Portugal may look small on the map, but this great nation made a sweeping influence on the cultures of the world. Today, over 200 million people are native speakers of Portuguese, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. From Portugal in Western Europe to Brazil in South America and beyond Cape Verde off the coast of Africa, Portuguese is truly a language that knows no borders, reaching to every hemisphere on the planet.

With WorldTVRadio Tuner, we bring together all of the best Portuguese radio stations into one easy-to-use interface. You can stream Portuguese talk and news radio from any corner of the globe, no matter where you are or what time it is. From WBCN 104.1 from Massachusetts, U.S.A. to RDP Antenna 1 out of Lisboa, Portugal and Rede Nossa Radio 91.3 FM from Sao Paulo, Brazil, WorldTVRadio Tuner lets you stream crystal clear broadcasts straight to your computer speakers.

So, what are you in the mood for? Portuguese talk radio with the latest news, intriguing interviews and thought-provoking commentary? Or Top 40 Portuguese hits from artists from Africa, Brazil, Europe and North America? WorldTVRadio Tuner brings it all to you for free. You can begin listening instantly by clicking a station below and choosing "Launch." The radio station will begin playing immediately in your browser. Or you can check out the WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition or the WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition for even more functionality.

Be sure to bookmark this page - you'll find all the latest and greatest Portuguese radio stations right here at WorldTVRadio Tuner.

:: World TVRT radio stations in:: Portuguese

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryChannel TypeSpeedCityVisits
Click on station name to open information page
Acre 98.1 FMBrazilTop 4032Rio Branco392
Atlantico 92.2 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Olhao144
Braga Radio DJPortugalTop 4032Braga120
Cotonete AfricanaPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast219
Cotonete AlternativaPortugalAlternative24Webcast49
Cotonete Alternativa InternacionalPortugalAlternative96Webcast48
Cotonete AmbientPortugalEasy Listening96Webcast181
Cotonete Anos 50PortugalOldies96Webcast178
Cotonete Anos 60PortugalOldies96Webcast98
Cotonete Anos 70Portugal70s96Webcast153
Cotonete Anos 80Portugal80s22Webcast111
Cotonete Anos 80Portugal80s96Webcast88
Cotonete Anos 80 Grandes ExitosPortugal80s96Webcast144
Cotonete Anos 80 NacionalPortugal80s96Webcast73
Cotonete Anos 90Portugal90s96Webcast134
Cotonete BaladasPortugalLove Songs24Webcast67
Cotonete BaladasPortugalLove Songs96Webcast72
Cotonete Baladas ClassicosPortugalLove Songs96Webcast145
Cotonete Baladas OutrosPortugalLove Songs96Webcast41
Cotonete Baladas PopPortugalLove Songs96Webcast72
Cotonete Baladas RecentesPortugalLove Songs96Webcast49
Cotonete Baladas RockPortugalSoft Rock96Webcast87
Cotonete Baladas Soul/R&BPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast40
Cotonete Bandas SonorasPortugalSoundtracks96Webcast45
Cotonete Bandas Sonoras James BondPortugalSoundtracks96Webcast53
Cotonete Bandas Sonoras Oliver StonePortugalSoundtracks96Webcast30
Cotonete Bandas Sonoras Quentin TarantinoPortugalSoundtracks96Webcast39
Cotonete Best ofPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast16
Cotonete Best of 2004PortugalGeneral Station96Webcast12
Cotonete Best of 2005PortugalGeneral Station96Webcast15
Cotonete Best of EurovisaoPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast4
Cotonete Best of ImortaisPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast20
Cotonete Best of LivePortugalGeneral Station96Webcast20
Cotonete Best of NME: Top 100+PortugalClassic Hits96Webcast19
Cotonete Best of NME: Top AlbunsPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast9
Cotonete Best of R&B Hall of FamePortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast15
Cotonete Best of VH1: 100+PortugalClassic Hits96Webcast22
Cotonete Best of VH1: Hip-Hop 50+PortugalHip-Hop96Webcast78
Cotonete Best RockPortugalRock & Pop24Webcast52
Cotonete BluesPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast85
Cotonete BrasileiraPortugalFolklore96Webcast58
Cotonete Brasileira Axe/PopularPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast60
Cotonete Brasileira Bossa NovaPortugalBossa Nova96Webcast335
Cotonete Brasileira Brazilian BeatsPortugalOther96Webcast53
Cotonete Brasileira MPBPortugalOther96Webcast40
Cotonete Brasileira OutrosPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast32
Cotonete Brasileira Pop/RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast54
Cotonete Brasileira SertanejaPortugalOther96Webcast127
Cotonete Cao FMPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast11
Cotonete ChansonPortugalEasy Listening96Webcast17
Cotonete ClassicaPortugalClassical24Webcast32
Cotonete ClassicaPortugalClassical96Webcast33
Cotonete Classica BarrocaPortugalClassical96Webcast40
Cotonete Classica MedievalPortugalClassical96Webcast42
Cotonete Classica ModernaPortugalClassical96Webcast70
Cotonete Classica NacionalPortugalClassical96Webcast43
Cotonete Classica NatalPortugalClassical96Webcast35
Cotonete Classica Romantica/OperaPortugalClassical96Webcast52
Cotonete Clube DiscoPortugalDisco24Webcast125
Cotonete ConsagradosPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast20
Cotonete CotonetePortugalTop 4024Webcast6
Cotonete CountryPortugalCountry96Webcast71
Cotonete DancaPortugalDance, Trance & Techno24Webcast34
Cotonete DancaPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast24
Cotonete Danca Brazilian BeatsPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast43
Cotonete Danca BreackbeatPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast17
Cotonete Danca Chill OutPortugalAlternative96Webcast11
Cotonete Danca Disco SoundPortugalDisco96Webcast169
Cotonete Danca DubPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast22
Cotonete Danca ElectroPortugalElectronica96Webcast100
Cotonete Danca HousePortugalHouse96Webcast88
Cotonete Danca JunglePortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast15
Cotonete Danca Nu SoulPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast12
Cotonete Danca OutrosPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast17
Cotonete Danca TechnoPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast63
Cotonete Danca TrancePortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast76
Cotonete Danca Trip-HopPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast37
Cotonete DestaquePortugalClassic Hits96Webcast9
Cotonete Destaque Cotonete HitsPortugalTop 4096Webcast23
Cotonete Destaque Dance Club AwardPortugalDance, Trance & Techno96Webcast35
Cotonete Destaque EscolhasPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast4
Cotonete Destaque Metal/NovidadesPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast37
Cotonete Destaque Musicas PerdidasPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast21
Cotonete Destaque NamoradosPortugalLove Songs96Webcast57
