Spoken by more than 12 million people throughout the world, the Serbian language has a history that dates back to the 15th century CE. Considered an official language in eight different nations, including not only Serbia, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Greece, the Serbian people have made their home in all corners of our planet. But just because you have moved from your native country does not mean you shouldn't hear great radio programming in your native Serbian language. This is why WorldTVRadio Tuner provides more than three dozen streaming radio stations that are available to you at the click of a mouse. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the road, with WorldTVRadio Tuner you have access to popular Serbian content absolutely free! And all of our Serbian language stations are broadcast from countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina so you can rest assured that you are getting a first hand look at what is popular to the Serbian people. With WorldTVRadio Tuner you can choose from news and talk stations, such as Radio Bihac 92.3 FM and Radio FBiH or great music, including top 40 on Radio Beograd 202 and adult contemporary on Alfa Radio 104.9 FM. We even provide Ethnic stations, such as MB Radio Paris and Radio Lipovac which will help keep you up to date on what is going on in Boznia and Herzegovina as well as the Serbian speaking people. If you want the best streaming radio the Internet has to offer you can't beat WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Serbian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Alfa Radio 104.9 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Cont.64Sarajevo100
Big Radio 1 96.3 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station24Banja Luka57
Big Radio 2 91.5 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station24Banja Luka42
eFM RadioBosnia and HerzegovinaElectronica32Sarajevo60
Kalman RadioBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station32Sarajevo52
MB Radio ParisBosnia and HerzegovinaEthnic64Webcast63
MegaradioBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station128Webcast57
Radio 202 93.1 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service32Sarajevo60
Radio BalkanBosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Cont.32Banja Luka64
Radio Beograd 1Full Service32Belgrade53
Radio Beograd 2Classical32Belgrade32
Radio Beograd 202Top 4045Belgrade35
Radio Bihac 92.3 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaNews/Talk56Bihac50
Radio Brcko 92.8 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service32Brcko34
Radio BusovacaBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service48Busovaca36
Radio DzunglaBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service32Doboj73
Radio FBiHBosnia and HerzegovinaNews/Talk32Sarajevo37
Radio FeralBosnia and HerzegovinaEthnic64Kalesija35
Radio Glas DrineBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station32Sapna43
Radio Istocno SarajevoBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service64Sarajevo41
Radio KamaleonBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station24Webcast47
Radio KljucBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station32Kljuc30
Radio KoktelBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service64Webcast34
Radio LipovacBosnia and HerzegovinaEthnic64Webcast36
Radio M 98.7 FMBosnia and HerzegovinaAdult Cont.48Sarajevo28
Radio MegahitBosnia and HerzegovinaEthnic64Webcast43
Radio Mir MedugorjeBosnia and HerzegovinaReligious24Medugorje28
Radio MostarBosnia and HerzegovinaFull Service28Mostar38
Radio Televizija FederacijeBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station32Sarajevo45
Radio Televizija UnskoBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station128Bihac29
RSG Radio Stari GradBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station32Sarajevo49
RTBN Radio Televizija BNBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station128The Hague55
Svet Plus RadioBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station64Webcast62
Vikom RadioBosnia and HerzegovinaGeneral Station24Banja Luka30

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