If you speak Russian and have a love for the Russian culture and its people, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers more than 50 great radio stations which will bring up close and personal with popular Russian music, news, talk sports and much more. Spoken by more than 278 million people worldwide, with 164 million claiming it as their primary language, Russian is one of the most widely spoken and popular languages on Earth. Considered one of the most difficult languages to learn by many linguists, the Russian language and especially Russian literature is both complex and beautiful. And the Russian language is also considered an official language in many countries, such as Russia, Kazakhastan, Belarus and Crimea as well as the United Nations. In fact, many languages are derived from RusēŸ”ian, such as Balachka, Quelia, Trasiank and Rusenorsk. With a culture that is as diverse and beautiful as the language they speak, it is no surprise that the Russian people want to stay close to their cultural roots. And WorldTVRadio Tuner can help with live streaming radio delivered to your home or office computer absolutely free! Some of the great stations you will find on WorldTVRadio Tuner's Russian dial include a variety of general stations which give you a mix of news, sports and music, such as Nezalezhnist Radio, Radio KTR and Radio Mashal as well as top 40 music on Radio Max 106 FM and wonderful Russian folklore on 101 Russian songs, And most of our Russian language stations are brought to you direct from Russian speaking countries, such as Uzbekistan, the Ukraine and the Russian Federation. So check out WorldTVRadio Tuner today and see the difference real streaming radio can make.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Russian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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101 DanceRussian FederationDance, Trance & Techno64Webcast395
101 Disco 80Russian FederationDisco64Webcast470
101 Rock RadioRussian FederationRock & Pop32Webcast303
101 Russian SongsRussian FederationFolklore32Webcast333
Alise Plus 101.6 FMLatviaAdult Cont.64Riga73
Avto Radio 90.3 FMRussian FederationClassic Hits22Moscow221
DFM Dinamit Radio 101.2 FMRussian FederationTop 4032Moscow240
Echo of MoscowRussian FederationNews/Talk32Moscow230
Europa 107 FMUkraineTop 4064Kiev176
Europa PlusRussian FederationTop 4032Moscow320
Europa Plus 95.6 FMUkraineRock & Pop64Kiev154
JazzNetRussian FederationJazz & Blues32Krasnoyarsk71
Latvijas Radio 4 - Doma laukumsLatviaTop 4064Riga26
Nase Radio 107.9 FMUkraineGeneral Station32Kiev128
Nashe Radio 101.7 FMRussian FederationGeneral Station380Moscow190
Nezalezhnist RadioUkraineGeneral Station16L'viv79
Novoe RadioUSA CaliforniaEthnic64CA, San Francisco58
Raadio 4 94.5 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.48Tallinn20
Raadio Marta 100.7 FMEstoniaTop 40128Polva26
Radio 100 FMEstoniaGeneral Station48Narva36
Radio Baltic PlusRussian FederationRock & Pop20Kaliningrag112
Radio Energy 104.2 FMRussian FederationTop 4032Moscow158
Radio Humor 88.7 FMRussian FederationComedy32Moscow162
Radio KTRKyrgyzstanGeneral Station128Bishkek17
Radio KTR 104.1 FMKyrgyzstanGeneral Station128Bishkek17
Radio MashalUzbekistanGeneral Station20Mashal38
Radio Max 106 FMKyrgyzstanTop 40128Bishkek20
Radio Max 106 FMKyrgyzstanDance, Trance & Techno128Bishkek68
Radio MayakRussian FederationGeneral Station64Moscow149
Radio Melodia 91.1 FMRussian FederationAdult Cont.32St. Pertersburg138
Radio Mix 107.3 FMUkraineRock & Pop56Dnepropetrovsk110
Radio Renessans 96.8 FMUkraineJazz & Blues128Kiev77
Radio RoksBelarusFull Service24Minsk0
Radio Samara Maximum 104.3 FMRussian FederationGeneral Station20Samara138
Radio Shanson 101.9 FMUkraineRock & Pop128Kiev111
Radio Stolitsa 105.5 FMUkraineDance, Trance & Techno24Kiev74
Radio SWH +LatviaAdult Cont.128Riga22
Radio TashkentUzbekistanGeneral Station20Tashkent42
Radio Ukraine International Third ChannelUkraineGeneral Station16Kiev75
Radio UnitonRussian FederationTop 40128Novosibirsk83
Radio UzbekistanUzbekistanGeneral Station20Tashkent32
Radio VBCRussian FederationGeneral Station96Vladivostok58
Radio YoshlarUzbekistanGeneral Station20Yoshlar38
Russian PopArmeniaRock & Pop24Yerevan68
Russian ShansonArmeniaGeneral Station24Yerevan68
Russkoe RadioRussian FederationFull Service32Moscow258
Russkoe Radio 90.6 FMEstoniaAdult Cont.64Tallinn63
Silver Rain RadioRussian FederationAdult Cont.24Moscow89
Sky Radio 98.4 FMEstoniaDance, Trance & Techno64Tallinn0
Stars RadioRussian FederationDance, Trance & Techno64Webcast130
Tele 2 Power Hit Radio 103.9 FMEstoniaDance, Trance & Techno64Parnu73
Voice of RussiaRussian FederationGeneral Station64Moscow137

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