Are you looking for the best radio the world has to offer? WorldTVRadio Tuner offers live streaming radio stations in practically every language on earth, including Romanian. Across the globe, the Romanian language, which is also known as Daco-Romanian is spoken by more than 28 million people and is an official language in several nations, including not only Romania, but also Moldova, Serbia and the European Union. One of the world's Romance Languages, Romanian can be heard throughout other countries as well, such as Croatia, Spain, Russia, Canada and even the United States. And with a history that dates back to the second century CE, the Romanian language and its many regional dialects are as diverse as the wonderful people who speak it. Whether you consider Romanian your native language or just have a love for it and the Romanian people and culture, WorldTVRadio Tuner provides 17 great streaming radio stations that you can listen to at home or while working that will keep you up to date on the culture, politics and popular music throughout the country of Romania. Some of our popular Romanian stations include RFI Romania 93.5 FM which brings you the best in news and talk from Bucharest as well as great Adult Contemporary stations to relax to, including Radio Bucaresti, Radio Romantic 101.9 FM and Radio Brasov 87.8 FM. You can even listen to popular Romanian hard rock on Radio 3 Net and dance music on Radio Minisat 98.5 FM. No matter what your interest, WorldTVRadio Tuner has the Romanian language station for you absolutely free!

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Romanian

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
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Prima Radio 87.9 FMRomaniaDance, Trance & Techno24Webcast206
Radio 3 NetRomaniaHard Rock128Bucharest129
Radio Brasov 87.8 FMRomaniaAdult Cont.56Brasov123
Radio BucarestiRomaniaAdult Cont.20Bucharest178
Radio Cluj 95.6 FMRomaniaGeneral Station32Bucharest101
Radio Dor De TaraRomaniaLove Songs64Bucharest110
Radio GaGa 88 FMRomaniaTop 4096Bucharest91
Radio Guerrilla 94.8 FMRomaniaRock & Pop64Bucharest127
Radio Iasi 96.3 FMRomaniaGeneral Station20Lasi90
Radio Metronom 89 FMRomaniaAdult Cont.24Valcea57
Radio Minisat 98.5 FMRomaniaDance, Trance & Techno128Targoviste73
Radio Puls 94.7 FMRomaniaClassic Hits48Targoviste72
Radio Romantic 101.9 FMRomaniaAdult Cont.128Bucharest146
Radio Total 96.9 FMRomaniaTop 40128Bucharest109
Radio Webcast MediaRomaniaTop 4056Webcast49
RFI Romania 93.5 FMRomaniaNews/Talk32Bucharest76
WYLFM Radio Activitate 88.7 FMRomaniaTop 40128Targoviste87

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