Cotonete Destaque NovidadesPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast7
Cotonete Destaque Radio do AnoPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast8
Cotonete Destaque ReggaetonPortugalReggaeton96Webcast516
Cotonete Destaque Top 100PortugalTop 4096Webcast10
Cotonete Disco SoundPortugalDisco96Webcast101
Cotonete DivasPortugalLove Songs96Webcast14
Cotonete Divas BrasilPortugalLove Songs96Webcast35
Cotonete Divas EternasPortugalClassic Hits96Webcast17
Cotonete Divas PopPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast19
Cotonete Divas RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast16
Cotonete Divas SoulPortugalLove Songs96Webcast13
Cotonete EditorasPortugalEasy Listening96Webcast1
Cotonete Editoras Bor LandPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast0
Cotonete Editoras EdelPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast0
Cotonete Editoras TransformadoresPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast1
Cotonete Editoras UniversalPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast4
Cotonete FadoPortugalGeneral Station24Webcast20
Cotonete FestivaisPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast4
Cotonete Festivais 2006PortugalGeneral Station96Webcast4
Cotonete Festivais Paredes de CouraPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast2
Cotonete Festivais Rock in RioPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast30
Cotonete Festivais Sudoeste 2006PortugalGeneral Station96Webcast3
Cotonete FoxxPortugalEasy Listening48Webcast55
Cotonete FunkPortugalFunk96Webcast189
Cotonete Indie PopPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast3
Cotonete Indie RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast8
Cotonete InfantilPortugalKids96Webcast77
Cotonete JazzPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast25
Cotonete Jazz ImprescindiveisPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast17
Cotonete Jazz NovidadesPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast13
Cotonete Jazz Novos NomesPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast6
Cotonete Jazz OutrosPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast13
Cotonete LatinaPortugalLatin Hits24Webcast64
Cotonete LatinaPortugalLatin Hits96Webcast78
Cotonete Latina ConsagradosPortugalLatin Hits96Webcast70
Cotonete Latina PopPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast15
Cotonete MetalPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast36
Cotonete Metal Black/ DoomPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast66
Cotonete Metal GoticoPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast81
Cotonete Metal NacionalPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast26
Cotonete Metal NovidadesPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast29
Cotonete Metal NuPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast19
Cotonete Metal Power / TrashPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast82
Cotonete Metal SpeedPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast26
Cotonete Nacional AdultaPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast28
Cotonete Nacional AlternativaPortugalAlternative96Webcast12
Cotonete Nacional BaladasPortugalLove Songs96Webcast40
Cotonete Nacional ClassicaPortugalClassical96Webcast20
Cotonete Nacional FadoPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast21
Cotonete Nacional LigeiraPortugalEasy Listening96Webcast5
Cotonete Nacional Novas Divas FadoPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast6
Cotonete Nacional Pop / RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast20
Cotonete Nacional PopularPortugalPopular96Webcast53
Cotonete Nacional PopularPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast8
Cotonete Nacional PortugalPortugalPopular96Webcast27
Cotonete Nacional Rap / Hip-HopPortugalHip-Hop96Webcast84
Cotonete Nacional SeleccaoPortugalPopular96Webcast17
Cotonete Nacional TeenagerPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast5
Cotonete NacoesPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast0
Cotonete Nacoes AustraliaPortugalTop 4096Webcast8
Cotonete Nacoes CanadaPortugalTop 4096Webcast2
Cotonete Nacoes FinlandiaPortugalTop 4096Webcast1
Cotonete Nacoes FrancaPortugalTop 4096Webcast6
Cotonete Nacoes JapaoPortugalTop 4096Webcast4
Cotonete Nacoes NoruegaPortugalTop 4096Webcast2
Cotonete Nacoes SueciaPortugalTop 4096Webcast0
Cotonete New WavePortugalAlternative96Webcast5
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro JazzPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast7
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro Musica do MundoPortugalGeneral Station96Webcast8
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro Outras MusicasPortugalJazz & Blues96Webcast14
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro Rock ProgressivoPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast4
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro Vinil de OuroPortugalClassic Hits96Webcast3
Cotonete Nuno Rogeiro ZappatismoPortugalOther96Webcast3
Cotonete Pop JazzPortugalJazz & Blues48Webcast8
Cotonete Pop RockPortugalRock & Pop50Webcast8
Cotonete Pop/RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast9
Cotonete Pop/Rock Glam RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast5
Cotonete Pop/Rock GrungePortugalRock & Pop96Webcast15
Cotonete Pop/Rock NacionalPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast7
Cotonete Pop/Rock Nacional 80sPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast11
Cotonete Pop/Rock OutrosPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast9
Cotonete Pop/Rock PopPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast7
Cotonete Pop/Rock Pop RhythmPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast6
Cotonete Pop/Rock Pop Rock BrasilPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast10
Cotonete Pop/Rock RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast6
Cotonete Pop/Rock Rock IndustrialPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast3
Cotonete PortuguesaPortugalAdult Cont.50Webcast26
Cotonete PremiosPortugalOther96Webcast1
Cotonete Premios American AwardsPortugalOther96Webcast3
Cotonete Premios Brit Awards 2006PortugalOther96Webcast1
Cotonete Premios Grammys 2005PortugalTop 4096Webcast6
Cotonete Premios MTV Music AwardsPortugalTop 4096Webcast136
Cotonete Premios MTV Video AwardsPortugalTop 4096Webcast77
Cotonete PunkPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast91
Cotonete Radio InfluenzaPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast3
Cotonete Radio Super BockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast5
Cotonete Radio Super Bock AngolPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast3
Cotonete Rap Hip-HopPortugalHip-Hop96Webcast61
Cotonete Rap Hip-Hop GoldPortugalHip-Hop96Webcast49
Cotonete ReggaePortugalReggae96Webcast148
Cotonete Rock and RollPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast12
Cotonete Soul/R&BPortugalSoul96Webcast39
Cotonete Soul/R&B ClassicosPortugalSoul96Webcast40
