Are you looking for the best in Slovak language radio and don't know where to start? WorldTVRadio Tuner is a streaming Internet radio provider that offers op quality radio stations in nearly every language spoken on Earth, including more than 20 in the Slovak language. Spoken by over 7 million people worldwide, the Slovak language may not be the most popular language on Earth, but is surely one of the most unique. Spoken throughout Central Europe, the Slovak language is considered an official language in several countries, including Slovakia, Serbia and the European Union as well as being an official minority language in the Ukraine. Being a descendant from the Proto-Slavic language, Slovak is closely related to the Czech language and draws heavy influences from Hungarian, German, Latin and even English. Whether you consider Slovak to be your native tongue or simply have a love for the Slovak language and the people who speak it you can find great radio programming on WorldTVRadio Tuner that will help keep you up to date on news from the Slovak Republic along with popular music and much more. With WorldTVRadio Tuner you will have access to a variety of great general stations, such as Slovak Internet Radio, Radio Slovensko and Radio Regina Banska Bystrica as well as Cultural programming on Art Radio. We even bring popular music from the Slovak Republic to your fingertips, including top 40 on Beta Radio 93.9 FM, adult contemporary on Radio Viva and Rock and pop music on Rock Radio. And best of all, the great Slovak language programming from WorldTVRadio Tuner is available absolutely free!

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Slovak

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Art RadioSlovak RepublicCultural64Webcast21
Beta Radio 93.9 FMSlovak RepublicTop 4032Bojnice17
Jemne Melodie RadioSlovak RepublicGeneral Station128Presov44
N-Radio 95.2 FMSlovak RepublicAdult Cont.32Nitra17
Radio DevinSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Bratislava11
Radio Duha 89.1 FMSlovak RepublicAdult Cont.32Dubnica13
Radio FMSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Bratislava27
Radio FrontinusSlovak RepublicAdult Cont.32Zilina10
Radio Hit 91.8 FMSlovak RepublicTop 4032Partizanske26
Radio Lumen 105.8 FMSlovak RepublicGeneral Station32Cadca9
Radio Max 101.0 FMSlovak RepublicGeneral Station32Webcast18
Radio PatriaSlovak RepublicGeneral Station32Bratislava10
Radio Regina Banska BystricaSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Bratislava9
Radio Regina KosiceSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Bratislava8
Radio SlovenskoSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Bratislava18
Radio VivaSlovak RepublicAdult Cont.96Bratislava42
Radio Zet 94.5 FMSlovak RepublicAdult Cont.56Zilina33
Rock RadioSlovak RepublicRock & Pop128Bratislava16
RTI Radio Tatras InternationalUnited KingdomGeneral Station128London10
Slovak Internet RadioSlovak RepublicGeneral Station64Webcast26

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