedenGeneral Station96Kronoberg0
SR P4 MalmoSwedenGeneral Station96Malmo4
SR P4 NorrbottenSwedenGeneral Station96Norrbotten0
SR P4 OrebroSwedenGeneral Station96Orebro0
SR P4 OstergotlandSwedenGeneral Station96Ostergotland1
SR P4 Radio VastSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm4
SR P4 RadiosportenSwedenSports96Stockholm6
SR P4 SjuharadSwedenGeneral Station96Sjuharad1
SR P4 SkaraborgSwedenGeneral Station96Skaraborg1
SR P4 SormlandSwedenGeneral Station96Sormland2
SR P4 StockholmSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm6
SR P4 UpplandSwedenGeneral Station96Uppland2
SR P4 VarmlandSwedenGeneral Station96Varmland4
SR P4 VasterbottenSwedenGeneral Station96Vasterbotten3
SR P4 VasternorrlandSwedenGeneral Station96Vasternorrland2
SR P4 VastmanlandSwedenGeneral Station96Vastmanland2
SR P5 Radio Stockholm 103.3 FMSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm12
SR P7 SisuradioSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm2
SR Sapmi KanalSwedenEthnic96Stockholm6
SR SverigeSwedenGeneral Station96Stockholm6
SR XSwedenRock & Pop96Stockholm9
Studentradio 103.1 FMSwedenCollege48Goteborg10
Vinyl 107.1 FMSwedenOldies58Stockholm31

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