Cotonete Soul/R&B Nu-SoulPortugalSoul96Webcast30
Cotonete Soul/R&B OutrosPortugalSoul96Webcast21
Cotonete Soul/R&B RecentesPortugalSoul96Webcast32
Cotonete StandardsPortugalOldies96Webcast4
Cotonete Standards 70s ate hojePortugalClassic Hits96Webcast8
Cotonete Standards Anos 20/30/40PortugalOldies96Webcast5
Cotonete Standards Anos 50PortugalOldies96Webcast9
Cotonete Standards Anos 60PortugalOldies96Webcast12
Cotonete Standards BaladasPortugalOldies96Webcast10
Cotonete Standards Big BandsPortugalOldies96Webcast11
Cotonete Standards SwingPortugalOldies96Webcast5
Cotonete TangoPortugalTango96Webcast107
Cotonete TeenagerPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast8
Cotonete Teenager BandsPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast6
Cotonete Teenager DancaPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast5
Cotonete Teenager OutrosPortugalAdult Cont.96Webcast3
Cotonete TematicosPortugalOther96Webcast4
Cotonete Tematicos Canal da TretaPortugalOther96Webcast3
Cotonete Tematicos CowboyPortugalCountry96Webcast54
Cotonete Tematicos DuetosPortugalOther96Webcast3
Cotonete Tematicos Live 8PortugalOther96Webcast5
Cotonete Tematicos Musicas para SonPortugalOther96Webcast7
Cotonete Tematicos Nova IorquePortugalOther96Webcast4
Cotonete Tematicos PublicidadePortugalOther96Webcast1
Cotonete Tematicos SongwritersPortugalOther96Webcast3
Cotonete Tematicos VersoesPortugalOther96Webcast1
Cotonete TopsPortugalTop 4096Webcast4
Cotonete Tops EuropeuPortugalTop 4096Webcast6
Cotonete Tops NacionalPortugalTop 4096Webcast14
Cotonete Tops UKPortugalTop 4096Webcast3
Cotonete Tops USAPortugalTop 4096Webcast28
Cotonete TunasPortugalOther96Webcast4
Cotonete World MusicPortugalWorld Music96Webcast106
Cotonete Yorn TunesPortugalOther96Webcast7
Cotonete ZingadinPortugalOther96Webcast4
Cotonete Zingadin AlternativaPortugalAlternative96Webcast4
Cotonete Zingadin ElectronicaPortugalElectronica96Webcast57
Cotonete Zingadin MetalPortugalPunk and Metal96Webcast22
Cotonete Zingadin RockPortugalRock & Pop96Webcast2
Esposende Radio 93.2 FMPortugalGeneral Station64Esposende8
Hip Radio HopBrazilHip-Hop20Webcast357
Iris 91.4 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Samora Correia17
Jazzy FMBrazilJazz & Blues20Webcast132
Jovem Pan 620 AMBrazilNews/Talk100Sao Paulo507
KIGS Radio Portuguese 620 AMUSA CaliforniaEthnic32CA, Hanford26
KLBS 1330 AMUSA CaliforniaEthnic32CA, Los Banos10
Loungue FMBrazilBossa Nova20Webcast179
Mega 92.4 FMPortugalRock & Pop20Lisboa38
Pal 102.2 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Palmela6
Portuguese Radio AustraliaAustraliaGeneral Station32Sydney10
Radio 101.5 FMBrazilPopular32Palmitos334
Radio 102 FMBrazilTop 4032Frutal272
Radio 105 FMBrazilGeneral Station25Rondonopolis0
Radio 105 FMBrazilPopular128Brasilia239
Radio 105 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Criciuma236
Radio 7 Colinas 100.5 FMBrazilFull Service20Garanhuns171
Radio 88 FMBrazilReligious24Volta Redonda2
Radio 88.3 FMBrazilGospel32Guaruja186
Radio 92 FMBrazilPopular32Timbo136
Radio 92 FM FormosaBrazilPopular56Formosa0
Radio 93 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Rio do Sul1
Radio 94 FMPortugalDance, Trance & Techno48Leiria31
Radio 94 FM BauruBrazilGeneral Station32Bauru142
Radio 94 FM CordeiroBrazilGeneral Station20Cordeiro77
Radio 94 FM DouradosBrazilPopular20Dourados105
Radio 96 FM ConcordiaBrazilRock & Pop20Concordia1
Radio 96 FM MaceioBrazilAdult Cont.20Maceio119
Radio 96 FM UruguaianaBrazilRock & Pop33Uruguaiana100
Radio 97 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Campos dos Goytacazes140
Radio 97 FM Foz do IguacuBrazilAdult Cont.32Foz do Iguacu124
Radio 97 FM FrutalBrazilPopular32Frutal61
Radio 97 FM GoianiaBrazilRock & Pop128Goiania114
Radio 98 FM Belo HorizonteBrazilAdult Cont.32Belo Horizonte159
Radio 98 FM CanoinhasBrazilAdult Cont.20Canoinhas8
Radio 98 FM CuritibaBrazilPopular20Curitiba170
Radio 98 FM GloboBrazilAdult Cont.20Rio de Janeiro22
Radio 98 FM Rio de JaneiroBrazilPopular20Rio de Janiero290
Radio 98 FM Teofilo OtiniBrazilGeneral Station48Teofilo Otini0
Radio 99 FMBrazilAdult Cont.64Itamaraju93
Radio A Tarde FM 104BrazilGeneral Station32Salvador0
Radio ABC 900 AMBrazilNews/Talk10Novo Hamburgo56
Radio Abolicao 95 FMBrazilAdult Cont.56Mossoro9
Radio Acor da Vida 96.5 FMBrazilReligious32Vila Velha60
Radio Aimores 90 FMBrazilTop 4032Aimores56
Radio Alegria 1470 AMBrazilNews/Talk32Sao Jose0
Radio Alegria 96.1 FMBrazilPopular64Pelotas155
Radio Alfa 94.5 FMBrazilPopular22Pelotas80
Radio Alfa 98.6 FMFranceEthnic20Paris30
Radio Alianca 750 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Concordia59
Radio Aline 93.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Umuarama60
Radio Alternativa 1 91.1 FMBrazilPopular20Joao Monlevade80
Radio Alternativa 105.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop22Bicas75
Radio Alternativa 90.7 FMBrazilPopular20Itauna65
Radio Alternativa 97.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Brumado54
Radio Alvorada 1360 AMBrazilNews/Talk20Marau74
Radio Alvorada 900 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Ji-Parana1
Radio Alvorada 94.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Belo Horizonte74
Radio Amazonas 101.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station22Manaus93
Radio Amazonia Viva 89.5 FMBrazilReligious24Altamira67
Radio America 1410 AMBrazilNews/Talk32Sao Paulo0
Radio America 750 AMBrazilReligious24Belo Horizonte51
Radio Antena 1 100.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.10Criciuma131
Radio Antena 1 103.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Rio de Janeiro162
Radio Antena 1 94.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Sao Paulo184
Radio Antena 102.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Jales90
Radio Antena MinhoPortugalGeneral Station32Braga10
Radio Antena Sul 102.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.16Castro46
Radio Araguaia 98.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Sao Felix do Araguaia37
Radio Ativa 94 FMBrazilTop 4032Ivinhema0
Radio Ativa 107.3 FMBrazilPopular32Pitangui0
Radio Atividade 104.9 FMBrazilTop 4080Campos Belos33
Radio Atlantica 590 AMBrazilNews/Talk16Santos0
Radio AtlantidaPortugalGeneral Station32Acores19
Radio Atlantida 94.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.64Candido Rondon161
Radio Atual 105.5 FMBrazilPopular10Concordia53
Radio Baiana Povo 1460 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Jequie46
Radio Band 96.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Campos dos Goytacazes196
Radio Band 96.3 FMBrazilPopular32Brumado124
Radio Bandeirantes 1170 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Sao Paulo2
Radio Bandeirantes 640 AMBrazilNews/Talk24Porto Alegre108
Radio Bandeirantes 840 AMBrazilNews/Talk128Sao Paulo196
Radio Barca 99.6 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Ponte da Barca8
Radio Barreriras 790 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Barreiras38
Radio Beats FMBrazilHouse20Webcast80
Radio Beats FMBrazilDance, Trance & Techno20Webcast55
Radio Belos Montes 1450 AMBrazilGeneral Station10Seara21
Radio BH FMBrazilTop 4020Webcast86
Radio Blue NoteBrazilAdult Cont.20Webcast16
Radio Boa Nova 104.9 FMBrazilReligious32Itau de Minas69
Radio Boas NovasBrazilReligious32Recife96
Radio BotequinBrazilFolklore20Webcast0
Radio Brasil 107.7 FMBrazilReligious32Salvador63
Radio Brasil 1500 AMBrazilReligious20Sao Paulo0
Radio Brasil 94.9 FMUSA FloridaEthnic24FL, Coral Springs49
Radio Brasil Esperanca 106.7 FMBrazilChristian Cont.32Itajai50
Radio Brasil SBO 690 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Santa Barbara d'Oeste27
Radio Brasil Sul 1290 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Londrina35
Radio Cacique 630 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Lagoa Vermelha24
Radio Calheta 104.9 FMBrazilCommunity24Cabo de Santo Agostinho55
Radio Camboriu 1290 AMBrazilGeneral Station64Balneario Camboriu52
Radio Campo Alegre 1520 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Rio Verde29
Radio Cancao Nova 1020 AMBrazilReligious20Sao Paulo66
Radio Candides 100.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop64Divinopolis12
Radio Candiota 104.9 FMBrazilTop 4032Candiota4
Radio Capibaribe 1240 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Recife16
Radio Capinzal 1540 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Capinzal24
Radio Capital 95.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Campo Grande57
Radio Cardal 87.6 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Pombal6
Radio Carijos 89.9 FMBrazilPopular20Conselheiro Lafaite24
Radio Catarinense 1270 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Joacaba36
Radio CBN Londrina 830 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Londrina54
Radio Central 1540 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Mariilia25
Radio Centro Oeste 670 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Garca18
Radio Cidade 101.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Vitoria5
Radio Cidade 104.9 FMBrazilPopular24Altamira145
Radio Cidade 105.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Guaxupe94
Radio Cidade 760 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Vitoria Da Conquista35
Radio Cidade 770 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Matupa30
Radio Cidade 830 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Maracaju0
Radio Cidade 87.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Tenente Portela94
Radio Cidade 94.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Natal75
Radio Cidade 94.5 FMBrazilPopular18Araxa48
Radio Cidade 98.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.24Bom Despacho76
Radio Cidade 99.1 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Fortaleza73
Radio Cidade 99.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Volta Redonda14
Radio Cidade Bela 90.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Campo Verde23
Radio Cidade de Araxa 1170 AMBrazilNews/Talk18Araxa32
Radio Cidade do Aco 103.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Volta Redonda28
Radio Cidade FMPortugalTop 4048Lisboa132
Radio Cidade Jundiai 730 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Jundiai26
Radio Cister 95.5 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Alcobaca5
Radio Clip 88.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Idaiatuba70
Radio Club 1050 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Palmas0
Radio Club 89.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.24Ze Doca1
Radio Clube 100.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.102Iturama56
Radio Clube 101.5 FMBrazilPopular128Curitiba74
Radio Clube 1550 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Itarare19
Radio Clube 770 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Patos de Minas19
Radio Clube 960 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Itaituba0
Radio Clube 99.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station16Patos de Minas43
Radio Clube ArarenseBrazilGeneral Station32Araras10
Radio Clube B2 1430 AMBrazilSports128Curitiba41
Radio Clube da CovilhaPortugalGeneral Station32Covilha18
Radio Clube de Campo Belo 930 AMBrazilGeneral Station56Campo Belo20
Radio Clube de Guaxupe 1430 AMBrazilGeneral Station8Guaxupe20
Radio Clube de Pernambuco 720 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Recife51
Radio Clube do Para 690 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Belem25
Radio Colmeia 650 AMBrazilFull Service20Cascavel16
Radio ComercialPortugalAdult Cont.48Lisboa104
Radio ComercialCape VerdeGeneral Station20Praia50
Radio Companhia 91.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.64Aparecida de Goiania20
Radio Comunidade 87.9 FMBrazilDance, Trance & Techno32Sinop24
Radio Comunitaria 87 FMBrazilCommunity32Guaxupe19
Radio Conexao 90.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop40Atibaia49
Radio Continental 1330 AMBrazilGeneral Station8Serrinha8
Radio Continental 1520 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Rio de Janeiro33
Radio Coracao 95.7 FMBrazilReligious56Itapora39
Radio Correio 98 FMBrazilAdult Cont.24Joao Pessoa10
Radio Costa D'Oiro 106.5 FMPortugalNews/Talk32Portimao9
Radio Costa Verde 91.7 FMBrazilTop 4032Itaguai25
Radio Cotrisel 1200 AMBrazilGeneral Station10Sao Sepe10
Radio Criativa 98.9 FMBrazilPopular32Sao Paulo39
Radio Cristal 1060 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Soledade16
Radio CrossroadsBrazilJazz & Blues20Webcast0
Radio Crossroads FMBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast13
Radio Cruz de Malta 830 AMBrazilSalsa & Tropical32Lauro Muller47
Radio Cultura 1020 AMBrazilGeneral Station26Uberlandia56
Radio Cultura 1030 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Cangucu23
Radio Cultura 106.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Santos34
Radio Cultura 107.7 FMBrazilCultural24Porto Alegre45
Radio Cultura 1080 AMBrazilFull Service20Paranavai19
Radio Cultura 1350 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Pocos de Caldas20
Radio Cultura 2 100.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.64Assis23
Radio Cultura 560 AMBrazilNews/Talk32Guarapuava27
Radio Cultura 93.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop31Guarapuava33
Radio Cultura 930 AMBrazilFull Service32Santos19
Radio Cultura 96.5 FMBrazilPopular32Brumado26
Radio Cultura 97.3 FMBrazilTop 4032Chapadao do Sul22
Radio Cultura 98.9 FMBrazilPopular32Posse28
Radio Cultura AngolanaAngolaTop 4040Luanda0
Radio Dancing DaysBrazil70s20Webcast102
Radio Delmiro 760 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Delmiro Gouveia8
Radio Diamantina 95.5 FMBrazilPopular24Itaberaba25
Radio Difusora 1480 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Joinville47
Radio Difusora 87.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Sao Caetano do Sul12
Radio Difusora 910 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Icara28
Radio Difusora 92.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Palmeira das Missoese82
Radio Difusora 98.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Patrocinio27
Radio Difusora Arco Iris 900 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Araputanga13
Radio Difusora Cacique 1420 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Nova Andradina8
Radio Difusora Celeiro 1350 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Tres Passos13
Radio Difusora de JataiBrazilGeneral Station32Jatai10
Radio Difusora de Patrocinio 560 AMBrazilNews/Talk32Patrocinio12
Radio Difusora de Penapolis 820 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Penapolis16
Radio Difusora Mossoro 1170 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Mossoro21
Radio Difusora o Eco do Pampa 1170 AMBrazilNews/Talk24Bage21
Radio Difusora Pantanal 1240 AMBrazilGeneral Station48Campo Grande0
Radio Digital 105 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Famalicao22
Radio Diplomata 105.3 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Brusque25
Radio do Canal AngolaAngolaGeneral Station24Luanda209
Radio Dom Bosco 96.1 FMBrazilCollege20Fortaleza0
Radio Educadora 1010 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Coronel Fabriciano22
Radio Educadora 107.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Coronel Fabriciano39
Radio Educadora 107.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Salvador35
Radio Educadora 1120 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Laranjeiras do Sul15
Radio Educadora 1470 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Belem do San Francisco0
Radio Educadora 94.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Uba32
Radio Educadora de Juina 830 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Juina12
Radio Educadora Marechal 630 AMBrazilGeneral Station64Marechal Candido Rondon19
Radio Educativa 105.9 FMBrazilClassic Hits20Tres Coracoes20
Radio Educativa Parreao 92.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.22Fortaleza12
Radio Educativa Sul Brasil 104.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Toledo15
Radio Educativa UDESC 107.9 FMBrazilCollege16Florianopolis14
Radio El Dorado 100.7 FMBrazilClassic Hits32Lagarto66
Radio El Dorado 570 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Criciuma37
Radio El Dorado 700 AMBrazilNews/Talk10Sao Paulo44
Radio Elite 92.7 FMBrazilFolklore32Pato Branco29
Radio Elvas 91.5 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Elvas11
Radio Energia 101.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.8Jau44
Radio Entre Rios 87.9 FMBrazilCommunity24Ipameri26
Radio Erechim 1200 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Erechim31
Radio Estacao 93.3 FMBrazilPopular20Jequie28
Radio Estancia de Jacutinga 1010 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Jacutinga13
Radio Estereosom 99.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Limeira40
Radio Europa 90.4 FMPortugalNews/Talk32Lisboa17
Radio Excelsior 1350 AMBrazilReligious32Ibiuna28
Radio ExoticBrazilAlternative20Webcast0
Radio Expresso 100.1 FMBrazilRock & Pop24Campos Altos18
Radio F 105.8 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Guarda15
Radio Fandango 1260 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Cachoeiro do Sul33
Radio Federal 107.9 FMBrazilCultural24Pelotas19
Radio Festival 94.8 FMPortugalGeneral Station22Porto11
Radio Floresta 104.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Tucurui26
Radio Funadej 107.5 FMBrazilGospel32Joinville64
Radio Gabriela 102.9 FMBrazilPopular32Ilheus29
Radio Garibaldi 1410 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Garibaldi30
Radio Gazeta 1060 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Florianopolis1
Radio Gazeta 1260 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Maceio41
Radio Gazeta 93.3 FMBrazilAdult Cont.24Rio Branco0
Radio Gazeta 94.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Maceio53
Radio Gazeta 95.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Alta Floresta43
Radio Globo 1110 AMBrazilNews/Talk20Sao Paulo150
Radio Globo de Blumenau 1160 AMBrazilReligious20Blumenau4
Radio Globo FMBrazilGeneral Station32Rio de Janeiro186
Radio Globo FM - OfflineBrazilAdult Cont.32Rio de Janiero28
Radio Globo Londrina 1400 AMBrazilNews/Talk24Londrina61
Radio GNTBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast38
Radio Gospel 102.3 FMBrazilReligious40San Jose do Vale do RP122
Radio Grande 92.1 FMBrazilPopular20Dourados27
Radio Guaiba 720 AMBrazilNews/Talk10Porto Alegre73
Radio Guaiba101.3 FMBrazilClassical22Porto Alegre107
Radio Guairaca 1270 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Mandaguari14
Radio Guajara 93.7 FMBrazilClassic Hits32Guajara16
Radio Guaruja 1550 AMBrazilNews/Talk16Guaruja0
Radio Guriri 105.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station16Sao Mateus0
Radio Heavy o?lutionBrazilPunk and Metal20Webcast0
Radio Horizonte 96.9 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Algarve7
Radio Horizonte FMPortugalGeneral Station64Acores14
Radio Hulha Negra 1450 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Criciuma20
Radio Igapo 104.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Londrina8
Radio Iguatemi 101.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station72Ijui27
Radio Imparsom 100.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.48Governador Valadares12
Radio Imprensa 102.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Sao Paulo36
Radio Inconfidencia 100.9 FMBrazilBossa Nova20Belo Horizonte97
Radio Inconfidencia 880 AMBrazilFull Service20Belo Horizonte25
Radio Independencia 1390 AMBrazilFull Service32Salto do Lontra9
Radio Independiente 950 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Lajeado4
Radio Integracao 91.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Jacinto Machado225
Radio Integracao 94.5 FMBrazilPopular32Morrinhos13
Radio Interativa 94.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop128Goiania19
Radio Interativa 99.7 FMBrazilPopular32Agua Boa24
Radio Ipanema 94.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Porto Alegre39
Radio Ipira 104.1 FMBrazilPopular32Ipira13
Radio IradaBrazilTop 4020Webcast5
Radio Irece Lider 103.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Irece1
Radio Itaipu 99.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop64Marilia23
Radio Itapicuru 104.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Ponto Novo7
Radio Itapuama 106.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Arcoverde36
Radio Itarama 97.1 FMBrazilTop 4032Tramandai10
Radio Itatiaia 610 AMBrazilNews/Talk20Belo Horizonte76
Radio Itatiaia 95.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Belo Horizonte105
Radio Ivai 101.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Santa Isabel do Ivai15
Radio Jaragua 1010 AMBrazilGeneral Station48Jaragua do Sul46
Radio Jauense 820 AMBrazilNews/Talk32Jau11
Radio Ji-Parana 1130 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Ji-Parana0
Radio JK 107.9 FMBrazilPopular32Brasilia16
Radio Jornal 102.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Amambai9
Radio Jornal 540 AMBrazilGeneral Station34Caninde21
Radio Jornal 710 AMBrazilNews/Talk16Maceio17
Radio Jornal 780 AMBrazilNews/Talk16Recife22
Radio Jovem 98.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Itajuba102
Radio Jovem Pira 91.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Piracaia33
Radio Juriti 870 AMBrazilFull Service20Paracatu9
Radio Juventude 101.8 FMPortugalEasy Listening32Lisboa22
Radio Kairos 94.7 FMBrazilReligious20Sao Mateus0
Radio Kativa 87.9 FMBrazilPopular32Rio Brilhante27
Radio Liberal 1330 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Belem19
Radio Liberal 97.5 FMBrazilPopular20Belem43
Radio Libertade 101.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Paranaiba46
Radio Libertade 102.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Acreuna29
Radio Libertade 92.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Betim48
Radio Lidador 94.3 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Porto12
Radio Lider 97.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Barreiras39
Radio Lideranca 103.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Abaete15
Radio Limited EditionBrazilJazz & Blues20Webcast0
Radio Litoral 1480 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Imarui20
Radio Lumen 99.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.128Curitiba21
Radio Luz e Alegria 1160 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Westphalen13
Radio Luz e Alegria 95.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Frederico Westphalen19
Radio Mae de Deus 107.9 FMBrazilReligious24Caixas do Sul140
Radio Mae de Deus 1370 AMBrazilReligious20Caixas do Sul32
Radio MaestroBrazilClassical20Webcast0
Radio Mais 92.3 FMBrazilRock & Pop64Maringa0
Radio Marano 102.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Garanhuns9
Radio Marconi 780 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Urussanga8
Radio Marginal 98.1 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Lisboa15
Radio Maria Rosa 104.9 FMBrazilCommunity24Curitibanos16
Radio Mariana 93.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Mariana0
Radio Maringa 97.1 FMBrazilPopular32Maringa40
Radio Marumbi 9.665 SWBrazilReligious48Florianapolis40
Radio Marumby 730 AMBrazilReligious32Curitiba55
Radio Maximus 101.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Rio Paranaiba25
Radio Maximus 1510 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Rio Paranaiba12
Radio Mec 800 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Rio de Janeiro10
Radio MEC 98.9 FMBrazilClassical16Rio de Janeiro30
Radio Mega 90.9 FMBrazilPopular140Brasilia38
Radio Mega 93.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Aracaju2
Radio Meio Norte 99.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Teresina34
Radio Melodia 102.3 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Varginha56
Radio Meridional 98.9 FMBrazilTop 4024Sinop16
Radio Metropolitana 98.5 FMBrazilDance, Trance & Techno64Sao Paulo180
Radio Mig 104.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.17Taguatinga11
Radio Mil 102.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.24Goiania14
Radio Mirante 95.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Imperatriz17
Radio Mirante 96.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station16Sao Luis19
Radio Mix 103 FMPortugalTop 4048Lisboa69
Radio Modulo 96.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station21Patrocinio5
Radio Montanheza 1310 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Vazante12
Radio Mosteiros FMCape VerdeAdult Cont.20Mosteiros35
Radio MotelBrazilLove Songs20Webcast112
Radio Movimento 97.5 FMBrazilPopular32Pato Branco15
Radio MozambiqueMozambiqueGeneral Station20Maputo49
Radio Mundial 90.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop24Toledo29
Radio Mundo Melhor 850 AMBrazilFull Service19Governador Valadares13
Radio Musical 105.1 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Sao Mateus51
Radio Nacional 96.1 FMBrazilJazz & Blues32Brasilia38
Radio Nacional 980 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Brasilia33
Radio Nacional de Itabuna 870 AMBrazilGeneral Station64Itabuna1
Radio Namba 1410 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Ponte Serrada5
Radio Nativa 96.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.48Rio de Janiero88
Radio Nativa 99.5 FMBrazilPopular32Imperatriz93
Radio Natureza 105.9 FMBrazilReligious28Balneario Camboriu21
Radio Nazare 100.6 FMPortugalGeneral Station20Nazare11
Radio Nazareno 107.9 FMBrazilReligious32Cuiba25
Radio Net Rede Nacional GospelBrazilReligious150Belo Horizonte25
Radio New RockBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast0
Radio Nossa Radio 89.3 FMBrazilReligious20Rio de Janeiro29
Radio Noticias 890 AMBrazilNews/Talk20Matao1
Radio Nova antena 92 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Lisboa22
Radio Nova Difusora 1540 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Osasco15
Radio Nova Difusora 1570 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Caarapo0
Radio Nova Estereosom 96.3 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Leme32
Radio Nova EuropaPortugalGeneral Station20Torres Vedras11
Radio Nova Mix 104.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Barra do Mendes58
Radio Nova MPBBrazilEasy Listening20Webcast0
Radio Novidade 100.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Manaus0
Radio Novo Tempo do Salvador 920 AMBrazilReligious32Salvador31
Radio NWPan 104.9 FMBrazilReligious128Panambi26
Radio Objetiva Sat 93.3 FMBrazilReligious128Sao Paulo76
Radio Oceano 97.1 FMBrazilPopular32Rio Grande32
Radio Odisseia 104.9 FMBrazilFolklore32Serafina Correa31
Radio Ok 104 FMBrazilPopular40Brasilia20
Radio Olho D'agua 87.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Sao Jose de Mipibu16
Radio Onda Livre 104.9 FMBrazilPopular40Campo Largo13
Radio Onda Nova 102.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Jose do Rio Preto21
Radio Ondas do Lima 95.0 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Ponte do Lima6
Radio Opcao News 106.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Rio de Janeiro4
Radio Orbital 101.9 FMPortugalTop 4064Lisboa53
Radio Orizona 87.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Orizona0
Radio Paiquere 98.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Londrina19
Radio Pajeu 1500 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Afogados da Ingazeira0
Radio Palmeira 101.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Palmeira das Missoes27
Radio Palmeira 740 AMBrazilRock & Pop32Palmeira das Missoes22
Radio Paraiso 89.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station22Sao Sebastia do Paraiso43
Radio Paraisopolis 1490 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Paraisopolis8
Radio Parana Educativa 630 AMBrazilCultural16Curitiba16
Radio Parana Educativa 97.1 FMBrazilCommunity16Curitiba15
Radio Paranaiba 100.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station40Uberlandia17
Radio Paranaiba 910 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Itumbiara8
Radio Paranaiba 92.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Itumbiara17
Radio Paz No Valle 105.5 FMBrazilReligious48Balneario Camboriu37
Radio Peperi 1370 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Sao Miguel D'oeste9
Radio Petrolina 104.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Petrolina10
Radio Piata 94.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Salvador26
Radio Pindorama 1310 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Sidrolandia0
Radio Pionera 1150 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Teresina15
Radio Piratininga 1070 AMBrazilNews/Talk12Jau20
Radio Pires do Rio 87.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Pires do Rio11
Radio Planalto 105.9 FMBrazilFolklore32Passo Fundo21
Radio Planalto 1110 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Araguari0
Radio Planalto 1530 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Vilhena12
Radio Planalto 730 AMBrazilNews/Talk24Passo Fundo13
Radio Planeta 102.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Miraguai74
Radio Planeta 710 AMBrazilGeneral Station10Carmo do Paranaiba8
Radio Play KidsBrazilKids20Webcast2
Radio Plenitude 105.3 FMBrazilReligious20Garanhuns21
Radio PlugadaBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast10
Radio Poema 680 AMBrazilGeneral Station64Pitanga24
Radio Pop HitsBrazilClassic Hits20Webcast70
Radio Popular 104.9 FMBrazilPopular20Samambaia45
Radio Portoalegre 100.5 FMPortugalNews/Talk32Portoalegre27
Radio Praia 106.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Bertioga27
Radio Praia FMCape VerdeGeneral Station20Praia48
Radio Princesa 107.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Pindamonhangaba23
Radio Princesa 910 AMBrazilNews/Talk16Paulista17
Radio Princesa 930 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Francisco Beltrao11
Radio Princesa do Vale 1480 AMBrazilGeneral Station128Assu14
Radio Provincia 100.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.40Tenente Portela17
Radio Querencia 1120 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Santo Augusto38
Radio RastaBrazilCaribbean20Webcast104
Radio RaveBrazilElectronica20Webcast1
Radio RBC 90.1 FM Radio Brasil CentralBrazilOldies20Goiania21
Radio RCC 105.9 FM Radio Comunitaria CaienseBrazilCommunity56Sao Sebastiao do Cai23
Radio Record 1000 AMBrazilSports20Sao Paulo135
Radio Rede Manancial 96.1 FMBrazilReligious32Belo Horizonte30
Radio Rede Sintonia 106.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station128Araxa0
Radio Reggae JaBrazilReggae20Webcast5
Radio Regional 102.3 FMBrazilPopular20Lucas do Rio Verde0
Radio Regional 104.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Brasilia18
Radio RenascencaPortugalReligious20Lisboa58
Radio Renascer 101.5 FMBrazilReligious32Ipatinga42
Radio Reporter 1030 AMBrazilGeneral Station56Ijui5
Radio Republica 1380 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Morro Agudo8
Radio Resistencia 93.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Mossoro16
Radio Rio Verde 106.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Baependi27
Radio Rock HeroesBrazilClassic Rock20Webcast73
Radio RPBPortugalCultural64Webcast11
Radio Rural 840 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Concordia21
Radio Rural 97.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Sao Jose da Alianca26
Radio Rural 98.5 FMBrazilRock & Pop64Campo Mourao22
Radio SabadabadaBrazilEasy Listening20Webcast1
Radio Salamanca 101.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Quarai5
Radio Santa Fe 930 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Santa Fe do Sul23
Radio Santana 90.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station24Itauna14
Radio Santiago 98.0 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Santiago15
Radio Sao Francisco 106.3 FMBrazilPopular32Itambacuri1
Radio Sao Francisco 560 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Caixas do Sul28
Radio Sao Francisco 870 AMBrazilGeneral Station22Sao Francisco do Sul17
Radio Sao Joao del Rei 970 AMBrazilGeneral Station16Sao Joao del Rey18
Radio Sao Luiz 1060 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Sao Luiz Gonzaga15
Radio Sao Miguel 880 AMBrazilGeneral Station24Uruguaiana0
Radio Saulina 1530 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Dom Pedrito12
Radio Sentinela do Vale 1460 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Gaspar11
Radio Sheke Nah 105.5 FMBrazilReligious24Rio de Janeiro1
Radio Show 93.3 FMBrazilCultural40Barbacena17
Radio Sines 95.9 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Sines17
Radio So BrasilBrazilGeneral Station20Webcast20
Radio Sociedade 1170 AMBrazilFull Service24Oliveira23
Radio Sociedade 740 AMBrazilGeneral Station40Salvador59
Radio Som do GaleraoBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast31
Radio Sorriso 103.5 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Panambi34
Radio Sorriso 700 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Sorriso15
Radio Soul ConnectionBrazil70s20Webcast53
Radio Sport TVBrazilRock & Pop20Webcast48
Radio Stereo Vale 103.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop22Sao Jose dos Campos36
Radio Studio 105.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Veranopolis35
Radio Studio 87.9 FMBrazilGeneral Station32Assis21
Radio Sucesso 101.7 FMBrazilNews/Talk32Barbacena29
Radio Sucesso Bambui 103.3 FMBrazilNews/Talk40Bambui23
Radio Super Jovem 103.3 FMBrazilRock & Pop20Francisco Beltrao55
Radio Tamarana 87.9 FMBrazilPopular20Tamarana2
Radio Tempo 103.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.96Fortaleza27
Radio Teofilo Otoni 910 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Teofilo Otoni11
Radio TerralBrazilAdult Cont.20Webcast0
Radio Terramar 92.9 FMBrazilTop 4064Itamaraju20
Radio Terranova 105 FMPortugalGeneral Station32Gafanha da Nazare30
Radio The 60sBrazilOldies20Webcast30
Radio The 70sBrazil70s20Webcast123
Radio The 80sBrazil80s20Webcast128
Radio Top 98.3 FMBrazilTop 4032Uniao da Vitoria29
Radio Top FMBrazilAdult Cont.20Webcast36
Radio Trans Mundial SWBrazilReligious32Santa Maria33
Radio Transa Norte 95.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station12Boa Esperanca24
Radio Transamerica 100.3 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Curitiba217
Radio Transamerica 102.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station56Governador Valadares141
Radio Transamerica 95.1 FMBrazilEasy Listening32Curitiba103
Radio Transamerica Hits 1010 AMBrazilTop 4024Mirassol D'oeste73
Radio Transamerica Hits 103.7 FMBrazilTop 4016Sao Miguel do Oeste83
Radio Transamerica Hits 92.5 FMBrazilTop 4020Ararangua153
Radio Transamerica Pop 99.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Balneario Camboriu136
Radio Tres Colinas 95.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station56Franca123
Radio Tres Rios 1150 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Tres Rios19
Radio Trio EletricoBrazilReggae20Webcast91
Radio Tropical 103.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.64Panambi81
Radio Tropical 103.9 FMBrazilTop 4064Natal50
Radio Tropical 107.5 FMBrazilSalsa & Tropical32Ponta Grossa131
Radio Tropical 95.3 FMPortugalGeneral Station24Fernao Ferro34
Radio Tropical 95.5 FMBrazilGeneral Station30Tres Coracoes36
Radio Unisimos 103.3 FMBrazilCollege20Sao Leopoldo18
Radio Universidade 1080 AMBrazilCollege32Porto Alegre15
Radio Universidade Catolica 1160 AMBrazilCollege8Pelotas19
Radio Universitaria 1060 AMBrazilCollege24Garca15
Radio Upacarai 1330 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Dom Pedrito16
Radio Urbana 105.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Campo Bom21
Radio USP 93.7 FMBrazilClassical32Sao Paulo25
Radio Verde Oliva 98.7 FMBrazilGeneral Station16Brasilia10
Radio Verdes Campos 93.1 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Cascavel42
Radio Veritas 102.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Bauru18
Radio Vida 97.1 FMPortugalGeneral Station20Lisboa18
Radio Vida FMPortugalChristian Cont.20Lisboa30
Radio Vida Nova 91.5 FMBrazilReligious62Guanhaes25
Radio Vila 106.9 FMBrazilRock & Pop48Vila Velha0
Radio Viriato 102.8 FMPortugalAdult Cont.21Viseu12
Radio Visao 104.9 FMBrazilPopular32Posse15
Radio Viva 890 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Bento Goncalves7
Radio Viva 98.9 FMBrazilPopular24Cambui26
Radio Viva Voz 104.9 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Varzea da Roca20
Radio Voce 580 AMBrazilGeneral Station20Sao Paulo0
Radio Voz da Liberacao 1300 AMBrazilReligious40San Bernardo do Campo25
Radio Voz do Coracao Imaculado 770 AMBrazilReligious32Anapolis26
Radio Yara 88.7 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Bandeirantes28
Radio Zero 103.7 FMBrazilRock & Pop32Areado12
Radiodifusora de Caceres 102.3 FMBrazilAdult Cont.32Caceres27
RadioTerra 104 FMBrazilPopular32Goiania46
RBN Radio Brasil Novo 780 AMBrazilGeneral Station32Jaragua do Sul33
RDP Acores Antena 1PortugalGeneral Station20Acores15
RDP Antena 1PortugalNews/Talk22Lisboa91
RDP Antena 2PortugalEasy Listening32Lisboa28
RDP Antena 3PortugalGeneral Station48Lisboa93
RDP Madeira Antena 1PortugalGeneral Station48Lisboa23
RDP Madeira Antena 3PortugalGeneral Station20Lisboa26
Rede CBNBrazilNews/Talk20Sao Paulo34
Rede CBN 860 AMBrazilNews/Talk20Sao Paulo29
Rede CBN 90.3 FMBrazilNews/Talk20Recife114
Rede Estacao Sat 102.1 FMBrazilGeneral Station20Recife7
Rede Nossa Radio 91.3 FMBrazilGeneral Station64Sao Paulo22
RTCCape VerdeGeneral Station20Praia28
RUC 107.9 FMPortugalCollege128Coimbra15
Universidade 104.3 FMPortugalCollege44Vila Real28
Voz Crista (Satellite)BrazilReligious24Webcast0
WBCN 104.1 FMUSA MassachusettsGeneral Station32MA, Boston7
Web Radio 10BrazilReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio 12 MBrazilGospel64Webcast25
Web Radio ABC Do EsporteBrazilSports24Webcast8
Web Radio Adorai NetBrazilReligious32Webcast26
Web Radio Agita Sao PauloBrazilDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast32
Web Radio AgitoBrazilDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast0
Web Radio Aleluia NetBrazilReligious32Webcast3
Web Radio AmemBrazilReligious24Webcast0
Web Radio AnimixBrazilOther24Webcast24
Web Radio Antena 1BrazilAdult Cont.32Webcast37
Web Radio AntenacaoBrazilAdult Cont.24Webcast1
Web Radio ARFBrazilOther12Webcast12
Web Radio AvontisBrazilDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast0
Web Radio Azul LimaoBrazilTop 4032Webcast10
Web Radio Biblica WebBrazilReligious32Webcast25
Web Radio Boca LivreBrazilAdult Cont.24Webcast10
Web Radio Bra FMBrazilFolklore64Webcast26
Web Radio Cidade WebBrazilClassic Hits32Webcast0
Web Radio Circuito MixBrazilTop 4032Webcast17
Web Radio CriciumaBrazilAdult Cont.32Webcast24
Web Radio DezBrazilDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast0
Web Radio DJ Radio MixBrazilGospel33Webcast71
Web Radio DrillBrazilDance, Trance & Techno24Webcast0
Web Radio EsperancaBrazilCommunity32Webcast0
Web Radio GigaBrazilTop 4032Webcast9
Web Radio Gospel Mega HitsBrazilGospel32Webcast105
Web Radio Hits 80's and 90'sBrazil80s128Webcast137
Web Radio Hits Brasil 1BrazilTop 4032Webcast0
Web Radio Hits Brasil 2BrazilTop 4032Webcast0
Web Radio Impacto GospelBrazilGospel32Webcast1
Web Radio Interativa NetBrazilGospel32Webcast0
Web Radio IntervaloBrazilClassic Hits32Webcast0
Web Radio Jovem PazBrazilChristian Cont.32Webcast43
Web Radio JovemixBrazilTop 4032Webcast40
Web Radio KosakBrazilClassic Hits40Webcast9
Web Radio LouvorzaoBrazilChristian Cont.32Webcast0
Web Radio Maresia FM 80sBrazil80s48Webcast81
Web Radio Maresia FM Bandas NovasBrazilAdult Cont.48Webcast17
Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa NovaBrazilBossa Nova48Webcast138
Web Radio Maresia FM Discoteca 70sBrazil70s48Webcast149
Web Radio Maresia FM ElectronicaBrazilElectronica56Webcast97
Web Radio Maresia FM Hip HopBrazilHip-Hop48Webcast88
Web Radio Maresia FM Jazz InstrumentalBrazilJazz & Blues48Webcast0
Web Radio Maresia FM Lounge AmbienteBrazilEasy Listening48Webcast33
Web Radio Maresia FM Pop/RockBrazilAdult Cont.48Webcast42
Web Radio MCABrazilReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio MegamixBrazilTop 4024Webcast0
Web Radio MidiaBrazilRock & Pop96Webcast0
Web Radio MophoBrazilTop 4024Webcast8
Web Radio MoralBrazilTop 4024Webcast0
Web Radio Mundial MusicBrazilAdult Cont.65Webcast31
Web Radio Mundial NetBrazilOldies48Webcast20
Web Radio Music OnlineBrazilTop 4056Webcast0
Web Radio Numa BoaBrazilFolklore24Webcast0
Web Radio PandeiroBrazilOther10Webcast20
Web Radio Paraiba JovemBrazilRock & Pop24Webcast2
Web Radio PipoBrazilFunk64Webcast90
Web Radio Planet HitsBrazilTop 4019Webcast0
Web Radio Play MixBrazilDance, Trance & Techno40Webcast0
Web Radio Plug FMBrazil80s128Webcast29
Web Radio Pool WebBrazilOldies256Webcast13
Web Radio PromurBrazilAdult Cont.32Webcast5
Web Radio Radio AcitBrazilGeneral Station20Webcast0
Web Radio Radio ArenaBrazilCountry48Webcast25
Web Radio Radio ArteBrazilJazz & Blues24Webcast0
Web Radio RadiolaBrazilRock & Pop32Webcast1
Web Radio RCNBrazilTop 4064Webcast28
Web Radio RealBrazilChristian Cont.32Webcast19
Web Radio Rede BlitzBrazilRock & Pop48Webcast9
Web Radio Rede El'Shaday FMBrazilReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio Rede FeBrazilGospel24Webcast34
Web Radio Renascimiento NetBrazilReligious20Webcast12
Web Radio Santissimo FMBrazilReligious24Webcast0
Web Radio Saudade 80sBrazil80s40Webcast129
Web Radio Saudade 90sBrazil90s40Webcast228
Web Radio Sete Lagoas HitsBrazilRock & Pop32Webcast30
Web Radio Sete Lagoas MPBBrazilAdult Cont.26Webcast34
Web Radio Show NetBrazilRock & Pop32Webcast37
Web Radio Som SertanejoBrazilFolklore40Webcast1
Web Radio StudioNet BrasilBrazilRock & Pop24Webcast0
Web Radio Total Radio NetBrazilRock & Pop128Webcast0
Web Radio TrinityBrazilDance, Trance & Techno32Webcast0
Web Radio UltraBrazilRock & Pop32Webcast2
Web Radio VerdadeBrazilReligious32Webcast29
Web Radio VibeBrazilDance, Trance & Techno48Webcast0
WSRO 650 AMUSA MassachusettsGeneral Station24MA, Framingham13

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